October 13, 2016 - Ana Navarro & Jidenna

  • 10/13/2016

Multiple women accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, Ana Navarro discusses growing tensions within the GOP, and Jidenna performs songs from his album "Long Live the Chief."

But let's turn nowto breaking news.

Some brand-new policy proposals

have just come outfrom Donald Trump,

where he spoke--I'm just kidding.

-(laughter) -It's, uh...it's some more sex stuff.

NEWSMAN: Breaking news-- explosive new allegations

against Donald Trump...

NEWSWOMAN: ...overnight a flood of new allegations,

multiple women who say Donald Trump touched

or kissed them inappropriately.

NEWSWOMAN:The Palm Beach Post reports

a woman who lives there, Mindy McGillivray,

claims she was groped by Trump 13 years ago.

NEWSWOMAN: Rachel Crooks tells the Times

in 2005 she introduced herself to the businessman

at Trump Tower.

Instead of a handshake, he kissed her.

Yet another accuser is a formerMiss USA pageant contestant

who representedthe state of Utah in 1997.

NEWSWOMAN: And a People magazine writer

says Trump attacked her while she was on assignment

at Trump's estate in South Florida.

NEWSMAN: Jessica Leeds told The New York Times

Trump assaulted her on a plane after she was upgraded

to first class on a business trip.



If ever there wasa day of highs and lows.

Upgraded to first class!

Degraded by Donald Trump.

These are not the hot nutsI wanted!


Yes, people,in the last 24 hours,

six women have come forwardwith their personal stories

about allegedly being assaultedby Donald Trump.

And who would have thought...

the guy who sayshe forces himself on women

actually forces himselfon women?

I guess he really doestell it like it is.

So I guess that's it.

Guy confesses the assault.Victims confirm the assault.

Case opened and closed, right?

Yes? No? No? Maybe? Huh?

Unless your only jobis to say otherwise.

Well, look, this is a lotof "he said, she said."

Let me say one thing-- this is,uh, "he said, she said."

It's his wordagainst her word...

You got "he said, he said,he shed... she said" here.


Uh, let me help you: She sellsseashells by the seashore,

while Trump grabs her pussy.

-(laughter, gasping) -That'swhat you were trying to say.

You know, uh,I've got to admit, though,

I've got to admit, though, theseguys are not totally wrong.

I mean, this is a versionof "he said, she said,"

only in this case,it's "he said, she said,

"then she said, then she said,

"oh, and most importantly,

he said he did itin the first place!"

He said of he said!You can't say it's a new thing.

He said it himself!And although there's no video

of any of these incidents,it can be helpful to hear

some of the details.For example,

the Trump accuser who toldthe story about the airplane--

you know, rememberwhen she got upgraded

to "all up in your businessclass," remember that? Yes?

Well, well, she remembereda particular detail

about how Trump even liftedthe armrest to grope her.

And that was allTrump's spokesperson,

Katrina Pierson, neededfor the most ridiculous excuse

you will ever hear.

Do you believeJessica Leeds' account

that this happened 30 years agoon an airplane?

We're talking aboutthe early 1980s, Don. Seriously?

Back then you had planes,what, a DC-9, a DC-10,

an MD-80, 707,and maybe an L-1011?

But she said specificallythis was to New York.

And this is what's important--so we can X out

the L-1011 and the DC-10.

Guess what? First-class seatshave fixed armrests.

Ladies and gentlemen,you'll find bull (bleep) here

-and here...-(laughter)

right over here,right over here...

-(applause)-right over here.

You know how you knowyour argument is ridiculous?

When every single person

on the panel is trying notto laugh at what you're saying.

Including you!

Look at her-- she's like...(high-pitched giggling)

So Trump surrogatesare basically saying

we shouldn't believe this woman,

because they claim old-schoolarmrests don't flip up.

That's what they're saying,yeah.

Johnnie Cochranwould be so proud.

