Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch

  • Season 5, Ep 5
  • 02/21/2008

Amy's romance with Kif takes an unexpected twist when he becomes pregnant.

Amy, isn't it wonderful?

I'm pregnant.

Yes... it's great.

A great miracle.

And not one of thosebogus everyday miracles

like a sunrise.

Aren't you a male?

Yeah, what's the deal?

Just when I thought

I figured out youbiological creatures,

it's something else!

Let me at him!

I'm going to take...

( Bender grunting )

Look, I'm sure we're all

a little unclear onhow anyone gets pregnant.

So, Kif, pray explain,

and don't spare the dirty wordswhere appropriate.

Well, it's quitesimple, really.

When one of my species

experiences deepfeelings of love,

we enter a so-called"receptive state."

You disgust me. Go on.

At that point,

our skin becomesa semipermeable membrane

which allows the passageof genetic material.

I held Amy's hand,and voilĂ .

Well, okay, but that betterbe all there is.

Oh, Amy, you'll be a mother!

( snoring )

Here I come, Kif.

( laughing )

( laughing )

They jumped right outof their pants.

( alarm sounds )

Oh, what now?

Activate glass window.

( gasps )

Kif, I'm sensing a very

sensual disturbancein the Force.

Prepare for ship-to-shipintimacy.

Yes, sir, Captain.

( snoring )

( loud clang )

( screeching )

( shrieks )

How about I help youfinish that dream

you were having about me?

Okay. I was justat this part.