March 9, 2016 - Donald Trump's Protesters & Pander Politics

  • 03/09/2016

Donald Trump supporters manhandle peaceful protesters, and Larry examines the art of political pandering with Mac Miller, Ricky Velez and Franchesca Ramsey.

(whoops)Thank you very much.

Welcome to The Nightly Show.

Thank you so much.

Such a great crowd, man.

Look at this crowd.(whoops)

I really appreciate it.

I am Larry Wilmore.Man, we got a great show.

Mac Miller joins us tonight,man, it's gonna be so much fun.

(cheering, applause)

Uh, so much fun.But, uh, but of course,

last night was another attemptto de-negrofy the White House,

so let's check inwith the Unblackening.

REPORTER: Donald Trump having a great night last night.

REPORTER 2: Donald Trump dominates, winning Michigan,

Mississippi, and Hawaii.

Yeah, Trump's on a roll, y'all.

Yup, nothing can stop himbut God himself,

and even God only gotsix percent in Mississippi.


Bad, I know.

Still ahead of Rubio, though.That's so sad.

Yeah. Oh...

Now, these wins are great newsfor Trump supporters.

So how did they celebrate?

MAN:What... what are they doing?


God bless (bleep).


(indistinct shouting)

TRUMP:Get out.

REPORTER: At this rally, we saw at least nine different

groups of people kicked out during Trump's speech,

an average of one every four and a half minutes.

One every fourand a half minutes?

What, does Trump havea racial egg timer?

You know what I'm saying?

Ding!Grab a black.

Grab it.

All right, look, okay,

I've said a lot of bad thingsabout Donald Trump.

But, you know, I'm sure he can'tsupport some of the thuggery

that's going on in these crowds.

I love the old days.You know what they used to do

to guys like that whenthey were in a place like this?

They'd be carried outon a stretcher, folks.

Carried out on a stretcher?

You know the presidentisn't supposed

to openly advocatefor violence, right?

No, you do the right thing

and go quietlythrough back channels

to authorizedrone strikes on weddings, okay?

It's called class.Learn it.

Actually, I have to say,my favorite, uh,

Trump rally ejectionwas this guy.

TRUMP:Get out of here.


Sure, sure, man.


Okay, I don't know if yousaw that. Okay, look,

uh, show it again.See what's on his head.

Computer, engorge.

Mm-hmm. Come on.

Come on.

I mean, my God, you guys.

He's wearing a penis hat, right?

This is so beautifully ironic.

I mean, think about it--

an actual dickhead...

is getting kicked outof a rally by dickheads

who are thereto support a dickhead.

Pretty good.

I think that's pretty good.


But assholeskicking out dickheads

isn't the most disturbing thinggoing on at these rallies.

Can I have a pledge, a swearing?

Raise your right hand.

WOMAN:Oh, my God.


All right,this doesn't look right to me.

Uh... You know what? Okay.

I really don't want to makethe obvious analogy, but...

Donald Trump is pushing back

against comparisonsto, yes, Adolf Hitler.

He's got themraising their hands,

and on the right you've got them giving the Hitler salute.

REPORTER: Reminiscent of the Third Reich

and the Nazi salute.

REPORTER 2: The infamous Nazi salute.

If Donald Trump started growinga tiny little mustache,

I feel like then you couldreally make the case.

Oh. Thank you for making itfor me, I really appreciate it.

The Nightly Show stays abovethe fray, you guys.

But, look, here's the thing.But people called Bush Hitler.

People called Obama Hitler.Come on, media.

I mean, look, all we're reallytalking about here is a guy

with hair falling on his facewho makes wild gestures

at rallies, talking aboutbanning an entire group

of people based ontheir religious belie...

Yeah, H-Hitlerdoes kind of make sense.


Now, surprisingly, there wasactually someone brave enough

that was unwilling to justmindlessly go with the crowd.

Raise your right hand.

I do solemnly swear..

Leave him alone!

Can't you tell he does notbelieve in this?

He's like... (grunts)

He's trying to get away.

Okay, just to makea fine point here, you guys,

the only creaturesmart enough not to join in

is the onewho eats its own vomit.

I'm just saying.

Just making a point.(sighs)

Now, of all the feudsTrump has going,

my favorite is his beefwith rapper Mac Miller.

