February 2, 2016 - Sexist NAACP Leader & Iowa Caucus Results

  • 02/02/2016

A white NAACP leader aims a sexist remark at a female reporter, and Larry discusses the results of the Iowa caucus with Lewis Black, Rory Albanese and Franchesca Ramsey.

-Yeah. -PEOPLE (chanting):Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry!

-Thank you very much.-Larry! Larry!

-Larry! Larry! Larry!-Please, please be seated.

-Such a great crowd tonight.-Larry! Larry! Larry!

-Look at this crowd.Please be seated. -(whooping)

Such a great crowd.

Uh, welcometo The Nightly Show.

I am Larry Wilmore.

Uh, Lewis Blackon the show tonight.

-(cheers and applause)-Very excited.

Yup. I will be votingfor him for president.

You guys got it out of me.

-I will be voting for LewisBlack. It's true. -(laughter)

But, man, big nightin Iowa last night,

so let's check inwith the continuing

and seemingly non-ending effortsto de-Negrofy the White House.


Let's see what's happeningwith The Unblackening.

CHARLIE ROSE:Ted Cruz won last night's

Iowa Republican caucuswith 28% of the vote.

Yeah, that's right.

Donald Trump,

who predicted he'd win so much,we'd get tired of it...

-came in second.-(laughter)

Or in other words...

you're a loser!

-(applause and cheering)-Right?

A loser!

Oh. One last thing.

Will the ownerof a blue Toyota come outside?

You left your lights on.

Blue Toyota-- you leftyour lights on. Thank you.

-(laughter) -I know.Full service thing here, so...

But the biggest takeaway

from last nightis Iowa's voting process.

It's an absolute mess, you guys.

I mean,look how sloppy they were

just with the vote counting.

Marco Rubio.Marco Rubio.

Governor Christie.


The guy's dropping ballots.

The votes are, like, danglingright by the edge of the table.

America, we were one sneeze awayfrom a constitutional crisis.


Did you notice the guy

writing down the voteswas wearing a Jeb! vest?

(audience laughing and groaning)

It's like the Florida recountall over again.


By the way, how sad is itfor Jeb Exclamation Point

that he's got an operativeon the inside

writing down the votes, andhe still only got two percent?

(laughter and sighing)

And some votes...

some votes didn't even seemto get reported.

Well, I'm here with Carla Smith

who we met earlierin the evening,

and her phone battery has died,so she is not able

to report the results yetto the party.


Uh, she wouldif you'd give her your phone!


And hold on a second, lady.

How-how did your phone die?

You knew this day was coming.

You had four yearsto charge your phone!

Four years!

Could have bought an accessory,for Christ's sake.

"Yeah, sorry, we're notgonna know who the president is

"till Margaret gets in rangeof a cell tower.

Sorry, guys."

We're just not gonna know.


The night was so chaotic,uh, and the race was so close,

and the Democratic ruleswere so arcane,

that even MSNBC'sA-team seem flustered.

LAWRENCE O'DONNELL: I just wantto assure Steve, I didn't

-understand either explanation.-BRIAN WILLIAMS: Okay.

KASIE HUNT:And then, while

under many normal circumstances

this five percentmight not matter,

in this particular case,it could matter a lot.

-RACHEL MADDOW: Wow. -WILLIAMS:Kasie Hunt, we'll let you go.

We know it is difficultto board a, uh, a plane

from a buswhile accurately reporting.


If there's anybodywho knows how hard it is

to report accuratelyfrom a flying vehicle,

it's Brian Williams.

(audience groaning)

-I didn't make up those reports,you guys. -(scattered applause)

You know?So, look, here's the deal.

The Republicansmade it very simple.

You vote,you count the votes.

Whoever has the most votes wins,right?

The Democrats,much in the same way

they scheduled the debatesso no one would see them,

created, like,a voting system so complex

that when the raceis this close,

it's impossible to definitivelyeven say who won.

On the Democratic Side--Hillary Clinton--

they're calling her the apparentwinner, but it's a tie.

