July 7, 2016 - Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

  • 07/07/2016

Gretchen Carlson sues Fox News's CEO for harassment, and Larry discusses the police shootings of two black men with Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Franchesca Ramsey and Jordan Carlos.

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WOMAN:We love you, Larry!

I love you too, baby,I love you too.

Uh, now, last night... lastnight, so, we talked about uh,

the killing of Alton Sterlingat the hands of the police.

And before our show

even hit the air,there was another

brutal police killinggoing viral.

This time, uh,

the shooting of 32-year-oldPhilando Castile.

That's... that's how fast

these things are happeningsometimes here in 'Merica.

Um, by the timewe've gotten angry about one,

it's already old news.

But I'm still angry.

Um, and we should all be angry.

And we're gonna discuss thison our panel tonight.

So, please stick aroundfor that, all right?

(cheering, applause)

All right.


We go from one abuse of powerto another.

I need to talk aboutwhat's going on at Fox News.


Sorry. (mumbles)

Uh, yesterday Gretchen Carlsonfiled a lawsuit

against bejowled Fox Newschairman, uh, Roger Ailes,

uh, after he fired herfrom her 2:00 p.m. hosting gig.

Anyway, Carlson claimsshe was fired

for refusingsexual advances from Ailes.

(audience hoots, groans)

Now, while I can't say for sureif the claims are true,

what I do know is that Carlsonwas fired

less than two weeks after saying

that she'd support a banon assault weapons.

All right? And I also knowthat when it happened,

we predicted she'd be let go.

By the way, Fox News employees,swing by Buffalo Wild Wings

tonight for Gretchen Carlson'sfarewell party.

AUDIENCE: Oh!(laughs, whoops)

I'm telling you,

there's no way Foxis keeping her after that, man.

That's right, Wilmorecalled that (bleep), man.

-(cheering, applause)-I called it. I called it.

Good job, Wilmore, good job.

But... But,if we're keeping it 100,

Gretchen Carlson's accusationsagainst Roger Ailes

are far too creepy to ignore,

which is why it's so upsettingthat he totally ignored them.

REPORTER: When she complained about his severe and pervasive

sexual harassment, she says he told her,

"I think you and I should have had a sexual relationship

a long time ago."


Now, right now,these are just accusations,

so we don't wantto jump to any conclusions.

It's just a classic caseof she said, it said. But...

That's all it is, but there'sgood news for the Fox CEO,

because tonight Roger Ailesis the recipient

of The Nightly Show' inaugural

Ain't Nobody SurprisedYou a Creepy-Ass (bleep) Award.

(cheering, applause)

There we go.

So, uh...

So, I just want to say...Oh, my...

I just want to say congrats,you creepy-ass (bleep).

There you go.

Oh, oh, and by the way,

uh, we all know you did it.

All right.


Uh, speaking ofdisgusting creatures

you don't wantanywhere near your body,

have you seen what's going onin Brazil ahead of the Olympics?

Growing concerns over Brazil'sOlympic games next month.

Scientists have detecteda drug-resistant bacteria

growing off the shoresof some of Rio's beaches.

Yup, it's gonna be

the nastiest Olympics ever.

That is why it's time to kickoff The Nightly Show's

2016 Olympics coveragewith this.

Researchers saythe super bacteria

entered the city's waterways

when sewage from local hospitals

got into the bay.

Ho, ho, wait, wait, wait.

Hospital sewage just"got into the bay"?

Sounds like some mischief

from this year'sOlympic mascot Fecalo.

Isn't he adorable?

Oh, oh, you thinka bucket of crap

is an inappropriate mascot?


REPORTER: Tests found disease-causing viruses

in Rio's waters 1.7 million times the level

that would be considered hazardous in the U.S.

It sounds crude,but this is basically like

-flushing a giant toiletinto the ocean. -Yeah.

This is a toilet.

(Brazilian accent):This is a toilet.

By the way,I find it very offensive

that they hired the Mario Bros.to clean up this mess.

Very offensive.

