Viva La Joy

  • Season 1, Ep 8
  • 03/03/2016

After Kent fires Joy, Billie and Gene go to extreme lengths to get her job back.

- Ugh, too mushy.

Too hard.

Oh, just right.

That's good.

- You just saidthat one was good.

- Yeah, I don't carefor peaches personally.

- Gene, you're being a brat.

You're just making a messfor Joy to clean up.

- Joy doesn't clean those up.Do you, Joy?

- Sí.- See?

- "Sí" means yes.

You're a saint,by the way, Joy,

to put up with this.

- Kiss-ass.- Right?

You totally deserve a raisefor putting up with that.

- You were justthrowing peaches on the ground.

- Oh my god, you're obsessedwith the peaches right now.

Okay?We've moved on

to Joy.

- Selfish.- Uh-huh.

You do deserve a raise, though.I agree.

- Mr. Russelldoesn't give raises.

I do get to keepGene's hand-me-downs.

- Okay, I'm sorry,that's crazy

that you've nevergotten a raise.

- Yeah, she's right.

You need to get yousome paper, son.

- You know what?Go in, make your case.

He'll go for it.- Oh, I know what you should do.

She's gotta "Shark Tank" it.- Mm-hmm.

- What is Sharks--- "Shark Tank" it!

- Okay!- "Hi, Mark Cuban,

can I have some money?"

- That's such a good impression,"Shark Tank" it!

[speaking Japanese]

- Oh.Hey, Joy.

I don't think the trashis too full,

but I am glad you are here.

I want to talk to youabout the menu

for the big dinner partythis weekend.

- Mr. Kent.- Hmm.

I've been with this familyfor a very long time now.

And I dowhatever is asked of me.

That's why I'm here to askfor a 10% raise

in a 100% stakefor the rest of my job.

- What's happening right now?

Are you "Shark Tanking" me?

- I can't take anythingless than 10%.

- You are "Shark Tanking" me.

Joy,you know I don't give raises,

and yet here you areasking for one.

And for that reason...

I'm out.

- What do you mean?

- I saw this cool movielast night.

- Yeah.- Have you seen "Forrest Gump?"

- Everyone's seen"Forrest Gump."

- I don't think so.

- What do you think"Run, Forrest"--

- Joy, what's wrong?

- I listened to yourstupid advice and I got fired.

- He fired you.- [scoffs]

- Who's gonna brush my hair?- Gene!

- I'm so sorry, Joy, I feellike this is partially my fault.

- Partially?

This is all your fault.

You think you're so smartbecause of your books

and your degreesand your maxi pad

you left in your underwearthat I had to throw out

before I washed them?

- I can assure you,I did not know

about the last thing until now.

- Goodbye, ladies.

[dramatic music]

- What's the password?

- The password?

- You got it.- The password is "password"?

- Yeah,but see the S's are fives.

Welcome to the revolution.

[overlapping chatter][electronics beeping]

She's here.

- Oh. Hey, Billie.

You've awakened.- What is going on?

- Your tactics didn't work.You lost.

The only thing my dadresponds strength.

It's time to fight firewith flamier fire.

- Gene, I don't knowwhat you're planning to do,

but I know it is a bad idea.

- You know, my bad ideawas letting you be in charge

in the first place.

You were never willingto do what it takes.

You were never willingto go all the way.

- You thought a hunger strikewas called a "hunger stroke."

- Yeah, and we may never knowwho was right on that one.

- It's me. I'm 100%.- Well, perhaps.

It's that arrogance that makesyou such a weak leader.

- This is crazy.Joy would not want any of this.

- Why don't you letJoy tell you what Joy wants?

- Who else is in this room?

- Gene's plan might be crazyenough to work...

white puta.- I'm sorry...

I haven't eaten in 36 hours.

Did you just callme a white puta?

- No. I said viva la revolución,white puta.

- You definitelysaid it that time.

- Yeah, time you did.- I did.

- What are you planning to do?

- Let's just say tonight'sturkey is gonna be da bomb.


[all laughing]

- No. No!

This is a non-violentmovement!

Make love, not war!

The five dollar foot long!- Hey, everyone, stop.

What?- I-I don't know.

I'm feeling a littlelightheaded.


I think I'm gonnapass out again.

- Billie, you're fine.- I'm passing out.

[echoes]That would be, like,

a bunch of people using fishto play instruments.

Is that fajitas?I haven't eaten in 36 hours.

"Yum, fish!"There's gonna be meat.

- So, unless you havea better idea, viva la pizza.

- Imagine all the pizza.Imagine.


- What's going on?Gene, what are you doing?

- You were never willingto go all the way.

- Words.- [laughter]

- The S's are fives!

- Ha ha ha ha ha.- You understand it?

It's a gun.For violence.

- No.

[all speaking at once].

- What are you going to do?

- Let's just saythe turkey's gonna be the bomb.

The turkey will be the bomb.The turkey will be the bomb.

The turkey will be--- [gasps]

- The turkey's a bomb!