Less Than Hero

  • Season 5, Ep 6
  • 02/22/2008

Fry and Leela form a superhero team after a miracle cream gives them super powers.

What gave us thosestrange powers?

Maybe we're allwearing magic rings

but they'reinvisible rings

so we don'teven realize it.

Also, you can'tfeel the rings.

Oh, Fry!

Shut up andlook at this.

"May cause superpowersin humans."


A superpowers drug youcan just rub into your skin?

You'd think it'd be somethingyou have to freebase.

Let's see, whichpowers do we have?

"Super strength"?






Check.Yes, sir.

"Ability to command

the loyalty of sea creatures"?

Hey, Zoidberg, get in here.

Screw you!

Ain't got that.Nope.

Wow, superpowers.

I'll be able to pack my day

with twice as manyhumdrum activities.

Leela, I think you'remissing the big picture.

When you were a kid, whatwas your biggest fantasy?

To have parents.


The correct answeris to be a superhero.

We have superpowers,and we're Americans.

This is our chance.


I have been looking fora way to serve the community

that incorporatesmy violence.

Let's do it.

You'll barelyregret this.

of working with one's own hands.

( grunting )

BENDER:Ah, there.Finished.

And only sixmissing pieces.

Those Swedes sure know

how to put in almosteverything you need.

Man, I'm sore all over.

I feel like I just wentten rounds with mighty Thor.

I feel like I wasmauled by Jesus.

I've gotjust the thing.

Genuine miracle cream I boughtfrom a traveling salesman.

"Come one, come all,"he said.

"Step right up."

"This sounds too goodto be true," I thought.

He said I lookedlike a smart young man.

"So, is it a deal?"I inquired.

Two hours later,he was gone

with 60 of my dollars.

But I hadthe miracle cream.

( explosion )

Bad news, nobody.

The supercollidersuper exploded.

I need you totake it back

and exchange itfor a wobbly CD rack

and some of thoserancid meatballs.