Fry Am the Egg Man

  • Season 6, Ep 22
  • 08/11/2011

Fry nurtures an alien egg that hatches into a horrific monster.

(lively crowd chatter)

(zucchini clucking)

This is whatI'm talking about.

See all the dirtand earwigs?

That's the signof healthy food.

You think that's healthy,try this.

I found it growingat the bottom of my hamper.

Mmm, so freshand musty.

It's what I do.

Hello, tiny man.

You want sample small-batchAmazonian maple syrup?



Mm. Ah!

That's the kind of sapI like.

You the kindof sap I like.

I'm scare-roused.


Zuban tobacco?!

The richest, mostobnoxious kind!

Listen, pal, I'm lookingfor a versatile smoke,

one that's equally goodin a crowded elevator

or an audience with the Pope.

Forget the Pope, my friend.

Smoke one of these,

and God himself will askto be seated far away from you.


Heirloom eggs?

That's so life-affirming.

I'll bet you runyour own hatchery,

just you and your wife...Matilda.

No, ma'am. Matilda and I gatherthem eggs in the forest.

And Matilda's really moreof a mongoose than a wife.

You're a lucky man.

But are they way more expensivethan regular eggs?

Way more.

Ooh! I'll take a dozen.

Should we turn onthe TV?



Bender, do you mind?I'm roosting.

I'm considering buying a yachtto house my thoroughbreds.

How do you expect me to do thatwithout smoking a cigar?

Think of the unborn embryo.

That's whatI'm gonna call the yacht.

(Fry clucks,Bender whimpers)


Leggo myeggo, crabbo!

Stop it, Fry.That's sexual harassment.

Yeah, come down off yourround, white pulpit.

You're just going toeat that thing anyway.

I was, but you can'tsit on something

for a week without fallingin love with it.

Whoever's in heredeserves a chance at life.

A chance to blossominto a beautiful young man,

like I did as a baby.

And so I make this solemn vow.

To do everything I canto make sure

this wonderful,innocent creature

enters this world happy,healthy, and...

All yours,Zoidberg.


(all gasping)

Aw, look at thecute little...


I was gonna go yachtingin those feet!