Kirk Steele

  • Season 2, Ep 8
  • 03/04/2015

Abbi tries to extort Trey after she discovers one of his secrets, but the plan quickly goes awry.


(woman) Ohh... ah!

(man) Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.

(man) Yeah.

Oh yeah, oh, unh.




Yeah, that's a nice beach ball...

Oh, yeah, uh...


Uh... uh.... oh...


♪ Four and three and twoand one-one ♪♪

Celebrity's favorite foods.

Original pieces,people!

Bitch's gottabuy a mirror here.

Come on, come on!

I did it, Ilana.

I gave all the clothesto the homeless people.Whoo!

Good job, bud.



I'm into them.

How about two?

I mean,they're 40 bucks.

But I'm feeling reallygreat right now.

I'm in a great mood.

I'll give you twofor $60.

Love it.Well, I meant $2.00.

We'll take it.No way.

Ilana.No way.


I'm like, what, am I gonnasell my soul?It's good to have standards.

$2.00.Okay, let's do it.

Oh.That's hysterical.

$40, huh?

Yeah, which isa really great deal,

uh, considering the art willonly continue to appreciate.

Of course, shrimp cocktail'sRon Howard's favorite food.

He probably has itthree, four times a week,

that (bleep) pussy.

Uh, it'sa fictional series

based on the artist'simagination, um--

Wait a minute, you meanthis is not real?

Like Bruce Springsteen'sfavorite food is not a tomato?

No, I mean, he's from Jersey,so I put him with a tomato

'cause I was like, that's amarriage, you know, that works.

Ah, come on,this is unbelievable!

What kind of (bleep)is this?

What?Is it that unbelievable?

Forty doll-- I give $40,I'm gonna get a little more

than artwork from you overthere, sweet cheeks.

Why don't you (bleep)my (bleep) dick?

Hey, listen,I've been there, sweetie.

I've been there.

To my dick?Yeah.

♪ Ready catch

♪ Party from the drop untilthe sun beams ♪

♪ Flying flying fromthe loosey in my blood stream ♪

♪ See my people ready now-owready now-ow ♪

♪ My oopa take yousteady now-ow steady now-ow ♪

♪ Don't need no drink I thinkI'm rolling ♪


Remember me?

Well, do youremember me?

Even less.We were just in heretwo hours ago.

Come on.Well... youwork on commission?

No.Yeah, do you workon commission?

I said no.

I didn't hear it.

Big mistake.





Remember me now?

We remember you...

'cause your hairand lipstick looks cute.


I can give you $13,000in store credit

or $903 in cash.

Woo-hoo,store credit for life!

Dude, I needthe money.

Money, right,money, money.

Speaking of which, how much ismy aunt's timeless, beautiful,

classic apothecary bag?



By the way...

I know that shirt'sfrom Forever 21.

You're notkidding anybody.