If the armrest don't flip,you must acquit!


But Trump isn't even counting onpeople believing

that he didn't grope women,

because his strategyin this campaign

is not to prove that he's nota bad person,

but rather to showthat he's in good company.

Bill Clinton wasthe worst abuser of women

ever to sit in the Oval Office.

And the Trump campaign saysit will reportedly go nuclear

on Bill Clinton in response to these allegations,

including trying to turn Bill Clinton into Bill Cosby.

Whoa. Turn Bill Clintoninto Bill Cosby?

What kind of sick person thinkswe need two Bill Cosbys?


And by the way, can we justpause for a second

and acknowledge

that with just 26 days leftuntil the election,

instead of talkingabout the issues,

we're going to spendmost of our time

focusing on who's the worstsexual predator.

Yeah. That's allwe're gonna be doing.

Who is the worstsexual predator?

Which, by the way, is also thename of my failed TBS game show.


I can't believe we madefour seasons of that.

Four seasons, yeah.Went really well.

And I'm-I'm disgusted

by what Trump allegedly didto these women,

but in a way,I'm even more disgusted

by the peopletrying to protect him.

Because, think about it,

Trump says he does the thing.

Women say, yeah,he did the thing.

And then all of a sudden,people are like,

"No, no, it's not real,it's not real, it's not real."

Yeah, and people want-- you wantto talk about Bill Cosby?

Think about it, with Cosby,it took 20 women

before people started believingand going,

"Oh, yeah, I guess it's real."

But the difference was,it was Bill Cosby.

Yeah, because before his victimscame forward,

Cosby hadn't spenthis entire career

bragging about what he had done.

Cosby wasn't running aroundin all the streets

and all these shows going,"And dude would take the lady,

"put the thing on the drink,

"and do and then the ladybring the... ah.

Take the thing,smack the lady..."

He wasn't doing that!

Trump was!

For more analysis on this latestturn in the presidential race,

we turn now to seniorelection correspondent

Desi Lydic, everybody.

(cheers and applause)

Thanks, Trevor.

For us women,it truly is the best of times

and the worst of times.

We've never felt so empowered

and yet so demeanedat the same time.

Like this morningon the way to work

when a construction workeryelled at me,

"You deserve equal pay,sugar tits!"

It was sweet.

Now, Desi, the Trump campaignseems to be going all in

on Bill Clinton.

So, what do you think this meansfor Hillary?

Well, surprise.

That is her fault, too.

It's like that old saying,

"Behind every bad manis a blamable woman."

There's really no one to blamefor Bill's sordid past

other than Hillary.

Oh, but, Desi, I mean, if Bill'sfailures are Hillary's fault,

then shouldn't Hillary also getcredit for his successes?

Oh, yeah, like Hillary has anycontrol over what Bill did.

But wait, you--wait, you just said...

Why are you listeningto what I say?

Oh... You're an idiot, Trevor.

And shame on mefor letting you be an idiot.

Look, it's simple.

If your man harasses someoneelse in the first place,

why couldn't you keep himin line?

And if you don't leave him,well, you're an enabler.

It's like a coin tosswhere both sides are tails...

that he chased.

Or head... that he got.

The point is, you don't even getto keep the coin!

Yeah, wow, that sounds likea lose-lose for Hillary.

Thanks, Desi.

Desi Lydic, everyone!

The key question here is,

what do Trump's fansthink about all of this?

Well, Jordan Klepper once againhit the streets--

actually, more likethe parking lot-- to find out.

According to the"mainstream" media,

Donald Trump's lewd talk

and recent sexual assaultallegations

are erodinghis Republican support.

TV REPORTER: The GOP is abandoning

their nominee in droves.

TV REPORTER: The exodus of Republican support continued.

Republicans are desertingthe sinking ship.

But I don't listento that noise.

I listen to this throb.

Ba-ba, ba-ba.

