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CC Presents: Rob Riggle

Season 14 - Episode 1414   |   Aired: 01/11/2010   |   Views: 2,180   |   Comments:

Rob Riggle describes the nightmare that is a football stadium men's room, why he loathes the elderly, and how conversations with his best friend make him look like an a**hole.


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CC Presents: Al Jackson

Season 15 - Episode 1507  |   Aired: 01/11/2011  |   Views: 1,423

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CC Presents: Chris D'Elia

Season 15 - Episode 1514  |   Aired: 01/11/2011  |   Views: 19,442

Chris D'Elia illustrates how Hawaiian street names make you sound like an angry dolphin, how all of Britain rises to the same odd wake-up call and how to date drama queens.

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CC Presents: Hari Kondabolu

Season 15 - Episode 1515  |   Aired: 01/11/2011  |   Views: 4,286

Hari Kondabolu educates his audience on the importance of spaying and neutering hippies, how to pronounce the name Deyf, and the link between Jesus and white chocolate.

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CC Presents: Sheng Wang

Season 15 - Episode 1505  |   Aired: 01/11/2011  |   Views: 12,729

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CC Presents: Owen Benjamin

Season 14 - Episode 1404  |   Aired: 01/11/2010  |   Views: 2,010

Owen Benjamin is a man of many loves. He loves New York, and he loves breasts. He loves drinking, but not nearly as much as peeing while drunk.