The Why of Fry

  • Season 4, Ep 10
  • 03/16/2003

Nibbler recruits Fry on a mission to save Earth from evil, all-knowing brains.

Delivery boy, Philip J. Fry,reporting for duty.

Dr. Zoidberg,soaking in brine.

( contented sigh )

What is the meaning of this?

We got a delivery, people.

Let's move, let's move.

Woo, woo, woo, woo.

Amy, mission profile.



Dr. Zoidberg, mission bag?

Packed and ready, sir.

What's this?

This is the same toysurprise I got last time.

( grunts )

I can't workunder these conditions.

And without me,there is no mission.

I am the mission.

We're backfrom the mission.

Wha-wha... youwent without me?

You were looking up cursewords in the dictionary.

It seemed likea better use of your time.

But... but I'm the delivery boy.

Don't worry,everything went fine.

Better than usual.

We got medals.

Good work, team.

We really pulled togetheron this one.


( clanks )

They got medals.

I'm real sorryI missed the mission.

I wasn't there

and you might have needed me.Nope.

But if I hadbeen there...Nope.


Bender's great.Nope.

( groans )

Listen, Leela,

let me make it up

by taking you outfor dinner tonight.


I've got a date with Chaz.


I met him at thatcharity cockfight last week.

He's the Mayor's aide.

Ooh, you go, mutant girl.

( towel snaps )

I do go.

He's a veryimportant man.

So? I'm justas important as him.

It's just that,the kind of importance I have

it doesn't matterif I don't do it.

( purring )

( cooing )

( sighs )

I'm nobody.

There are guysin the background

of Mary Worth comics whoare more important than me.

Aw, buck up, meatloaf.

Bender will take you outtonight and cheer you up.

What do you want to do?

And I mean anything.

You have the power.

Name it and I'm there.

You the man.

Well... okay.

Let's go bowling.


Table for two?

Step rightthis way.

I'm afraid we don't havea reservation

but, um, as you can see

I'm the Mayor's aide.

Table for two, please.

Okay then.


It's okay, my man.

I got you covered on yournext health inspection.

Aw, I really appreciate that,Mr. Mayor's aide.

Here you go.

Compliments of the house.

Wow, free breadat a restaurant.

Is there anythingyou can't do?

I can't fail the Mayor.

Not ever.


( bells clinking )

Oh, geez,better not let Leela see me.

Hey, I hear Fry.

Boy, am I gladyou're here.

You are? So thingsaren't working out

with what's-his-name?

Actually... they are.

Confidentially,I might not make it back

to my apartment tonight.

Could you walk Nibblerfor me?

Uh... eh... mm... ah.

And bring a baggiein case he drops a steamer.

Have a great night.

( sniffing )

Oh, no, please, no...

( thud )

Oh, perfect.

( straining )

( siren blares )

Whoa-ho-ho,smells like a2-8-9 in progress.

Failure to scoop.

Aw, yeah.

( printing )

Wait, I'm trying.

It weighs as muchas a thousand suns.

( straining )

Don't worry, Fry.

I'll pull some strings

see if I can't getyou tried as a juvenile.

Oh, Chaz.

( both giggling )

( sighs )

I'm as worthlessas this trash can.

You thinkI'm as worthless as you?

Try catching garbagein your head

and raising six kids,you dumb townie.

Oh, Nibbler,at least I'm important to you.

Even if it's only'cause I clean up your poop.

The poop eradication is butone aspect of your importance.

( shrieks )

D-D-Did you just talk?


And I have otheramazing powers as well.

L-Like what?

( grunts )

( squeaking )

( whirring )

( groaning )

Are you my mommy?


( grunting )


Welcome, Lord Nibbler.

Welcome acknowledged.

I bring with me, the Mighty One.

( sniffling )


At last, our centuriesupon centuries of waiting

have achieved fruition.

Aw, aren't youa fuzzy wittle guy.

( purring )

Stop that!

Uh, please.

Your Mightiness.

Mightiness?Are you off your nut?

I just got kidnappedby a bunch of guinea pigs.

( gasping and chattering )

Does he not know?

He does not know.

He knows not?

Knows not does he.

Not he knows...Enough!

Fry, it is my dutyto inform you

that the fate of humanity,the fate of our race...

indeed, the fate of all thatexists and ever will exist

rests with you.

You are the singlemost important person

in the universe.

( ominous music plays )

Oh, snap.

On thisauspicious occasion

Let the horn of eternitycut a thunderous blast.

( weak trumpeting )

( low rumbling )

The feast of a thousand beastsis begun.

( chewing and chomping )

( burping )

( burps )

You gonnaeat that?

Maybe later.

( rumbling )

The time has come

to discuss mattersof the gravest importance.

Fry, do you remembersome months ago

when Earth was attackedby flying brains?


I rememberthe square-dancing stomachs--

although that might have beena Mylanta commercial.

Wait, the brains.

I do remember.

But no oneelse does.

They saidI was crazy.

