The Thief of Baghead

  • Season 7, Ep 4
  • 07/04/2012

Bender joins the paparazzi and attempts to photograph a famous actor whose face has never been seen.

Everybody get together.


Hang on, I need a tripod.

Let me justextend the old third leg.


Ooh, yeah.That's stable, baby.

Just need to pick a lens.

Let's see... zoom lens?


They Live lens?

Eh, so-so.

Twilight Zoneone-minute-in-the-future lens?

BENDER: Ooh, Calculon'sgoing to be here.

Better get my camera ready.

Just take the damn picture!

Let me just adjust the focus...


shutter speed.

Oops. Out of film. Hang on.

(others sigh, grumble)

Film?Who uses film?

We've had digital camerasfor a thousand years.

Digital? (spits)

No digital camera can capture

the warmth and grainof good old film.

How can you even tell?

Your eyesare digital cameras.



He looked at the photoand that happened.

But... it could justbe a coincidence.

Yo, Amy, check it out.

The evidence is mounting.

Although two times hardlyestablishes a pattern.

I'd feel more comfortableraising the alarm

if I were a little more certain.

Hey, how'd thosetwo get deflated?

They looked at this.


That proves it.

Looking at this photoof Langdon Cobb

has a horrific effecton living creatures.

(door slides open)

Hey, Zoidberg, look at thisphoto of Langdon Cobb.

What, a picture of Langdon Cobb?

Now, this I want to seeas clearly as possible.

Zoidberg, no!


Oh, thank God,Professor.

You got herejust in time.

PROFESSOR:I've seen this before.

Langdon Cobb must befrom Bryoria Six,

home of thequantum lichen people.

Well, that explains that.

They're attention parasites.

They feed on the admirationof their prey.

Just like thenoble buffalo.

Nothing like a buffalo.

Anyone who pays attentionto the lichen

is unknowingly feeding it.

But gaze upon its face,even in a photograph,

and your very life forcewill be sucked out,

leaving you a flaccid husk.