This is Jordan KlepperFingers the Pulse!

(pulse beating)

I hitched a ride to a rally in the crucial swing state

of Pennsylvania to ask Trump supporters

if he had finally crossed the line.

You know what? So whatif he wants to grab pussy?

I want to grab pussy!

KLEPPER: That's a no.

I wish I could grab as muchpussy as he has.

Well, I'd like to grabal-Qaeda by the pussy

and shove someYankee Doodle Dandy

-right up its ass.-KLEPPER: Also a no.

But how were they okay with a presidential candidate

bragging about sexual assault? Wait for it...

I think it's justlocker room talk. That really...

-What does that mean?-Guys in a bar talk that way

when they see a pretty girl.What are you gonna say?

I've heard worse about men

talking about girls,women, so...

Are they... are youtalking about other, like,

-presidential candidateslike Mondale or... -Yes.

It's locker room talk.That's what boys do.

-He didn't do it.-Well, I don't...

-I don't talk like that.-Well...

-Do you have any children?-I do.

-Do they talk like that?-No, they don't.

-So, not those boys.-Well, no, not those boys.

-Do you have a husband?-I do.

-Does he talk like that?-No.

-Well, not that boy.-No.

-Is that how you talk?-Well, no, but I feel like he...

-Is that how your dad talks?-Well, no, but...

-Is that, like, your pastortalks? -No, not necessarily.

So who talks like that?

Uh, well, obviously,Donald Trump.

That was... stupid, bragging...Men talk.

Men brag.

We brag, right?You brag a bit, right?

Um, not exactly, but I knowquite a few people that do.

KLEPPER: And... background dab.

Yes, it was all becoming clear-- men brag.

It's just locker room talk.

Grab it while you can. Trump.

-What-what is "it"?-The pussy!

Yeah, grab it all while you can!

Except I can't talk like thatin front of my daughter.

You just did.

These things you say,people can hear.

And the locker room was huge,

extending all the way across the country.

Was there any line Trump couldn't cross?

Is there anything Trumpcould say that could come on up

that would make younot vote for him?


No matter what he says or does,I will vote for Donald Trump.

What if he said the N word--would you still vote for him?

Um, it wouldn't be right,but I would still vote for him.

What if he said, uh,everybody should go, uh,

(bleep) little pigs.Would that...

Would you stillvote for him then?

-I would still vote for him.-Yeah?

Wow, the media's fingers were nowhere near the pulse.

They had gotten it wrong. People here knew

Trump's comments weren't sexual assault,

they were something completely different.

Just ask this man, who conducted

a highly scientific survey.

I got news for you,I asked a lot of women here,

and half of them would loveto have their pussies

snatched by-by Trump.I got news for you.

Mm-hmm.That is news to me.

One man's sexual assault isanother man's, uh, flirtation.

You must be quite the charmerwith the ladies.

I-I used to be.

You know, I got the ring now.One of 'em landed me.

She even squeezed itso I can't get it off,

because she saw thatI took it off once and there was

a little mark there,so she's no dummy.

Oh, well, I thinkshe's a dummy if she thinks

somebody elseis gonna (bleep) you.

Sorry, bro-- just a little bit of locker room talk.

Please welcome Ana Navarro,everybody.

(cheering, applause)

-Welcome to the show, Ana.-Thank you.

So, for the five people whodon't know who you are, you...

I'm the womanwho said "pussy" on TV.

I guess you couldn't... I wasgonna say it in a different way.

-But you said it. -Let'sjust get right to the point.

Here's a question I have.Why did you say "pussy"?

Everyone says "the P word"or the "intimate areas."

-Why did you say "pussy"?-Well, first of all,

'cause it's 12:45 a.m., right,when I said it.


because I just couldn'thandle any more people defending

the man who's running forthe highest office of the land,

in the United States of America,saying the word,

and yet pretendingto be offended

when a mere pundit or a comedianor anybody else says it.