On the contrary.

You remember becauseyou were the only one immune

to the brains' mental attack.

Because I'm so smart?

( all laughing )

Oh, my.

Anyway, your immunityis due to the fact

that you lackthe delta brain wave.

( grunting )

It's a genetic abnormalitywhich resulted

when you went back in timeand performed certain actions

which made youyour own grandfather.

I did do the nastyin the past-y.


And that past-nastification

is what shields youfrom the brains.

You are the last hopeof the universe.

So I really am important?

How I feel when I'm drunkis correct?


Except, the Dave MatthewsBand doesn't rock.

NIBBLER: For a thousand years

the evil brains have been constructing the "Info-Sphere"

a giant memory bank

twice the sizeof three ordinary memory banks.

What's so evilabout that?

They plan to collect allthe information in the universe

and store itwithin the sphere.

So they're tryingto learn things?


Those bastards!

Being brains

they feel compelledto know everything.

And soon they will.

I'm as mad as I've ever been!

Once their task is complete

they will ensure thatno new information arises

in the only way possible--

by destroying the universe.

Now it's personal.

Your mission is to infiltratethe Info-Sphere

and plantthis Quantum Interphase Bomb

blasting theminto an alternate universe

from which there is no return.

Then, outrun the blaston this Scotty-Puff Jr.

( clacking )

( discordant calliope music playing )

Okay, let's go through thisonce more from the start...!

( whooshing )

( yelps )


Fear not, Mighty One.

Your missing brain wavemakes you invisible to them

so long as you avoidintense thinking.

Sorry, what?

I wasn't paying attention.

That is most wise.


In a few seconds

the brains will finish scanning

the last bits of informationin the universe.

Beavers mate for life.

Eleven greater than four.

For quality carpets, visit Kaplan's Carpet Warehouse.

( beeping )

Now the Info-Sphere will openits protective crust

so as to scan itself

completingits thousand-year task.

NIBBLONIAN: This is your one chance

to enter the Sphere.

Scoot! Scoot now!

( revving )

( gasps )

( electrical buzzing )

( reverberating purrs )

( thuds )

( groaning and spitting )

( grunting )

I'm at the input console.

I'm a little nervous, andI've got brain in my butt crack.


Once you press the detonator

you will have 60 secondsfor an exciting escape.

Hey, wait.

This brain knows everythingabout everything, right?

It will soon.

That's why you're supposedto be setting off a bomb.

Yeah, yeah.

But I can't pass up a chanceto learn the answers

to the greatest questionsof all time.

( clears throat )

Is it true that postage stampglue is made of...

Correct. Toad mucus!

( choking croak )

There's no time for this.

Activate the bomb.

Wait, wait, wait.

What really killedthe dinosaurs?


COMPUTER:Unauthorized data access.

( alarm sounding )

( gasping )

( discordant calliope music playing )

( boing )


Detecting trace amountsof mental activity.

Possibly a dead weaselor a cartoon viewer.

( high-pitched humming )

Ew, gross. Cut it out.

Odd. He is immuneto our psionic attack.


We're an ambitiousyoung squad

with everythingto prove.

It appears we are inthe presence of the fabled one.

But without his Scotty-Puff Jr.,he cannot escape.

( mechanical laughter )


A Quantum Interface Bomb?

Are you insanein the membrane?

You got it, Poindexter.

( beeps )

( howling )Not good!

Detonation in T-minus 60Earth seconds.

( beeping )

You fool!

You'll be transportedto the other universe with us

trapped therefor all eternity!

And we'll forma tightly-knit clique

that you won't be part of.

Well, at least I did oneimportant thing with my life.

Leading goodto victory over evil!



The Nibblonians, good?

Hah. During your last momentsin this universe

perhaps you should query

our database

concerning the nightof December 31, 1999.

The day I got frozen?

What about it?

No. Uh, uh-uh,don't ask about that.

It-It would be, uh, boring.

Ah, forget it, then.


Okay. Sheesh.

What happened to me,Philip J. Fry

on the nightof December 31, 1999?

Clarification request.

Are you the Philip J. Fryfrom Earth

or the Philip J. Fry fromHovering Squid World 97-A?

Earth, you fat idiot. Hurry up.

( door creaking )


Pizza delivery for, uh...

"I.C. Wiener."

Oh, crud.

Ugh, I can't believehow fat I look.

( tooting )

Aah, Nibbler's there.

Wait, what?!

( blowing )

( Fry yelling )

( door slams )

( rapid beeping, single beep )

( electronic hiss )

I... I don't understand.

You made me goin the freezer tube?

Detonationin T-minus 15 seconds.

You little runts froze me.

You took away my life.

We can explain.

No, you can't!

Shut your adorable trap!

We had no choice.

You were the only onewho could help us.

What is one life, weighedagainst the entire universe?

But it was my life.

( sniffles )

Detonation in two, one...

Will the ownerof a white Pontiac Firebird...

Oh, never mind. Zero!

