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Das Negros

Season 1 - Episode 104   |   Aired: 02/14/2012   |   Views: 417,954   |   Comments:

Jordan and Keegan are masters of disguise in Nazi Germany, two slaves struggle to get off the auction block and a thug suffers from control problems.


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Pussy on the Chainwax

Season 3 - Episode 313  |   Aired: 12/18/2013  |   Views: 0

Some friends argue over whether a new slang phrase is a "thing," a man learns the truth about his father's Hollywood past, and the valets come to Anne Hathaway's defense.

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East/West Bowl 2

Season 3 - Episode 312  |   Aired: 12/11/2013  |   Views: 0

The players in the 2013 East/West Bowl introduce themselves, a suspect landlord searches a tenant's apartment, and Metta World Peace explores his physical limitations.

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The Power of Wings

Season 3 - Episode 311  |   Aired: 12/04/2013  |   Views: 0

A pawn shop customer asks after some suspicious items, Wendell makes a vanity video, and Karim and Jahar go to the gym.

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Black Ice

Season 3 - Episode 310  |   Aired: 11/20/2013  |   Views: 0

Local news anchors warn viewers about the dangers of "black ice," Lando Calrissian deals with an admirer, and Metta World Peace gives tips to homemakers.

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Tackle & Grapple

Season 3 - Episode 309  |   Aired: 11/13/2013  |   Views: 0

Meegan gets Andre in trouble, and sensei Doug Duggart teaches self-defense for the ladies.