(Italian accent):Uh, Princess Peach,

she's not gonna cometo a game that's in a toilet.


But exactly how badare conditions

for the Olympians who have tocompete in this unclean water?

MAN: It's a nice sailing area but, uh,

every time you getsome water in your face,

it feels like, uh,

there's, uh, some alien enemy,

uh, entering your face.

He made it soundso sexy though, right?

Uh, by the way, if you're okaywith an alien enemy

entering your face,I hear Roger Ailes

now has an opening at Fox News.

If you're okay...

I'm just saying,if you're okay with it.

Oh, by the way,we all know you did it.

And don't worry, mother(bleep),

just because I'm talkingabout him

doesn't mean I forgot about you,all right?

Okay. All right.

Well, this is horrible,you guys.

I mean, the-the Olympics arein, like, a month, right?

I mean, normally, when I thinkof the dangers of Brazil,

I-I mean,I-I usually think of gangs.

At least they aren't dealingwith massive drug violence.

REPORTER: Police dealing with massive drug violence there.

Of course, of course.

Jesus Christ.

I mean, what's next,human body parts

are gonna start washing upon the beach or something?

Human body parts have been found washed up on a beach

just feet from where the Olympic volleyball tournament

will be played.


This isn't a toilet.A toilet has dignity.

Right? A toilet has class.

A toilet has purpose.

A toilet would never have a footin it.

All right, well, actually,that's not quite true, you know?

Just don't have enough timeto unpack that right now.

All right. All right,with more on this story,

we go to Nightly Show sports contributor

and literally the only athleteavailable to us on short notice,

-Dennis Rodman, everybody.-Aw, yes!


-Thanks, uh... thanksfor coming, Dennis. -Yeah!

-All right, Dennis...-Okay.

-All right, are people concernedabout the superbugs -Yeah.

-found in the waters of Rio?-Oh, n...

-A-All these viruses-Uh-huh.

-and all these Germans-Germans?

-make your body stronger.-Uh-huh.

It-it boosts your immune system.

And my-my immune system tooka beating in the '90s.


these germs give you strengthto...

They-they give you the strengthof 10,000 cobras, you know?


-Yeah.-Uh, I don't think so.

Some of this bacteria,it literally eats your brains.

That's good, Larry.

-How is that good?-No, that's good.

Larry, why do people watchthe Olympics, right?

-Because of stories.Anybody can watch a race. -Okay.

If you told me some guy,good guy,

-is getting his brains eaten outby some monster bug, -Right.

that's a good story!(laughs)

Good Olympics!(laughs)

-Yeah. -No, but body partsare, like, washing up

on the beach in Rio.I mean, the city...

-the city must be freaking out,right? -Why?

Wh-Why be concerned?(chuckles)

'Cause a random headwashed up on the beach.

Okay, so you-you just movethe-the head over

and-and you playmore volleyball.

You know? It's-it's notlike somebody died. (chuckles)

Well, yeah, actually,it is like somebody...

somebody literally did die.That's what happened.

Look, Dennis, Brazil isa complete disaster right now.

Cops are not being paid.Have you heard of that?

Hospitals are,like, understocked.

-Let me break it down!-Okay, break it down.

Let me break it down.

Price of stripperswent through the roof.

-All right.-It's hot on the roof.

-What the (bleep)are you talking about?! -Yeah!

-That makes no sense at all!-Oh, you know

what doesn't make sense?Biathlon. (chuckles)

Who skis then stops and shoots?

That's-that'sthe Winter Olympics.

-(crying)-Are you cry...

Wait, are you crying?

You, you always correct me,Larry Wilmore, okay?

If it's not Winter Olympics,

then why am I wearingthis scarf?

I don't know.

-Huh? -You arethe most unstable human being

-on the face of the Earth, okay?-(laughing)

I don't know... I don't knowwhy you do anything.

I don't even know whywe continue to pay you for this.

Exactly. Now...

look, all I got to sayis the people in the Olympics

are gonna facea Brazilian problems.

Um, do you think"Brazilian" is a number?