-AL ROKER: How is that possible?-WILLIE GEIST: It's a tie.


Wait. It's a tie,but she's the apparent winner?

There are only two outcomesof an election, guys.

One is winning,and one is losing.

"Apparent winning"is not a thing.

"Hey, man, yo, man,

the Panthers are the apparentwinner of the Super Bowl."


Did they win, or did they not?

"Sorry, man. I can onlyapparently pay off this bet.


That's what happenswhen they apparently win.

Well, why did they haveto make this so complicated?

I mean, can't they justrelease the hard numbers

like the Republicans do?

They won't release the hardnumbers like the Republicans do.

-Goddamn it!-(laughter)

I knew it! (groans)

So, when you havean apparent winner,

and you won't release the votes,

do you at least havea scientific method

of determining who won?

So, our official delegate

for this precinctis Hillary Clinton.

(cheers and applause)

It was very, very close.

It was called by a coin toss.

(audience groaning)

So, a lady in a gym...

tosses a coin,and you got your winner.

I find it ironicthat our founding fathers,

like George Washington, whosehead is spinning on that coin,

is also spinning in his grave

knowing this isour electoral system.

And he's probably pleadingto his slaves

to help him stop spinningin the afterlife right now.

-(audience groaning)-Hey, man, that's just history.

-Come on. That's just history.-(laughter)

All right, to help us understand

this confusingtie-breaking process,

please welcome Iowa precinctcaptain Beverly Washington.

(cheers and applause)

Hi, Beverly.

Thanks for having me, Larry.

Okay, now, Beverly,can you tell me more

about the Democraticdelegate system in Iowa?

Why is it so complicated?

Hold on, Larry.There's a tie-breaker

between Hillary and Berniefor one outstanding delegate.

Wait. It's still a tie?Well, who's gonna won?

Well, it looks like Hillaryis in the lead, but uh-oh!

Looks like Bernie Sandersjust pulled ahead!

-(groaning)-(laughter, scattered applause)

Wait. Beverly,are you arm wrestling

to determinewho gets the last delegate?

Of course. That's officialIowa state voting law.


To arm wrestle?How is that scientific?

Larry, clearly, you don't knowhow politics works!


WILMORE:Wait. Wait. Uh, Beverly, I think

some votes justfell off the table.

Yeah, those were forMartin O'Malley. Nobody cares.

-Oh.-(laughter and groaning)

This just seems crazy to me.

So-so if you winan arm-wrestling match,

the final delegategoes to Bernie?

Yes, Larry. But this just in.

-Hillary is surging ahead.-WILMORE: Oh, no.

-Oh, my gosh.-And... and... and...

-WILMORE: Oh!-Aw! Damn it!

Hillary apparently winsthe deciding delegate.

-(laughter) -(sighing)-That's how it was done?

Beverly, how is thatan effective way

to select our next president?

Yeah, no time to explain.

I've got to start preppingfor the Iowa general elections.


That donkey isn't gonnapin the tail on himself.

-Hey. Come on now.-(laughter)

Beverly Washington, everyone!

We'll be right back.Oh, my God.

(applause and cheering)

Hi, I'm Robin Thede,keeping black history 100

for The Nightly Show.

Did you know that white cartoonbombshell Betty Boop was based

on a black Harlem jazz singernamed Esther Jones?

And fun fact-- she was nevercompensated for her likeness

and died in relative obscurity.

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Happy Black History Month!

Welcome back. Now, last weekwe told you about

a group high school girlsin Arizona

who posed for this photo,

uh, which quickly went viraland caused a national outcry.

But in a response,the local NAACP leader

created a whole new controversy.

REPORTER: The president of the NAACP in Maricopa County,

Don Harris, commented on the...

Hold on a second.


Where's the NAACP president?Um...

Is he behind that old white guy?Or... Okay.

Oh. Oh, I'm being toldhe is the old white guy. Okay.

Well, I guess it is Arizona.

Not much black there other thantheir iced tea, right?

(audience groans)


I'm just giving youthe facts, you guys. Okay?

