The Hand That Feeds

  • Season 1, Ep 9
  • 05/20/2015

Cuba scrambles to come up with an emergency escape plan, and Agent Malloy tries to get some answers out of Del.

[DEL]I don't recall.

That jog your memory?Huh, Del?


You're out of time, Del.

Do you know what they do toplump, little popcorn kernelslike you in prison?

They fill you with understand?

You know what they say?

There's no greater joythan a big butt boy.

Now only you can stop that, Del.

Now if I can trust you,we can be friends.

I don't hurt my friends.

Tell me somethingto make me trust you.

Tell me something I can believe.

We killed Jimmy Staats.

Oh-- oh, no, oh, no!

Goddamn it!What'd you [BLEEP] yourself?

Agh! Somebody cleanthis punk up.

Okay, what's happeningand where are we going?

Yes, we have got to stop Ricobefore that back-stabbing chimpturns us in!

The chimp is not a narc,you idiot!

He's not!They're trying to indict usfor the drugs!

So wait, wait, drugs?What drugs?

Holgado... the investor!

I owe her money! You thinkI wanted to do this movie?

You two are two of the[DROPPED]-iest directorsI've ever met!

And now that you screwedeverything up...

they're gonna bring usall up on RICO charges!

So it is the monkey!It is not the monkey!

Will you stop yelling at me?I'm trying to put it together!

You're both yelling!RICO is an acronym!

Oh, my god!He's an acronym?

I thought you saidhe was a chimp!

Will you make up your mind?

It's a law!

Let me ask you something.Yes.

Are your brains made upof dog [BLEEP]?


well, then listen to mevery carefully.

RICO is also a law, it standsfor racketeering and corruptoperations...

or some [BLEEP] like that.

But more importantly,it also means we are [BLEEP]!

This movie is a front forHolgado and the cops know it!

That's why we're notgoing back to the set!

Because when they raidthat mother[BLEEP]...

we're all getting 20 yearsapiece.

20 years for you,20 years for you.

And we're not sellinginformation on Holgado!

Because when she finds out...

she'll kill you and every singlemember of your family!

So what are we gonna do?

I got a guy, he's gonna help usstart all over.

So I suggest you soak upthese next few hours...

because they're gonna be yourlast in these United Statesof America, my brother.

You can believe that [BLEEP].


Yo, yo, yo, it's me!

MAN'S VOICE (OVER INTERCOM)I know a lot of me's, dude.

It's Cuba, man, quit playing.

MAN'S VOICE (OVER INTERCOM)Come on in, man, I'll be down ina minute, I'm in the can.

[JACK]Who is that?

[CUBA]Just shut the [BLEEP] upand let me do all the talking.

[BEN] Yes, sir.[JACK] All right.

[BEN]Look at this place.

This is awesome.Who's house is this?


Hey, how are you, my friend?

Such a surprise-- I thoughtyou were kidding whenI got that text.

That's Jason Alexander.I know.

These are my guys,Jack and Ben.

Uh-oh, bodyguards...I give, I give.

Uh, whoa--

And they legit filmmakers.

Oh, filmmakers, that's verygood, that's great, Jason.Mm-hm.

Good to meet you.Yeah, love your work.

Fantastic work,you guys... yeah.

Well, come on in!Don't stand around, come on!

My [BLEEP]!Come on!

Oh, my god, he just saidthat he likes our work.

You think we get himin the movie?

Yeah, I mean, after this thingblows over, I think we might.

So I'm talking to myaccountant on the phone...

the guy's having a fit,he's out of his mind.

He's like, "Jason, these checksare coming in so fast...

"I don't knowwhere to deposit them."

I-- I don't know what personmakes this kind of money.

And I said, "Well, what the hellare we talking about? How muchmoney am I sitting on?"

And he goes, "$25 million!"

Is that sick? Right? How does aperson make that much money?

Probably like, uh,from Seinfeld, right?

Oh, probably Seinfeld.

Seinfeld?[JACK] Yeah, yeah.

[BLEEP] Seinfeld.Wow, okay.

Seinfeld can suck my [BLEEP],all right?