Now, Mac made a song called"Donald Trump" in 2011.

Trump initially... he initially lauded the song.

The "Donald Trump" songjust hit over 20 million.

That's not so bad.I'm very proud of that.

This kid is the new Eminem.

Is he doing an impressionof himself there?

Okay, so, however,the song went platinum

and then Trumpthreatened to sue Miller

for royaltiesfor use of his name.

So in turn, Mac Millerdenounced Trump,

telling his Twitter followers

"Just please don'telect this (bleep) man."

All right?This is true.

This is all true, right?It's great. Okay. So...

Now, on one hand,

this is just Trump being Trump.But on the other hand,

Mac Miller is here,and he's pissed.

So please welcomemultiplatinum-selling rapper

and notedTrump feud participant

Mac Miller, everybody!

-♪ -(cheering, whooping, applause)

Thank you, Larry.

I only have one thing to say.

I (bleep) hate you,Donald Trump.

So you wanted to sue me,but then you realized

you can't sue somebodyjust for being super talented

and incredibly good-looking.You-you say

you wantto make America great again,

but we all knowwhat that really means.

You know, ban Muslims,Mexicans are rapists,

black lives don't matter.Make America great again?

I think you wantto make America white again.

So I come here today,as a white man,

with the hopethat maybe you'll listen to me.

In other words,let me white-splain this to you,

you racist son of a bitch.

(cheering and applause)

You see, you're lowering the barfor our nation's intelligence.

Your only goalis to stay in the spotlight,

no matter how muchit fuels the fire of hate groups

that you apparently know nothingabout,

like, uh, the KKK and neo-Nazis.

You have people at your rallieswho openly assault

black teenage girlsbecause, hey, that's American.

The messed up thing is I don'teven really know if you're evil.

I think you're just such anegomaniacal, attention-thirsty,

psychopathic, power-hungry,delusional waste

of skin and bones that you'll...that you'll...

that you'll do, say,or allow anything

if it means you'll just get onemore minute in the limelight.

The thing is, it says moreabout us as a country.

I guess we're finally showingour true colors.

Not only are we lettingthis (bleep) slide--

we're (bleep) supporting you.

And if we're stupid enoughto elect you,

I know exactlywhat everyone's gonna say.

"I'm moving to Canada. I don'twant to live in a country

"where Donald Trumpis president.

I'm getting out of here."

You know what I'm-a doif you get elected?

I'm staying rightthe (bleep) here. That's right.

(cheering and applause)

♪ I'm not going anywhere

I'm-a be here every day tellingthe world how much I hate you,

how much of a clown you are, andhow we as a nation are better

than you will ever beas a racist (bleep) of a human.

Because I love America,and I'm never giving it up

to a troll like you, you bitch!

-(cheering and applause)-Yeah!

Oh, man! Mac Miller, everybody!

We'll be right back! Oh!

He dropped the mic! Oh!

Oh, man! Oh!

-(cheering and applause)-Welcome back!

Now, there's an odd association

with Ted Cruz swirling aroundthe Internet.

Uh, it's this crazy rumorthat I just have to talk about.

REPORTER: About 40% of voters think Senator Ted Cruz

might be a serial killer.


People are sayingthat GOP hopeful Ted Cruz

is the Zodiac Killer.

Now, this rumor--and it is a rumor, guys,

this is not true--uh, got started in 2013

when the Twitter account@RedPillAmerica tweeted a joke

about oneof Ted Cruz's speeches.

And the tweet said,"This is the Zodiac speaking."

And the joke that Ted Cruzis the Zodiac Killer has, like,

stayed alive on social mediaever since.

But lately it's been backin the news again.

And here's the crazy part,you guys, now people

actually believe it's true.

REPORTER: 10% of voters thought he was the Zodiac,

and 28% more weren't sure.

These are actual poll results,you guys!

Think about it, more thana third of Florida voters think

Ted Cruz actually killedor might have killed people.

Right? So just to be clear,more people in Florida believe

that Ted Cruzis the Zodiac Killer

than they believe Marco Rubiocould be president.

That's Florida!

I'm not making these numbers up.Okay.

I-I have to say,especially in an election cycle,

this is a harrowing exampleof what people are willing

to believe inthe complete absence of facts.