All right, continue, white guyleader of black people.

REPORTER 2: After the meeting, it was time

to talk to reporters. When he'd finished

with one crew, he had this to say

about the female reporter.

Yup, that's pretty bad.

I mean, Jesus,I know you're a white guy

in charge of the NAACP,so you're no stranger

to cognitive dissonance, but...

I mean, no one is allowedto work for civil rights

and then turn aroundand objectify women.

I mean, as I recall, Dr. Kingwasn't like, "I have a dream...

Oh, and check out the jugs onthat butterface. That's nice."

Horrible, horrible.

You should-you should nothave laughed at that.

You really shouldn't have.

All right, for more on this,please welcome

our newest contributorto the show,

Franchesca Ramsey, everybody.

(cheering, applause)

Whoa, nice response.

-Uh, welcome to the show,Franchesca. -Thank you.

Okay, so-so what do you thinkabout this NAACP guy?

Larry, I'm disgusted.It's 2016

and we still have to deal withthis kind of offensive speech?

I know, his commentswere just so sexist.

N-No, not that,I'm talking about

the National Association for theAdvancement of Colored People.


We're stillgoing with "colored"?

Oh. Oh... wait, so you're moreupset about that?

Larry, I get it.

When you were young slaveryhad just ended and saying...

...and saying "colored"was fine.

The (bleep), Francesca?

How old do you think I am?

But my generationexpects more from society.

Oh, I get that, but thisis just their name, you know?

It's kind of a historical thing.

Plus, no one ever saysthe whole thing.

I don't care, Larry.I know it's in there

and an organizationthat calls its people "colored"

has a lot of nerve getting upset

over someone else'soffensive language.

Okay, all right. Well,all right, how about this--

should it be the NationalAssociation for the Advancement

of African American people?

The N-quadruple-A-P?

-Larry, that's just stupid.-Oh. Sorry.

There's nothing wrongwith the acronym NAACP.

Plus, I don't want to bankruptthem, making new signs and mugs.

-Yeah. -Let's just replacethe C with something else.

Like "cool". What's coolerthan black people, right?

I know, huh?

The National Association forthe Advancement of Cool People.

Yeah, I like...

-It doesn't sound that coolwhen you say it, though. -Oh.

How about cute peopleor charismatic people,

cantaloupe people?

Okay, okay, forgeteverything I just said.

How about just"people of color"?

That's perfectly acceptable.

But isn't that justswitching the words?

I mean, how is that better?

Because it's people first.

And all they have to dois just draw an arrow

from the P to the C,so they can still keep the mugs.

Damn it.You're right.

That's-that'svery thoughtful of you.

Oh, yeah, this stuff is easy.It's just racist words.

By the way, I'm coming for younext, United Negro College Fund,

and you better get ready tochange your mugs,

because we're notswitching out that N-word.


Franchesca Ramsey, everyone.

We'll be right back.Oh!

Welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Rory Albanese.

-Yeah.-(cheering, applause)

And making her first appearanceas a Nightly Show contributor,

we're thrilled she's now partof our show, Francesca Ramsey.

(cheering, applause)

And you can see him starringin ABC's two-part series Madoff,

airing on February 3 and 4.

Welcome backcomedian and actor Lewis Black.

-ALBANESE: Yeah!-(cheering, applause)

And for everyone at home,join our conversation right now

on Twitter @NightlyShow,using #Tonightly.

So, caucus was last nightin Iowa.

Uh, the results, uh,shocked a few people.

Ted Cruz wonon the Republican side,

Trump came in second.

-RAMSEY: Yeah.-(Albanese chuckles)

WILMORE: Rubio came in third.The Democratic side,

Bernie and Hillarywere kind of tied.

Uh, then it was announcedthat Hillary apparently won,

and then, apparently,she really did win today.

I guess that... What wasthe most surprising thing

about last night? Anythingsurprise you about that?

The most surprising thing is...Well, they're... It's all...

-Th-That Ben Carson...-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

-...flew from Iowa...-WILMORE: Yeah.

-...to Florida...-WILMORE: Right.

