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Kevlar for Her

Season 5 - Episode 506   |   Aired: 01/30/2008   |   Views: 106   |   Comments:

The department's ladies' bullet-proof vests have an unexpected side effect: Super Knockers. An ex-con gets his revenge on the Sheriff's Department, albeit poorly.


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Wiegel's Couple's Therapy

Season 6 - Episode 614  |   Aired: 07/08/2009  |   Views: 4,488

Wiegel and Williams work on their communication at couples therapy. Local students impress the deputies with their extensive arsenal.

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Secret Santa

Season 6 - Episode 604  |   Aired: 07/01/2009  |   Views: 1,409

What were those strange lights in the desert? Who are these new Reno Sheriff's Department deputies? Most importantly, though -- are they included in Secret Santa?

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The Midnight Swingers

Season 6 - Episode 609  |   Aired: 06/24/2009  |   Views: 1,258

Jones and Williams penetrate the inner circle of Reno's swingers club. A sheriff comes out of deep cover in a biker gang after 10 years, much to the surprise of Dangle.

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Viacom Grinch

Season 6 - Episode 603  |   Aired: 06/17/2009  |   Views: 398

Declan and Junior crack down on knock-off Nickelodeon toys, ruining kids' parties across Reno. Wiegel and Williams deliver a lesson on decorum to the Washoe County High School.

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Deputy Dance

Season 6 - Episode 602  |   Aired: 06/10/2009  |   Views: 932

Levon French, the king of Reno commercials, helps the deputies make a new recruitment commercial. Terry the prostitute violates his parole and the Washoe County Library.