It's not? It's not? What?

-Wait... -Okay, once again,we've learned nothing.

-Dennis Rodman, everyone.We'll be right back. -What?

Welcome back!

Now, these days,social media has the power

to make and break careersin the blink of a retweet.

So here to catch us up on who'smaking waves online this week

is Nightly Show contributorFranchesca Ramsey

with another installmentof Hash It Out.

-♪ -(bird tweets)

Thanks, Larry.

Last week, I got my life fromJesse Williams' powerful speech

at the BET Awards.

(cheering and applause)

In it, he encouraged blackpeople to continue the fight

to end police brutality.

But not everybody enjoyedthe speech.

This past weekend,a petition demanding

Jesse Williams be firedfrom ABC's Grey's Anatomy

collectedover 25,000 signatures.

Wait, 25,000 white peoplewere watching the BET Awards?

(cheering and applause)


Here's a snippetof the petition's description.

"Jesse Williams releaseda cascade

"of inappropriate,unprofessional,

"and racist commentary

"against police officersand Caucasians.

"I have been watching allof Shonda's shows since day one,

"and it kills meto take this stand,

but it is a necessary evil."

All of Shonda's showssince day one? Really?

Even Off the Map?

You didn't even knowthat was a Shonda show, did you?


No one did.

I guess you missed the Grey's episode about white privilege,

or the Ferguson-inspired episodeof Scandal,

or How to Get Away with Murder

where Viola Davis takes offher wig, which, to be fair,

didn't really have anythingto do with racism,

but that scene wasblack as hell.

(laughter,applause and cheering)

But then, Shonda hit the haterswith this tweet.

"Um, people?Boo don't need a petition.


(applause and cheering)

Now is she saying"Shondaland rules,"

or is she talkingabout the rules of Shondaland?

'Cause there are a lotof rules in Shondaland.

Like, no white after Labor Dayunless you're Olivia Pope.

You will give Viola Davisall the awards.

And don't talk back to Shonda

unless you want to end up doingkitty litter commercials.

I see you, Katherine Heigl.

(laughter,applause and cheering)

But this commenttakes the loud and wrong cake.

"Jesse Williams'comments were racist,

"and should be firedfrom Grey's Anatomy.

I will no longer watchany Rhonda Rhimes show."


Ma'am, who is Rhonda Rhimes?!

Is that a cross betweenRonda Rousey and LeAnn Rimes?


Oh, is this a show abouta kickboxing country singer?

BET just got 25,000more white viewers.

(applause and cheering)

Look, this entire petitionand everyone who signed it

is a seven-layer bean dipof nope.

If you think speaking out

against police brutalityis anti-cop,

does that means killingblack people is pro-cop?

Of course not!

Jesse Williamsdoesn't hate cops,

and he doesn't hatewhite people.

He, like all of us should,

hates the brutal murdersof black people by police

who use their fearto inform their force.

(cheers and applause)

Let's focus our angeron the real issue.

You want to fire Jesse Williams?

How about we fireall those racist cops

and send their asses to jail?

(applause and cheering)

And let's...

And let us let the good copsdo their jobs.

-Yes. -Yeah.-(applause and cheering)

And Jesse can continueto save lives

and give me lifeon Thursday nights.

-(applause and cheering)-Franchesca Ramsey, everybody!

We'll be right back.

Hey, welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Jordan Carlos.

(applause and cheering)

And Nightly Show contributorFranchesca Ramsey.

(applause and cheering)

And 16-year-old activistXiuhtezcatl Martinez.

(applause and cheering)

And for everyone at home,join our conversation right now

on Twitter @NightlyShowusing the hashtag #Tonightly.

Okay, so,I want to talk about, um...

I want to focus on the reactions

to the shootingsin Louisiana and Minnesota

'cause I feel likethere's this thing

that I liketo call "the empathy gap..."

-CARLOS: Mm. -...when somethinglike this happens.

It's hard for people...

Let me just give you an analogy.

Like, I'm from Pasadena.

That's where my, um, home is,I guess you could say.

