The D.O.N.G.

  • Season 2, Ep 19
  • 08/16/2016

Chaz tries out a new virtual reality device, Ricky the Rocketship negotiates a gang war, and a homeless man delivers some very subjective news.

[dramatic music]

- Citizens of Eggmanland!

If I wanted to sleepwith your mother, I could!

And she would love it!

[cheers and applause]

I come to youwith exciting news!

I developed a new technology

that will revolutionizethe way we make food!

[cheers and applause]

It's organic!

[cheers and applause]

It's gluten-free!

[cheers and applause]

It's sustainableand grass-fed!

[cheers and applause]

Behold, the Burger-tron 3000!

[engine revving, cannon popping]



It's also a toilet!

[fart, plop, flush]

- ♪ Gusto

♪ Gusto, Gusto rules

- [mimicking news flash music]

News!Good evening, folks.

And welcometo Shit[bleep]shit[bleep] News.


I'm Boot[bleep] McGillicutty.

Tonight's top story:

[screams violently]

Well, folks, the weekendis fast approaching,

and the one questionon everyone's mind is:


Our own Ruth Dicksby has more.

You got something for us?

- Thanks, Boot[bleep]!

Looks like we got

a real humdingerof a storm moving in.

It's bad newsfor backyard barbecues,

but it's good news for tiny ratsin newspaper boats!

- Look at his little hat.

So frickin' cute.

I just want to squishhis brains out!

And now it's timefor The Sports Report!

Old Shitsticksis running for his life,

but, oh, the dirty pigis outrunning him!

30 feet, 20 feet...

Oh, he's gaining on him.

And, oh, my,a devastating tackle!

I can see bone.

[punches landing]

Back to you guysin the studio.

Now, as many of you know,

the chemtrailcontroversy is real.

We're joined nowby our eye in the sky

to give us the scoop.

Please welcome Scrapey!

- Hello, Boot[bleep].

- Now, Scrapey,you spend all day

with your headin the clouds, literally!

[laughing maniacally]

What can you tell us?

- It's terrible!

All day long,planes fly back and forth

dumping chemicalsall over the city.

- But why wouldthey do this?

- Because of Obamacare!


- Makes sense to me!

[spray hissing]

Oh, Scrapey, I'm sorry.Hold on a minute.

I'm getting wordthat that big game

is going into overtime!

[laughing maniacally]

[punches landing]


- [growling]

- People, people, please.

I'm sure we can all find

a common groundof love and peace.


[electricity buzzing]


- Stop it! Stop fighting!

This is why I havea drug problem!


- [shouting]

That concludesour broadcast.

Have a great night--[screaming]

And a pleasant tomorrow!

[electricity buzzing]

[groaning and gibbering]

- This is goingto get a ton of hits.