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Roswell That Ends Well

Season 3 - Episode 319   |   Aired: 12/09/2001   |   Views: 9,613   |   Comments:

Fry goes back in time to make sure his grandfather, Enos, does not get killed in Roswell, NM, or he himself will cease to exist.


Clips from the episode (2): Zoidberg's Buffet , Grandma Paradox

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A Clone of My Own

Season 2 - Episode 210  |   Aired: 04/09/2000  |   Views: 1,251

Professor Farnsworth names his teenage clone to be the successor of his research.

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How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back

Season 2 - Episode 211  |   Aired: 04/02/2000  |   Views: 5,427

Hermes is forced to take a vacation while a female bureaucrat replaces him.

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A Bicyclops Built for Two

Season 2 - Episode 209  |   Aired: 03/19/2000  |   Views: 3,903

Leela thinks she's found the last of her species when she meets another cyclops.

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Raging Bender

Season 2 - Episode 208  |   Aired: 02/27/2000  |   Views: 1,431

Bender gets recruited to join a pro wrestling league after inadvertently beating up the Ultimate Robot Fighting champion.

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The Lesser of Two Evils

Season 2 - Episode 206  |   Aired: 02/20/2000  |   Views: 1,496

Fry suspects Bender's robotic duplicate has stolen a valuable item from the Miss Universe pageant.