Dustin Ybarra & Thai Rivera

  • Season 2, Ep 4
  • 10/25/2012

Dustin Ybarra isn't ready to have kids right now, and Gabriel Iglesias showcases a "Hey It's Fluffy!" cartoon.

So, I know some of youare wondering

who invited the gay Filipino.

Don't worry, guys.I'm not Filipino.


Yeah, I'm so glad nobody lookedsurprised when I said that.

Sometimes when I'm performingand I say that I'm gay,

people look surprisedand I feel like,

"What exactlywas throwing you off?"

When you lookand sound like this,

you should never haveto say that you're gay.

I'm serious.This voice is a curse.

Sometimes I listen to myselfon recordings and I feel like,

"I get it, God. I'm gay.Was the voice really necessary?"

Besides, these eyebrowsdon't just happen.

And I think gay peopleneed to remember

that they offend people toosometimes.

Yeah, like when the gay marriagething happened in California,

they started a campaign called"Gay Is the New Black."

Yeah, which pisseda lot of black people off.

And understandably so,because I hate

to break it to everybody,

but black isn't donebeing black yet.

I mean, we've come a long way

in this country,but black is still black.

And you can't even effectivelycompare the two,

you know, like I as a gay manwill have people talk to me,

hang out with me, in some caseswant to be my friend,

and then they find out I'm gay

and, suddenly, they want nothingto do with me.

Where with black people,

you automatically knowyou don't like 'em.

Please understandI am not racist.

I'm just from Arizona.