Bender's Game Pt. 4

  • Season 0, Ep 12
  • 04/26/2009

The Planet Express team goes on a mission to defeat Momon and her control on the world's power.


I-I'm too exhausted.

I can't go on.

I'm here foryou, my friend.

Grab onto mytesticles.

You know, I thinkmaybe I can walk after all.

That's not Wipecastle.


(Fry straining)

What are youwaiting for, Frydo?

Throw it alreadyin the boiling plastic.

I would,'s enjoys owning it.

Stop talking like that.

It gives me anxiety.


Ow!(Mom gasps)



DIE:♪ Twelve... ♪

(surprised grunting)


So it's all comedown to this--

a dungeon...and dragons.

I didn't see it coming.



(both roaring)

(frightened warbling)

(deep thudding)

(ogres grunting)

ALL (chanting):Eat the wizard, eat the slut,eat the robot's shiny butt.

Well, at leastwe'll be remembered in song.

Wait a second.

I have an idea.

I surrender.

Here, eat my friends.

Just give me one more secondof sweet, sweet life.

(all groaning)

(Bender clears throat)

Well, that worked outpretty good, eh, fellas?

They all wants it.They wants the dodecalicious.

Tell you what,you want

to defend a magic artifact,and I mean defend it good,

then what you needis a top quality knife.

Me's listening.

The Evisceratoris one of the finest,

if not the finest tacticalfolder on the market today.

We're talking 440 stainless,quick release,

and--now, I don't believe this--

Is this the staghorn handleat this price?

It is, yep-- it'sthe staghorn.

At this price?

You have gotto be kidding me.

That's got to be some kindof mistake right there.

Now, you folksat home,

I know what you'rethinking.

You're thinkingthat can't be staghorn.

It's got to be thecheaper manticore horn.

But I've got thespecs right here,

and I'll tell you what,this is the real deal.


It is unbelievable.That's exactly what it is.

I mean, this...this is...

I have no words todescribe this deal.

Honestly, have you ever seenstaghorn at this price?

No, no.

I don't believeI ever have.

1101-1816 is the itemnumber on this one.

We... you know what,we're gonna have

to put a clock on this deal,folks-- two minutes.

Can I get a clock

of two minutesup there?Two minutes at most.

Honestly, I'd be surprisedif they last that long.

Oh, I'd be very surprised--shocked, really.

Now, I know the linesare busy, people,

but keep dialing in if youwant a truly exceptional knife

to slice up your friendsin their sleep.



(both gasping)

He tried to murder me!

He tried to-- whoa, cool!Is that the staghorn?


(clunks, shrieks)