Hypocrisy needs to be called outin American politics,

and the absurd has reachedthe point

-where it is just insufferable.-Here's a question I have.

So, for those whodon't know your background,

where you've come from,you have been a GOP voice

for a very long time

You're a strategist, you workedclosely with Jeb Bush, as well.

So it's not likeyou're coming at us

from a Democraticpoint of view at all.

I've been a Republicansince I was eight years old.

I fled communism.

-Ronald Reagan...-That's a very young age

to be... a Republican.

What were you doing at eightthat you were a Republican?

-(laughter)-Sorry to interrupt you.

That's just a weird...I was not thinking of politics

at the age of eight.

-Well... -Why were youa Republican at eight?

Because I fled communism,

and Ronald Reagandefeated communists.

-I see. -Because my father wasa Nicaraguan Freedom Fighter

and Ronald Reagansupported them.

I was a Republican beforeDonald Trump was a Republican.

I was a Republicanwhen Donald Trump

-(cheering)-was a Democrat.

I was a Republican whenDonald Trump was an independent.

And I'm going to be a Republican

when Donald Trump gets tiredof being a Republican.

Do you think that'll happen,or do you think Donald Trump

is going to takethe Republican Party with him?

Because when Paul Ryanstood up and said,

"I'm un-endorsing this man," yousaw a lot of Republican voters,

I think it was only 13%,

who said,"We will step away from Trump."

The remaining people in theparty said, "We are with Trump."

Actually, Paul Ryanhas not un-endorsed him.

I mean, he refuses to be in thesame zip code, the same stage,

the same roof as him, but he hasnot officially un-endorsed him.

Fortunately for Paul Ryan,

Donald Trump,who comes unhinged easily,

has reacted as if Paul Ryanhas un-endorsed him,

-Yeah.-which I think is the best thing

that could happen to Paul Ryan.

I am very happy that Paul Ryanhas decided

to treat Donald Trumplike a Zika mosquito:

Avoid contactor you will be infected.

Um, I don't know what's goingto happen after November 9th.

I can tell you that I don't knowhow to count very well.

I don't know math,that's why I went to law school.

But I do know enough mathto know that in order

to be a viable party to win theWhite House,

-you need 50 % plus one.-Mm-hmm.

If the Republican Party breaksinto pieces,

we have less of a chance of thathappening than we do now.

We have got to figure out a wayto move forward,

to reconcile, re-brand,reunite.

-'Cause this party,this country, -Yes.

needs two healthy partiesputting out solutions,

trying to solve the crisesthat we have.

This dysfunction, this realityshow that's politics must end.

We, as voters,need to demand better.

-Here's-here's something...-(applause)

Yeah, that's-that'sa valuable point to make.

Is the Republican Partystill a thing, though?

Because, you know--I hear what you're saying--

but let's look-- if all thesupporters, or...

Let's say a large amountof the supporters...

It depends. Wh-what is yourdefinition of "thing"?

If your large, if a large groupof the supporters,

supports Donald Trump, and youas a staunch Republican say,

"This is not who I support,"

does that mean you haveto make something new?

Does that mean...

they have to find something new?What does that mean?

Clearly, there are twoRepublican parties.

And we cannot be definedby Donald Trump,

and whether we supportDonald Trump or not.

There are Republican valuesthat we all share.

Small government,less regulation,

strong institutions of faith,strong family.

This is a party that's beenaround for hundreds of years.

This is Abraham Lincoln's party.

We're going to allow ourselves,at this point in history,

to be defined by this man?

Well, I'm sorry, I'm...I-I think I'm offending men.

(laughter and applause)

You are not jokingwhen it comes to this.

Like, you-you really, you really

viscerally hate Donald Trump,and it's understandable.

Here's a question I havefor you, then,

because I do nothave the opportunity

to sit with manystaunch Republicans

who openly admit to loathingDonald Trump.

