What Dreams May Come

  • Season 1, Ep 7
  • 05/06/2015

Jack and Ben begin work on their most ambitious project yet after getting a vote of confidence from Cuba Gooding Jr.

let us not forget thoseless fortunate.



So, Vanessa, how's med school?

I just have a year left,one year.

You're amazing.

I don't mean to brag,but she is top of her class.

Don't brag.

Please brag, please.

All right, I'll brag.No, you are, I have to brag.

Okay.Come on.

Well, honey, what about you?Arguing your first case in frontof the Supreme Court?

It was difficult, of course,arguing against my childhoodfriend Del Plimpton...

but his justice was swift...

and subsequentlyhe was murdered in prison.

Yeah, what a shame.Well, life goes on.

[JACK]It does.

And Benjamin, the campaign trailis just doing wonders for you.

Luckily the trail hasn't takenthe toll that I'd expected...

but there definitely will besome obvious sympathy weightthat I'll be gaining.


Claire's pregnant.


And that's where it ends.

Diana, it is very commonto have fantasies or dreams...

about our ideal lives.

I have a dream about the boys,as well...

but in mine they're the strangemixture of centaur anda saber-toothed tiger.

What do you say we bookmarkthat. I just-- I want to finishwith Diana's thoughts, okay?

Consider it done.

Diana, you speak so frequentlyabout your disappointmentwith Ben and Jack.

I wonder if you might want toredirect those feelings andfocus on how to accept them...

as the people that they are,and not the people thatyou expect them to be?

I guess that's whatI'm struggling with.

Then you have to ask yourself,"What do I ultimately want?"

Well, I love them, you know,I love them so much.

But I guess what I ultimatelywant is for them...

to be healthy and happyand... safe.





I was just making sureyou were still there.

Yeah, I'm still here.

Jack, I'm sorry that I calledyou a worthless hack...

and I'm sorry that I saidyour Flix Starter sucked.


No, seriously, like,it was awesome.

You already made it pretty clearwhat you thought...

so you don't have to humor me.

I'm-- I'm not humoring you,Jack.

I donated the 25 bucks.

[BEN]You know, I--

Jack, did you hear me?

Jack, did you hear what I said?I mean, do you even care?


[BEN]Are you okay?

I appreciate that you did that.

Jack... are you crying?


Oh, no, buddy, hold on,I'm coming. I'm coming.

It's okay, pal.Where are you?

Just hug it out,bring it right--

Ow, you hit me--ow, you hit me in the head.

Squeeze your head to the right.Drop in--

Y-you're my--you're my big b-brother.

It's gonna be fine.I love you, buddy.


[JACK]Your arms are crushing my head!

[BEN]My arms are tied behind my back!

Do you have any sevens?

Go fish.


Show me the money!

Dollar, dollar bills, yo!

[DIANA]What is going on?

Oh, oh, oh, oh!No, no, no!

That's disgusting.What in tarnations? Stop it!


[JACK] Oh, my god!

[ALAN] That's HD!

[JACK] It sure is, bitch!

Jack, what is this all about?

Oh, we're making a movie!

For $5 million!



Now, Dad, thatis real human hair...

and you are going to geta letter from its donor...

every single month.

[ALAN] What is this movie all about, Jack?

[DIANA] Yes, it's not porn, is it?

[BEN] Would Cuba Gooding Jr. do porn?

Cuba Gooding Jr.?

[ALAN] Cuba Gooding Jr... he was a Nutty Professor.

[JACK] No, that's Eddie Murphy.

He's the one where those white men can't jump.

Yeah, Zdorkin, listen,I need a favor.

Can you pull me up everythingyou have on Cuba Gooding Jr.?

Oh, goddamn it, Zdorkin, yes,the Academy Award-winning actor!