The Why of Fry

  • Season 5, Ep 8
  • 02/25/2008

Nibbler recruits Fry on a mission to save Earth from evil, all-knowing brains.

NIBBLER: For a thousand years

the evil brains have been constructing the "Info-Sphere"

a giant memory bank

twice the sizeof three ordinary memory banks.

What's so evilabout that?

They plan to collect allthe information in the universe

and store itwithin the sphere.

So they're tryingto learn things?


Those bastards!

Being brains

they feel compelledto know everything.

And soon they will.

I'm as mad as I've ever been!

Once their task is complete

they will ensure thatno new information arises

in the only way possible--

by destroying the universe.

Now it's personal.

Your mission is to infiltratethe Info-Sphere

and plantthis Quantum Interphase Bomb

blasting theminto an alternate universe

from which there is no return.

Then, outrun the blaston this Scotty-Puff Jr.

( clacking )

( discordant calliope music playing )

Okay, let's go through thisonce more from the start...!

I'm as worthlessas this trash can.

You thinkI'm as worthless as you?

Try catching garbagein your head

and raising six kids,you dumb townie.

Oh, Nibbler,at least I'm important to you.

Even if it's only'cause I clean up your poop.

The poop eradication is butone aspect of your importance.

( shrieks )

D-D-Did you just talk?


And I have otheramazing powers as well.

L-Like what?

( grunts )

( squeaking )

( whirring )

( groaning )

Are you my mommy?


( grunting )


Welcome, Lord Nibbler.

Welcome acknowledged.

I bring with me, the Mighty One.

( sniffling )


At last, our centuriesupon centuries of waiting

have achieved fruition.

Aw, aren't youa fuzzy wittle guy.

( purring )

Stop that!

Uh, please.

Your Mightiness.

Mightiness?Are you off your nut?

I just got kidnappedby a bunch of guinea pigs.

( gasping and chattering )

Does he not know?

He does not know.

He knows not?

Knows not does he.

Not he knows...Enough!