And one of these people happensto work right here

in this building. So let's checkin with our conspiracy expert

Mike Yard in the latestinstallment of The Y Files.

Hey, Mike!

Now, come on, Mike, Mike,you can't honestly believe

that Ted Cruzis the Zodiac Killer.

Don't be so naive,Larry Shill-more!

Okay, listen, the Zodiac wasdescribed as stocky and white.

Ted Cruz, stocky and white.

The Zodiac Killer reliedon newspapers

to spread his message.So does Ted Cruz!

How do you explain that?

There's nothing to explain!

Those-those detailsare meaningless.

Mike, Ted Cruz was born in 1970,

and the Zodiac killingsstarted in 1968.

How do you explain that?

Pfft! Come on, Larry. Don't...

didn't Obama teach us thatbirth certificates can be faked?

-Everybody knows.-Mike...

-Mike, come on... Mike, I haveto say, -Everybody knows.

your argument is ridiculous.You have no facts, no figures.

You know what, Larry, buckle up,'cause you are in

for the ride of your life.Ted Cruz's name:

Rafael Edward Cruz,which anagrams

to Redraw Dracula Fez.

Everybody knows, everybody knowsCruz looks like Dracula.

Real name?

Vlad the Impaler.

Impale: to stabwith a sharp object.

The Zodiac Killer stabbed twoof his victims to death.


It's right in your face.

-"Boom"? That is not rightin my face. -Boom.

Mike, this makesabsolutely no sense, none, zero.

Larry, Larry,where's Ted Cruz from?

-Uh, Texas.-Texas,

-the Lone Star State.-Right.

Star, starry sky.

What's in a starry sky, Larry?The zodiac.

Cruz's alleged birthday,December 22,

which makes him a Capricorn.

What's the Capricorn symbol?A goat.

G.O.A.T. Greatest of all time.

The Zodiac wasthe greatest killer of all time!



Think about that for a second.

Time. Cruz has never appearedon the cover of Time magazine.


(laughter, applause)

What did he just do?What did he just do?

What does that even mean? "What?!"

Blow your mind.

Mike, just give meone single hard fact

that proves Ted Cruz is a serialkiller, just one, that's all.

Look at his policies, Larry!

He wants to kill the IRS,the Department of Education,

the Department of Energy,the Department of Commerce

and Housingand Urban development.

Oh. I kind of getwhat you're saying.

-You see it now?-Yeah. -(laughter)

Oh, I see what you're doing.

So the killer thingis just a metaphor, right?

Oh no, Larry.Ted Cruz is a serial murderer.

But we're getting distractedfrom the thing

-that I really wantto talk about. -What's that?

The fact that Katy Perryis actually JonBenét Ramsey.

(laughter and groaning)

-No, Mike, she's not.-(applause)

Please don't. Mike.

-Come on, think about it.-No.

-JonBenét, Eric Benét.-No.

Singer. Who likes to sing?Katy Perry.

Okay, Mike Yard, everybody.We'll be right back.

-(cheers and applause) -Wholikes to sing? -No. No, Mike.

Hey, welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Ricky Velez.

(cheers and applause)

And Nightly Show contributorFranchesca Ramsey.

(cheers and applause)

And his latest album GO:OD AM debuted at number four

on the U.S. Billboard 200,spawning three singles--

"100 Grandkids" "Clubhouse",and "Break the Law"--

-rapper Mac Miller.-(cheers and applause)

And for everyone at home,join our conversation right now

on Twitter @NightlyShow usingthe hashtag #Tonightly.

Okay, so,I wanted to talk about this.

'Cause last Sunday,

Hillary and Bernie had a debatein Flint, Michigan,

and some people felt like

candidates sometimesexploit the situations

that they're at for votes,and some people felt that there.

There was one residentwho was so dissatisfied

with Clinton's response to herquestion about Flint, she said,

"I hated Hillary Clinton'sanswer.

It actually made mevomit in my mouth."


Oh, man,that's really messed up.

But to be fair, I mean,

their presence does bringattention to the cause.

So, does it matter whata candidate's intentions are,

as long as they shine a lighton an important cause?

I don't know.I'm gonna say that it's great

to shine a light, but that'snot, you know, the full scope.