And I have a lot of friendswho are...

-who are, um, Armenian descent,you know. -Mm-hmm.

And, like,if you bring up Turkey,

or anything about Turkey,

like, there's, like, a palpable,like, anger that comes up.

Not from everybody,not from all of them,

but from some of them,because that Ar...

The genocidethat happened in Turkey--

this is, like, over100 years ago. -CARLOS: Right.

That still resonatesin a lot of people.

But I never go,"Why don't you get over that?

It's been 100 years. You know,what's wrong with you?"

-RAMSEY: Yeah.-"What's wrong with your..."

But why is therethis empathy gap in

black people's relationshipwith the police which has

gone on for yearsand years and years and years?

Like, there doesn't seem

-to be an understanding of it.-MARTINEZ: Part of that is

people don't understandthat it's not just racism.

-It's white supremacy...-(Ramsey whoops)

...which is, like,you know, at the top of that.

-RAMSEY: Yes.-We don't talk about that.

We don't like to talkabout that, and those kind

-of conversations shut peopleoff. -WILMORE: Right.

And it doesn't allowfor conversation to happen.

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.-To acknowledge

that these things are real,they're happening

and that they needto be addressed.

Like, it's intense.Listen to Macklemore's song.

You know, he says it best.

We can take all we wantfrom black culture,

but will we show upfor black lives?

-You know? That's...-CARLOS: Wow.

-(applause and cheering)-Yeah -Okay.

-Um...-That's great. I agree with it.

I tend to quote Macklemorefor everything.

-Yeah.-(laughter) -I was...

I just feel like,um, when you talk...

-When you spokeabout an empathy gap... -Yes.

...it feels more likean empathy canyon, you know.

-That, like, it just feelslike it's very wide.

-WILMORE: Right.-It's very, very wide.

-"Why are those black peopleso angry?" -"Yeah, why this...?"

"What's going on?"These are all...

It's, like, a millionisolated incidents.

-You know, so, um...-(laughter) -RAMSEY: Definitely.

-It's really bizarre. -Amillion. -(applause & cheering)


Do you feel that there'sa-a movement happening

with younger people 'causethere is a lot of, you know,

division about how millennials,and I don't know if it's fair

to say millennials and maybewhat your generation is,

-I don't know if they...-CARLOS: Yeah, what are you?


Are you-- do we start again?

Are you Generation Zero,like, what is it?

WILMORE:Smart-ennials or something.

CARLOS: Are we doing binaries...what? Yeah, yeah.

But, like, when youtalk about social media

and how things are shared,

I think it can havea double effect.

It can get people charged up,you know, as Obama says,

"Fired up and ready to go,"or whatever,

but I think there'sa turning off, too.

Like, there's a tragedy porn,I think, that happens...

-RAMSEY: Yeah.-...even on the news

where they show thingsover and over and over.

-Yeah, absolutely.-And that can kind of

numb people out,don't you think?

I-I hate it, honestly.

And I have had a really hardtime seeing these videos

because they are likeon autoplay on your Facebook.

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.-And I really, personally,

just for my own mental health,try to avoid them.

-Like, I've read aboutwhat's happened... -Mm-hmm.

...um, but I do think it turns

into people turning itinto entertainment, you know.

Showing dead bodieson the covers of magazines,

which I-I just don't,I think that that's a problem.

-I think... -But some of thatis necessary. Right?

-MARTINEZ: Of course.-RAMSEY: Absolutely.

MARTINEZ:I think it's to an extent.

You have to be shocked into...into woke.

-Right? -MARTINEZ: Like,what I've seen, personal...

-(chuckling): Right?-No, for sure.

-I mean, what... -WILMORE: Imean, at some point, you know.

And I know your deal is...

-I mean, your deal...-(laughter)

I know you're very passionate.

-I know your deal.-CARLOS: What's your...

I know your deal'sclimate change, man.

-RAMSEY: Yeah. -CARLOS: What'syour sitch? Yeah.

I know you're very passionateabout climate change.

