Brain Virus

  • Season 2, Ep 16
  • 07/26/2016

An evil genius tries his hand at stand-up comedy, things go too far on a hunting trip, and a murderous clown goes after a mime.

- So, what have we gotplanned for today?

- Eh, we are selling drugs.

[tires screech]

- Come out with your hands up.

We have the place surrounded.

- Hey, how did the cops knowabout our hideout, man?

[inhales deeply]

I smell bacon.

- I got a hamin the oven.

- Nah, hesse, we got a [bleep]undercover cop in the gang.

Come to think of it,you've been acting

kind of funny, homes.

- Teardrop,how long have you known me?

Your whole life, homes.

You know I ain't no cop.

Besides, Ron joined the gang,like, last month.

- That hurts, Razor.

You my boy.

- [chuckles]No way, not Ron.

- What are you doing,hesse?

- What?- You can't do that, homes.

It's very illegal.- I did not know that.

- Yo, ignorance of the lawis not an excuse.

- [sarcastically]Oh, yeah. Ron's a cop.

[police siren whoops]

- Yo, is there anythingyou want to tell me?

- Oh, come on, man.

- Yo, you're on a computerat a time like this?

What are you, like,checking your Tumblr?

I'm torrenting the new X-Men.

I hear it's rad.

- We talked about this, Ron.

You're gonna get your internetshut off, man.

- Some people can't helpbut break the laws, hesse.

- Criminals to the bone.

- Okay, let's all calm down.

Look,we don't actually know

there's anundercover cop among us, right?

- Back offor the pig gets it.

- Valdez!- The place is crawling

with [bleep] cops, man!

- Get off of me!- Let's blast that pig.

- Don't let them shoot me!

Officer Rivers, I knowyou're working deep cover.

[all gasping]- I knew it!

- We should justsmoke this fool!

- [bleep] tu madre!

I do mad drugs, yo.

[glass breaking]I have [bleep] gang tattoos

on my neck, hesse.That's permanent, homes!

How many fools have you seen mesmoke with your own eyes?

Like five fools minimum.

I park on the streetsweeping side!

[both gasping]


- Oh, yeah, and I just killeda [bleep] cop.


- A police shield?

What are you doingwith this, Ron?

- No, not our Ron.

- I want to hear youexplain that.

- Oh, that?I...found it.


I kept it just in casewe needed it.

To do crimes.

- It says "Officer Rivers."

- [laughing] Crazy, right?

- Impersonating an officeris a felony.

- You're gonna get us allin trouble, homes.

- What were you thinking,Ron?

Jeez, homie,

sometimes I think you'rejust too hard for thug life.

- Oh, Christ,I give up.

- Hit the [bleep]floor!

- Ah, shit.

- You did it,Officer Rivers.

You tookthese scum-bags down.

- [effeminately] I can finallygo home to my family.

- I knew it.

- Oh, yeah, F the popo.

F the popo.

- Hey, let me know when I'vegot her back into the water.

- I totally backed it intoyour wife last night.

[laughter]- Oh, yeah!

- I just have to clearthat last buoy,

and then I can reallyopen her up.

- I totally opened upyour wife's legs

with my buoy last night!

[laughter]- Mother of my children!

- Whoa, guys,got a little bite here.

Feels like a big one.

- I had to tell your wife

to stop biting my big onelast night.

[laughter]- Ooh, she did it, man!

- Oop! Down he goes.

Circle back around.Let's pick him up.

- I circled back aroundand picked up your whore wife

on a street cornerlast night!


- She was a ho last night!

- Whoa, Frank, buddy,

looks like somebodygot a little sun today.

Ha ha! Look at him.Look at him, guys!

He's a tomato!

- You bastardpiece of shit!

- Think about...- I'll pour concrete...

down your throat...- The repercussions, Frank!

- No! He gave youa kidney last year.