Fun on a Bun

  • Season 7, Ep 8
  • 08/01/2012

Fry is the victim of a horrific sausage-making accident.

(beeping rhythmically)

I didn't know this shiphad a mammoth detector.

You're drunk, Fry.

This is the elephant detector.

I just set itto "big and woolly."


Mammoth ahoy!

Uh, Bender?

I smell burning tusk.

That's probably it.

Kill the engine.

(Bender grunting)

(grunting echoing)

(grunting with effort)

Poor Philip.

He looks so peaceful.

It's tragedy on a bun.


I ate Fry!

I broke up with my boyfriendand then I ate him!

Oh, now, now, we'veall been there.

The pain and guilt are too much!

I can't go onknowing what I've done!

(belches, smacks)

(wailing):Oh, Fry!

Can you really removeall my memories of Fry?

Oh, they'll stillbe there, hon.

I'm just gonna snip the links

between themand your conscious brain.

Like this one here:"Fry falls off zoo train."

He thought he recognizedone of the monkeys!

What was I crying about?

Oh, we were justcuttin' onions, honey.

Let's keep going.

Fry sits on a pie...

Fry finds popcorn inhis belly button...

You eat a sausage made of Fry...

Fry gives you a chicken hat...

Aw, that's sweet.

♪ Good morning!

Geez, who died?