Ghost in the Machines

  • Season 6, Ep 16
  • 06/30/2011

When Bender dies, his disembodied software haunts the Planet Express building.

So what's happening to me?

And I'll take my answerin any form but a song.

Oh, you're no fun.(snaps fingers)

You see, Bender, it's simple.

You're a ghost.

A g-g-g-ghost?

No, just the regular kind.

Because you killed yourself,you're in limbo.

Your software was exportedto the computational cloud.

A-doy. Wait. A-doy?

Your disembodied programis now running

on the wireless networkshared by all machinery.

Cut to thechase, smokey.

How do I get out of limbo?


That's the laughy part.

You can't!

You're stuckin an infinite loop.

An infinite loop?

I don't have time for that!

Man, this is all Fry's fault.

Fry? I hate that guy.

We once traded hands.

(sniffing)They still stink of candy corn.

Get this. That jerk said

human life was morevaluable than robot life.

What?! After allyou've done for him?

Fry must die!

I know. Right?

I'd murder him good,if only I was still alive.

Hmm. Bender, would you liketo make a deal?

I'm not stupid.

So, yes, absolutely.

What have I agreed to?

I'll return youto your body

after you useyour ghostly powers

to scare Fry to death.

(evil cackling)

That sounds fair and also fun.

I likethat there's no catch this time.

But, wait.There's a catch.Crap!

If you fail, you'll spendeternity here in robot hell.

Which, as luck would have it,is where I rehearse my band.

Hit it, boys!

(band plays upbeat intro)

♪ Cigars are evil,you won't miss 'em... ♪

Okay, I'll do it, I'll do it!

Just stop the damn music!

(both snoring)

(Fry snorts, Bender gasps)


Hmm, soap.

I know Fry's afraid that.

Maybe he'll die if I rub himall over with it, real slow.



Whoa, sick!

My software can controlelectronics!

What the...?



No! Not the armpits!

Winter's coming!

As you can see,since Bender's death,

requests to biteone's shiny metal ass

are down 98%.

(vacuum whirring)

Do you minddoing that later?

Bite my shinymetal ass.

Help! I was attackedin my bathroom!

By my bathroom!

I'm being hauntedby a ghost!


Fry, you're just upset becauseyou drove Bender to suicide.

Here. Take your mind off it withthis soothing relaxation balls.

All right.

I got him all heebie-jeebiedwith my bathroom of horrors.

One more good scare,and I'll be out of limbo.

Oh. Did someone say limbo.

(overlapping chatter)

Hold onto your dookie.

It's about to get spooky!

("Toccata and Fugue in D Minor"plays)