...to get a change of clothes.

-Yeah.-That really, to me, is...

-Yeah. And that-that kind ofleads into the other thing,

that-that someone

that really (bleep) crazy...

could... scores,like, ten percent in Iowa.

-WILMORE: Yes.-I mean, seriously.

What-what were his... what werehis clothes doing in Florida?

-Yeah.-Where, like, even his clothes

are trying to distancethemselves from him.

I feel like... You know?

It's so bizarre to me.You know?

I was really surprisedthat Hillary

-was calling herselfprogressive. -WILMORE: Yeah.

She can't... She tried to... Sheowned that very, very quickly.

So she, like, does the whipand the nae nae on Ellen

and suddenly she's progressive.

Hold on, hold on, she dabbed,too. Hold on a minute.

-Okay, she dabbed.-That's pretty progressive.

-I have two words for Hillary:mass incarceration. -Uh-oh.

Get rid of that, and thenI'll say you're progressive.

-Ooh. -Ooh.-(audience whooping, applauding)

Yeah, so you're not... you'renot, uh, you not buying that.

-She just is kind of...-No.

She's just trying to get on thatBernie train,

-is that what you're thinking?-She really is.

It's like... I don't... I feellike she just went on Wikipedia

and found out what whiteprivilege meant.

Like, it just makes me...

Something about itmakes me uncomfortable.

Yeah.What about you, Rory?

For me, it was just the factthat the system is still,

like, coin toss. I couldn'teven bel... My mind was blown.

I mean, after the 2000 election,the fact that we-we don't have

just a-a process,like, that makes vot...

Like, how about this--just, if you like someone

you raise your hand and a guywith a clipboard's like,

"All right, that's 12."You know what I mean?

And then...And then-and then it's a...

it should be a one to one.

It should be, like, everyonewho votes, that's the number.

And then you watchCNN and MSN...

They don't even understand it.They're like,

"It's 643 delegates,but there's only 3,000 people,

one per person."You're like, "What the...

What just..." How about everyperson counts as a vote

and then the personwho gets the most votes wins.

-I-I trust...-I love... I love...

-I trust American Idol's votingprocess a lot more. -Yeah.

I... That's all I've got.And that's a problem.

-That is a problem.-How many... Do you see Rubio

really, uh, making a moveright now?

That was a-a pretty strongthird. He almost beat Trump.

Who do you see winning,if it's Rubio against Hillary,

who wins that?General election?

-Wow. -Mm... -I think Rubio

has a huge chance of upsettingsomeone like Hillary.

If he... If he was... If he...

-Everybody got sad.-Yeah. -I don't...

-I don't like the scenario.-You know what that...

you know what that scenario did?It made me realize

we're gonna ha... It's...That... Like, we're gonna

have to make a choice.It's just like... (groaning)

Does Rubio...does Rubio beat Sanders?

Does he beat Bernie Sanders?

Y-You know, I don't know.Here's the thing, I would...

-A-a year ago-- we hadthis conversation-- -Yeah.

I would have been... just said"All right, it's gonna be Jeb

-and Hillary. Big money. Big..."-I said Rubio in October.

Yeah. And big money always wins.And I was, like, very much like,

-"Oh, it's a shoo-in.Hillary's got to win it, -Right.

'cause it's the...they promised it to her in '08."

-I-I am... now I'm starting tobelieve that the system -Yeah.

actually kind of works.I don't know why. It's like...

-Well, the thing... -It seemslike people can be president

-who don't have a chance a yearago. -Well, but the other thing

with him is-is, absolutely,on the... we're watching...

-we're gonna watchon-the-job training. -Yeah.

-And I-I just can't do thisagain. I mean, it's... -Yeah.

I mean, part of...B-Barack Obama...

-Well, I mean, partof the problem was -Yeah, but...

-the on-the-job training.-But, come on, man.

-No, I know the other sideof it! -No, no, no, no, no.

-I know the other sideof the coin! -No, you don't!

-No, you don't knowthe other side of it! -I know!