( sucking hiss )

Well, here we are.

Trapped for eternity.

We could sing"American Pie."

Go ahead. I deserve it.

( sniffles )

I wish those stupid raccoons hadnever brought me to the future.

I have shocking data relevantto this conversation!

We don't care,you dope.

We're in another universe.

You're not in charge anymore.

It is possiblefor the Philip Fry

to resume his lifeon December 31, 1999.

Really?I can go back in time?

( high-pitched tones whine )

There is a nexus pointbetween universes

at the space-time where youentered the cryogenic tube.

You, and only you,can return there.


You could stopthe Nibblonian

from pushing youinto the cryogenic tube.

That is interesting.


It will be as if younever came to the future.

You will have your life back,and we will succeed in our plan

to understand and destroythe universe.

Everybody wins.

The human will be returnedto the past.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile...

I love rocket skating.

But the wait is always so long.

Poor Fry once stoodon line six hours

just to get me a ticket.

Six hours? Pfft.

Sounds likea real nobody.

But now it's timefor somebody

and some chick he'swith, to go skating.

( gasps )

You reserved the whole rink?

Yep. Buzzed ahead

let them know whoseaide was coming by.

The Mayor's, that's whose.

Oh, Chaz!


( romantic music playing )

Mr. Vogel? I thoughtwe was going skating.

No, we're notimportant enough.

Everybodyjust hold hands

until the bus driver comesback from his haircut.

Aw, let's let thosekids skate with us.

What, seriously?

I'm trying to impress youwith my clout here.

I know,and it's working.

But think how muchskating would meanto those kids.

We came hereinstead of eating today.

This might betheir only chance

to skate heretheir whole lives.

Who are we tosay they can't?

The Mayor's aide...

and his badge.

Beat it, kids!

Come backwhen you got connections!

All right, little ones.

Back to the Orphanarium.

You can slide aroundthe gym in your socks.

What socks?

So, am I going to getlucky tonight, or what?

( blubbering )

I hope your calculationsare correct.

Our calculationsare always correct

for we are gigantic brains.

Initiate space-time transfer.

( grunting )

( moaning )

( pops )

NIBBLONIAN:I hereby place an order

for one cheese pizza.

PANUCCI:One pie, nothing good on it.


I, period, C, period, Wiener.

( ominous music plays )

Uh, talk a little louder.

It sounds likeou got

some kind of tiny head on youor something.

( door opening )


Pizza delivery for, uh...

"I.C. Wiener"?

Oh, crud.

( whirring )

Gotcha!( screams )

I don't understand.

Yes, you do.

You came back in timeto knock me into that freezer

and now I came back in timeto stop you.

I did not come back in time.

My people lack that ability.

But I know you in the future.

I-I cleaned your poop.

Quite possible.

We live longand are celebrated poopers.

You will meet me whenI'm a thousand years older.

Not if you don't freeze me.

Please. Our sages foreseethat in a thousand years

for one moment, the fate of theuniverse will depend on you.

Since you will notlive that long

I must freeze you now.

Well, why couldn't youjust ask me?

We were afraid you would refuse.

Of course not.

I love the future.

( choking )

Then why are you choking meright now?!

Because I don't likebeing used.

Well, now it's your choice.

Is there nothing in the futureworth saving?

Mmm... Leela.

But she doesn't thinkmuch of me.

Ah, she must be the Other.

The... wha...?

You must notgive up on her.

I am stationed on a distantworld known as Vergon 6

but if you return to the future

I will transfer to Earthto give you what help I can.

( slurps )Ten...

You really think I would'vehad a chance with Leela?

You must six...

the presentor the future.

To save yourselfor save Leela.

...two, one.

( tooting )

( blowing )

( Fry yelling )

( door slams )

( rapid beeping, single beep )

( electronic hiss )


Here I come, future.

Oh, no. Wait!

I'm going to get trappedin the Info-Sphere again.

Just remember thatScooty-Puff Jr. sucks...!

( voice fading )

In a thousand years,I'll get right on it.

NARRATOR: And so, a thousand years later

Fry once again infiltrated the Info-Sphere

and set off his amazing bomb.

Only this time...

( sucking hiss )

( whiny blip )

( heroic music plays )

( whooshing )

Thank you for savingthe universe, Fry.


Oh, thanks.

If you ever need a savior again,just ask.

( squeakng ):Oh, we will.

We will.

Man, I can't wait to telleveryone what happened.


Incidentally,I need to remain undercover

so I'm blanking your memory.

( puff )

Huh. Did everythingjust taste purple

for a second?

Oh, well.

Let's go home,you dumb poop machine.

( jabbering )

Bender, would you dothe honors?

With gusto.

( burping )

Hey, Leela.

I guess I gotthis for you.

Oh. Thank you.

You know what, Fry.

I don't careif you're not

the most important personin the universe.

It really makes me happyto see you right now.

Then I am the mostimportant personin the universe.

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FRY: Yes!