Face Time

  • Season 1, Ep 8
  • 12/23/2013

Brody tries hypnotherapy to help him get over his facial dysmorphia, and he hires a matchmaker to help with his dating issues.



What-- I mean, what the [BLEEP]are we doing?

I'm looking at my sideburns.Do they look even?



That look better?

I can't tell the difference.

Is my scar noticeable?

No, you know,your scar thing is--

It bothers me. Every dayI look in the mirror, I go--I know.

I think you obsess over thingsthat don't really matter.

I didn't realize his OCD waslike really a thing...

until Zach and Brody and I wouldhang out all the time...

and he just couldn't stoptalking about it.

He's like, "Can I ever be on TV?I have this scar on my face."

Just every day, for years.

You got your scar from laserhair removal, right?


And you were being obsessiveabout your hairline, correct?

No. I was slightly obsessiveabout my hairline...

more so about shaving.

I would shave and I'd get allirritated up on my cheekbone.

And my neck would get bloody,from shaving.

And I met a friend who said,"You know what, Brody?

"You can get laser hairremoval...

"where you don't have toworry about shaving yoursensitive areas."

I'm an Eastern European mutt.

I come from Germany, Hungaria,Russian... and Poland.

That's where I come from.

So my hair is thick and coarse.

So I went in, I got laser hairremoval, and it worked.

And then my skin was outin the sun, it was a little dry.

And they had another girlworking that day.

And she did the laser,and it burnt my skin.

And I'm being honest,it bothers me.

I see myself in cameras,I'm not accepting of it yet.

I see my reflectionin the morning, I'm notaccepting of it yet.

How would you feel if you weregoing in for one thing...

and you go thereand it makes it worse?

ZACH (O.S.)Yeah.

It's like, "Come to our clinic,you'll lose 20 pounds."

But you leave 40 pounds heavier.ZACH (O.S.): Yeah.

That would like be--it would be a mind-eff.



Peter!Hi, yes!

Nice to see you.Nice to see you.

Nice to meet you.Welcome to my home.

I help people who arein fear of living a life...

they don't want to livefor the rest of their life.

Change and make the lifethat I want.

Can we focus on my whole face...

or I have to focus on onespecific thing?Sure, all of it.

I have a paranoia of having myface being focused on too much.

On my acne scars...

When I was a kid, people said,"Oh, it looks like Brody...

"you got pecked by a woodpeckeror a parrot on your face."

And it stuck with me.

I don't see bad skin.I just see a nice looking guy.

You're looking at my eyes.

I'm looking at your eyes.I'm looking here.That's how people talk.

Well, I cover it up.I put a little make-up on.


Well, what I'm pointing outis that I'm not seeingwhat you're seeing.

Maybe what you seeisn't truly what's there.

I understand that.I'm aware of that.

Okay, I'd like to move oninto the hypnosis part.

Let your eyes get heavierand heavier.

Shifting your attentionfrom outside to inside...

100 percent to 80 percent.

Heavier and heavier,going deeper and deeper.

Three, two, one.

And zero.

From here let's just talk tothis anxious younger partof you.

Ask him what he needs to heal.

He wants you to remember that.

Okay, let him know that youremember you're good enough.

Now how does he respond?

Yeah. What does he need,to feel better, to heal?

On a spirit level?

Commitment to what?

Are you willing to do that?

So when?

And if someone came upto you right now...

and happened to noticethat scar upon your face...

does it even matter?


Can you live from that placeof peace and being in chargeof your life?

Mm-hm.Thank you.

How do you feel?

I feel pretty good, like thelast second, I was like...

kind of... in a dream land.

You were under I think longerthan you realize, because wetook a little while.


Oh, my gosh, wow.Yeah.

You are...Eliana.

Eliana, hi.Hi, nice to meet you.

Steven Brody Stevens.Yes.

It's a pleasure meeting you.I'm excited and I broughtthe flowers.

I made pumpkin pie.Do you like pumpkin pie?

I love it.This is Nicole.

This is Brody.Hi, Nicole.