No, brothers never get in there!Of course a brother has

to get in there, a brother's gotto learn everything about that,

because no other brother hada chance to be in there.

-Of course it was on the job.-Well, yeah, but it was still...

but it was also absolutely that.And that was, you know...

-But also it was dealing with,you know... -Yeah.

It's-it's the same positionof a guy who's in the Senate

-who hasn't been in the Senatelong enough. -Cruz...

-Well, Cruz might bethat same example. -(groaning)

-Cruz has only been...-I can't! Seriously... -Oh!

-Who wins? -The thingthat scares me about Cruz...

-Cruz-Cruz/Hillary? Who wins?-Well, the thing

that pisses me off about Cruzis that New York values thing.

It just, like... He's like,"Oh, you got New York values."

It's like, "What do you mean?"Like, the Midwest is...

The Midwest is poisoning peoplewith their water.

-Like, what about those values?You know what I mean? -Oh...

-(coughing) -Oh. -I don't knowwhy everyone's... I don't know

-why you're groaning. Thatactually is happening. -Rory,

you sound like someoneJesus wouldn't like.

I know. I... You're probablyright. You're probably right

-about that. -Now-now,the other thing with Cru...

the other thing with Cruzand-and, um... and Trump is...

-You're a Cruz supporter, right?-Oh, very much so.

And when he gives...when he opens his speech with,

"Give to the god the glory

whatever the pizza makeronce gave to the prince,"

when that's his opening,I-I, as a Jew, go, "Yay!

-We're getting pizza!" So...-Yeah.

-But the two of them,you know... -Uh-huh.

Here's where Rubio's problemis-is right now is-is that...

that both Trump and-and, uh...and, uh, Cruz are bullies.

So I think that they're gonnakind of punch him, you know,

-the way... And what-whatI really find interesting -Yeah.

about Cruz after everything else

is-is that-that they don'tnotice... people don't seem

to have noticedthat he is a bully.

Trump is an obvious bully,you know?

-C-Cruz is the bullywho acts weird, -Yeah.

-and he's acting weirdall the time. -Yeah.

-And so you end up doing-Yeah.

-what the weird guy wants youto do -Yeah. Yeah.

-so he'll stop acting weird.-Yeah. -Yeah. -Yeah.

-That's amazing.-You're right about that.

Yeah, Trump is suchan amazing...

Trump is such an amazingoverbearing asshole

-that we can't see howcreepy Cruz is, you know, -Yeah.

is what it seems like.'Cause if-if Trump goes away,

you go, "Oh, my God!That guy's in front?

-Cruz? What the (bleep)?"-But Cruz always has, like,

-the shifty, like, lizard maneye thing going on. -He does.

Like, it's... You knowwhat I mean? Like, I've seen...

I saw that clip with-withthe girl... with his daughter.

You know what I mean? And he,like, looked at the camera,

-like, "Ooh, they caught me."Like... -I believe there's...

-"They caught something real!Ooh!" -Yeah, yeah. Exactly.

-All right... -I believethere's a touch of... And I'm...

-and I know this will offendyou. -No, no, no, no, no.

There's a touch of ferretin his family.



Just a touch.

All right, last one.I know we got... Last one.

Trump/Hillary, who wins?

Nobody, Larry. Nobody wins.


-Wow. All right.-I don't think anybody wins.

I think we got to end on that.

We'll be right back.

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but before I go,I'm gonna keep it 100.

Keepin' it 100. Tonight'squestion is from @sallykatz2501.

Uh, they ask, uh, "Keep It 100,

is Cruz more dangerousthan Trump?"

Hmm. Very interesting.

-Um, I would say... Whoa.-(harmonica ring tone playing)

I would say... I would saythe answer is yes.

Because I don't think Trumpeven believes his own (bleep),

but Cruz says he wantsto get rid of Roe v. Wade.

-He can go (bleep) himself,all right? -Yep. -Yeah!

So thanks for watching!Don't forget to ask me

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Good night, everyone!Keepin' it 100. Oh, no!

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MAN: Ooh, sorry.