As a young person, how-how doyou help to change the climate

of what's going on in this...in the other area?

I think one of the mostimportant conversations

that needs to be hadis building intersectionality

-between movements.-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.


...we see hugeamounts of power...


You know?


With my generation we see hugeamounts of power building

in the climate movement,environmental movement,

social justice,Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ...

-WILMORE: Right. -...likethere's all these huge movements

that like, you know, Bill Maherbrought up that, like,

we just sitting on our phonesall the time.

WILMORE:I'm sorry, who?

Uh, some-some kid in L.A.,you know.

It's okay, it's a joke.I love Bill.

But, um, it's more than that,because our generation

is, like, doingall these things separately,

-Sure.-but they're separate movements,

and so for me, understandinghow to tackle this problem

in our country is understandinghow it connects

to climate change,to our environmental crisis,

-and how...-Yeah. -All of it.

All of us have to startto work together.

And it's intersectionalitybetween all of us.

-I also...-I s... yeah.

I also think that, you know,

to go back to the, like,the tragedy porn,

-Yeah.-I think some people think

seeing it is enough.

"Oh, you have to be aware."

Like, okay, well,we're aware of the issue.

We know this issue is happening.

-We've been aware for..-We have to...

We've been awarefor a long time.

Since they were makingpostcards of lynchings.

Um, so let's actually ha...be solution-oriented.

And I think looking at how weinvestigate police brutality,

how we actually haveprosecutions happen.

Like,having some sort of standard

for if you killan unarmed person,

that there are consequences.

And those are thingsthat have to happen

besides just seeing the videosof it every single time.

Solution-based is allwhat it's about,

and that's whatmakes people inspired

to do something about it.

It makes people care 'causeif it's just knowledge

and, you know, understanding,

-Right.-it's not enough.

"I know more."It's still happening.

And I-I was only gonna...

I just want to saythat tragedy porn

has to be the most, you know,

depressing subgenreof porn out there, um...

-I would agree with that.-Truly.

When I, when I'm on PornHub--thank you very much.

Um, it really... what you say(bleep), thank you.

But so, it's so... but, uh...

Thank-thank you for standing upfor porn, Jordan, tonight.

-Appreciate it.-Oh, th... (exhales)

-Any...-(audience cheers and applause)

Thank you.


Hey, man, Nightly Show audience,11:30.

It's all about the porn.

They're either going to watch usor porn.

It's like...

MARTINEZ: Let's make ita smooth transition, you know.

Yes, exactly.

CARLOS: Also, let's-let'skeep it down there.

RAMSEY:You're 16, so...

I just want to...

I just wanted tojust put the spot on that one.

Actually, we have to be carefulwhat we say.

He's-he's technically a minorhere, you know.

I can't even sit in theaudience, they told me that.

Oh, no.

-That's why you're onstage.-WILMORE: I know.

You give me a lot of hopefor your generation, man.


-Thank you.-WILMORE: Thank you very much.

-Okay.-(cheers and applause)

We'll be right back.

YARD: If you you live in the New York City area,

or are planning to visit,

All right, I want to thankmy panelists Jordan Carlos,

Franchesca Ramseyand Xiuhtezcatl Martinez.

We're almost out of time,but before we go,

I'm going to keep it 100.

Tonight's question is from...

All right, this is from friendof the show Anthony Anderson.

Uh-oh, all right.Let's take a look.

Hey, Larry, all right,we're about to keep it 100.

If you had to replace me orTracee Ellis Ross on Blackish,

who would you replace and whowould you replace us with?

And remember, keep it 100.

Hold on a second.

Since you asked the question,

I'm replacing you,how about that, Anthony?

How about that?

And I am going to play your parttill I find out...

(audience cheering)

No. I'm not going to play it,it's just...

I'll find out what actoryou hate the most,

-and that's who I'll replace...-(bleep)

Thanks for wa...what, was that mean?

He asked the question.

Good night--No, you can't replace

Anthony Andersonon Blackish, come on.

Good Nightly, everyone,all right.

(cheers and applause)

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