An election is coming up, right?

You are going to vote?

-Yes.-Oh, okay.

When you step into that booth,

you will have oneof two choices.

What are you going to choose?

Well, right now, I have said,and I'm sticking to this,

I'm going to write in my mother.

Which, I want to tell you, makesmy mother incredibly nervous.

She's got high anxietyabout this.

I think she thinks she can win.

She stands a chance

-against Donald Trump,because... -Look, I'm-I'm not

alone in America right now.This is a historical election.

-Not only do we havethe first woman running. -Yes.

Not only do we have the firstorange person running.

But it's also the first timein American history

that both candidatesof the major parties

-are more unpopularthan they are popular. -Yes.

And so a lot of Americansare feeling like I am.

Now, I... Unfortunately,I live in a swing state.

I live in Florida. That meansthat my vote may really matter.

If Hillary Clinton is winningthis election by six points

in Florida come election day,you know...

Mrs. Navarrois getting written in.

If it's 50-50, I-I don't knowwhat I'm going to do,

because I do know that myconscience does not allow me...

it does not allow meto-to allow Donald Trump...

To not do everypossible thing I can

to make surethat a misogynist, racist,

a bigot, jerk, entitled man

is the next presidentof the United States.

It sounds like you do knowwhat you're gonna do.

This has been an amazing chat.

I hope you'll come backwhen we're in a better s...

a better-better space, but thankyou so much for being here.

Well, sweetheart, that'sif Donald Trump doesn't win,

because if he doesI'm probably getting deported

after I get auditedand waterboarded.

We'll do the show fromoutside the country together.

That's what we'll do.Thank you very much.

-please welcome Jidenna.-(cheering and applause)

♪ And they fighting over ringsand they wanna be the king ♪

♪ But long live the chief

♪ For a little ol' thang,little boys, bang, bang ♪

♪ Long live the chief

♪ I saidthey fighting over rings ♪

♪ And they wanna be the king

♪ But long live the chief

♪ Now watch, pretty mama,while I slang my cane ♪

♪ Long live the chief, uh

♪ Cockroachesand the rat sh... uh ♪

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♪ You can either sink,swim or be the captain ♪

♪ Get the last word,I'm-a get the last laugh in ♪

♪ Now they say "Jidenna whyyou dressing so classic?" ♪

♪ I don't want my best-dressedday in a casket ♪

♪ You can either lead,follow or get out the way ♪

♪ But make a damn move,it would make my damn day ♪

♪ Got a 100-year plan,you jus' think about today ♪

♪ Always been about timemore than been about pay ♪

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♪ Chief come to find you,you don't come for me ♪

♪ At best you can runa lil' company ♪

♪ Baby, at worst, I could runthe whole country ♪

♪ That's right,pimp game like a brothel ♪

♪ That's why, I don't judgenobody's hustle ♪

♪ I Airbnb the criblike a hostel ♪

♪ Summer rate cheaper 'causethe streets get hostile ♪

♪ Shaka boy,this fire from Mojave boy ♪

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♪ I turn the party outlike a naughty toy ♪

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♪ I'm the fresh prince

♪ In a schoolwhere they couldn't read ♪

♪ Mama put me in a schoolwith the Kennedys ♪

♪ When I met Bill ClintonI was 17 ♪

♪ But dead presidentsis all my ... need ♪

♪ Diningwith the governor's daughter ♪

♪ And her father sayI remind him of Obama ♪

♪ Well, I'm the chief diplomatevery day ♪

♪ And I'm black and white,Janelle Monae ♪

♪ They wanna be the king, but

♪ Long live the chief

♪ For a li' ol' thanglil' boys bang bang ♪

♪ Long live the chief

♪ I said,they fighting over rings ♪

♪ And they wanna bethe king, but ♪

♪ Long live the chief

♪ Now watch pretty mamawhile I slang my cane ♪

♪ Long live the chief.