A Pharaoh to Remember

  • Season 4, Ep 7
  • 02/08/2008

Bender becomes a tyrannical leader of a planet that resembles ancient Egypt.

People of Osiris Four

please welcome a manwho started as a slave

but worked his way upto Lord of AlCreation--

our new Pharaoh, Bender!

( cheering )

( rock beat )

Citizens of me

the cruelty of the old Pharaohis a thing of the past.

( cheering )

Let a whole new wave of crueltywash over this lazy land.

( cheering subsides )

What?What did he say?

Hear the word of Pharaoh.

Build unto me a statueof ridiculous proportion--

one billion cubits in height

that I might be rememberedfor all eternity.

And be quick about it.

( yelling in pain )

( grunting and groaning )

Lowly slave, why areyou not working?

I am.

I meant yourself to death.

Mighty Pharaoh...

it hurtswhen I breathe.

Well, then what do you thinkyou should stop doing?

Crawl, pigs.


The Pharaoh has spoken.

( all groaning )

( whip cracking )

BENDER:Your task is nearly completed.

Don't let down Pharaoh now.

The great monument is finished,oh, Pharaoh.

And now the unveiling.


( echoing voice )Remember me!

Remember me!Remember me!

Does it please you,my Lord?

Hmm, it's a good start.

Yeah, it's definitelybig all right.

I just wonder if it'stoo big, you know?

I mean, are peoplegoing to be remembering me

or the statue?

But, sire, we made it

to your exactspecifications.

Too exact, if you ask me.

Tear it downand try again.

But this timedon't embarrass yourselves.

( muttering )


( muffled yelling )

Ladies and gentlemen,the Pharaoh suddenly died.

( cheering )

Good riddance.

What about my servants?

( mumbling )

( grunting )

( screaming )

( groaning thud )

Bender, I reallyhope that's you

cause if it isn't...

( shudders )

...we're in trouble.

You jerk!

Why'd you haveto drag us along?

I wantedto watch you remember me.

( power surges )

( bells ring )

Did you reallythink you'd need

all this junkin the afterlife?

Afterlife? Pfft.

If I thought I had to go througha whole 'nother life

I'd kill myself right now.

Well, rot in peace.

Fry and I are leaving.

Sorry, but we'retotally sealed in.

Nothing canget in or out.

Except millionsof snakes.

( screams )

Here, have apomegranate schnapps