I'm Steven Brody Stevens,nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Am I gonna get duo--dual advice?

Um... well, I do thematchmaking...

and then Eliana's our datingcoach and our recruiter...

so she's actually gonna pick outa really wonderful girl for youto go out with.

When we do first consultationswith clients...

we always see howthey react with us.

Uh-huh.because we're both women.

And then we send themout on a date...

and then we see howthey work with the women.

This pie, it's a little warm.

It just came out of the oven.

Has-- pumpkin pie is meantto be warm, right?

Yes. It just came outof the oven.

All right, so here's the deal.I'm ready to grow...

and I've reached out to you--

To find your best friend.

To find my best fr-- I guessthat's the way you gottalook at it, right?

What would be your most recent,significant relationship?

Uh, I was with a girl in Seattlefor about two months.

When was that? What year?


And that's the last timethat you had a--

No, that's one time thatI can recall, now thatI'm more relaxed.

So I think the biggest thingwith dating is that you haveto be relaxed...

and the other person is justas nervous as you are.

I think when you get nervous,that might be when you talkreally loud...

and you start talking a lotand it might be a little bitoverpowering.

All you need to do is just showher that you appreciate hercompany.

How about have her cometo one of my comedy shows?

Or have her watch me do audiencewarm-up and then she gets to bewith me.

Yeah.No. No!

Sorry, I totally contradicted.

No, because it doesn't haveto be all about you.

Well, she's an audience member.I'm a performer.

But that's a persona,that's something else.

Like, if you really are seriousabout wanting a relationship...

forget all that other stuff,like what do you want?

Is there like a certainpersonality you're looking for?

Somebody like you.See?

You're-- you're always--You heard that before?

No, I haven't.I'm not always on.

Are you not-- okay, really?

Here-- Il-- Eliana.And you're always on?


See, I think you need maybea woman that challenges you...

because you can easily dominateconversations and beoverpowering.

And it can be a littleoverwhelming to women.

Yeah, and so you need somebodywho's gonna stand up and belike, "Brody, shut up."

Call me-- call me Steven.

Sorry, Steven, shut up, like,stop and let me kind of takestage right now.

You know what?Go ahead.

I think you should keep in mindis that you're enough...

like you don't need to puton a persona, you don't needto put on this act.

I mean, just be yourself.Be you.

Be Steven.Yeah, be Steven.

Go ahead, you go first.

Oh, really?Do you know how to putthe ball down?

I'm right here. I'm right here.It's dog right?

Oh!Ah, you ruined it.

What? I ruined it?

Jackie, I'm gonna tell Elianayou're not trying.

Don't tell Eliana I touched it.Okay.

This is the 405.405.

This is where the 405and the 101 intersect.

Right here, see that blue car?They're going northbound.

What are you thinkingabout right now?

Going home... alone?

Yeah, I'm not gonna getromantic with you.

Eliana told me,"Do not get romantic...

"even if Jackie wantsto kiss you, don't let her."

I can just sit here all day,and look into your sunglasses.

Yeah, I'm self-obsessed.

Yeah, you look good.

Come on in.All right.

Hands together...and--

Jackie, a little more effort,let's go.

Hands together.I'm trying.

Yeah! That's a foul tip,that's okay.

What gets you going,to see me hit in the 80 cage?

I'm not sayingit's gonna turn you on...

but you would like to seea man hitting at the fastestmachine here.


For you, Jackie.

Damn it!

Whoo! Whoo!



Because a lot of times I comehere by myself and justisolate...

and think about things, but...

It's a cool place to get away.to actually come herewith a partner or friend.

It was pretty cool.

So, I know you gotta get going,you gotta get back overthe hill.

I'll walk you to your car and...Cool.

And say--I want to say thanks a lot.Okay.

You're free to leave.You're released.

JEFF GARLIN (O.S.):You know what he's gotta do?

He's gotta do whateverybody's gotta do.

You gotta have what you needfrom yourself first.

Don't go looking for itfrom somebody else.

Have a sense of dignity,a sense of confidence...

and when he focuseson his own mental health...