-Mm-hmm. -You need to actuallydo a little bit more.

It can't be just a shout-out.

Like, if I call an exterminator,I don't want them to say,

"Hey, shout out to the roaches,hashtag roaches."

-(laughter)-WILMORE: Right.

I'm like, "Can you actuallydo something

-about them?" You know? -Right.Exactly. Yeah. -(applause)

You can't just, like, saythat the problem is there.

Yeah, and it's really sensitivefor Flint,

-because people need help now.-RAMSEY: Exactly.

They don't need, like, promisesfor what you're gonna do later.

VELEZ: They need help now,but we're saying intentions.

At the end of the day,the intentions

-for every singlecandidate is... -Mm-hmm. become president of theUnited States. -WILMORE: Yes.

I mean, they're allon a job interview right now.

-WILMORE: I know.-Like, that's what...

-Who hasn't lied on a jobinterview? Like... -(laughter)

It's what they do.I lied on this job interview,

-right, you know.-WILMORE: Right. -(laughter)

-Wait a minute. What did you lieabout? -(applause)

I told you I can pass a drugtest, that's what happened.

(laughter, applause)

All right, do you find anythingproblematic with the...?

-Well, like...-Yeah, go ahead.

If you're gonna bring attentionto, like,

trying to get a certain personto vote for you...

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.,I'd rather you bring attention

to Flint than dothe Whip and the Nae Nae.

You know what I mean?

-WILMORE: Right. Right.-RAMSEY: Yes!

-MILLER: So, which is still,you know... -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

-...sick. Like, don't...-WILMORE: Yes. -(laughter)

-Right. -Don't exploitthe Whip and the Nae Nae.

-No. Exactly.-(laughter)

I mean, Bill Clinton playedthe sax, and he got elected.

VELEZ:I don't want to see it, though.

I think it's annoying, man.I-I...

No one's genuine anymore.There's no...

Like, Hillary coming outto Taylor Swift?

Like, you can't relateto the song "22."

-Like, that's not...-(laughter)

That's not your life, Hillary.It's...

-(applause)-You don't get it.

You have a problem withauthenticity in general...


-...with all of them, right?-It's... it's...

WILMORE:Do you have any problem

when they bring out...?

Like, um, I know Hillary, uh,had, uh, um...

Well, Bernie brought outEric Garner's daughter,

and Hillary hadSandra Bland's mom.

-Does that feel exploitative atall, or...? -Yeah, it feels...

I know Hillary is not friendswith those mothers.

I know it.I read her e-mails.

(laughter and groaning,applause and cheering)

There's not one...

There's not one e-mailwith those mothers. I know that.

-MILLER: Yeah. -Maybe they weretexting. You don't know.

-No, no.-Listen, here's the thing.

-They are grown adults.-WILMORE: Yes, they are, right.

And so, if they have chosento support these candidates,

-I'm okay with it.-WILMORE: Right, mm-hmm.

It's not like the Trump dog.

Like, no one is making them,you know...

WILMORE:Yeah. Yeah.

-...say that they're votingfor them. -WILMORE: I know.

There's not, like, strings,you know?

It's not a real-life Weekend at Bernie's situation.


-I would just liketo see what people do. -Uh-huh.

They always, like,as candidates, it's like,

-"Look at me standingwith this person." -Right.

And then,they get elected and then,

-like, don't respond to the textanymore. -WILMORE: Right. Yeah.

-VELEZ: But...but... -Like, hey,new presidency. Who this?


(whooping, applause)

But that, I think, like...

that's why there'ssomething special about Bernie,

'cause I think he's honest.

I think... I don't know...

-(cheering, applause)-Eh, eh, eh.

There's only a few reasonsfor it,

but, like, think about,like, Bernie...

-Bernie's been to jail...-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

-for his beliefs. He...-When no one was looking.

Yeah, when no one was looking.And he's not jail body.

-(laughter)-Like, Bernie's not ready to go.

I've been to jailfor what I believe in--

-Right.-smoking, driving.

And that's not okay.

-Yeah.-And Bernie...

he fought segregation,and that's, like...

I believe him when I see himthere with the black voters

-and trying to get that.-Mm-hmm.

-I do believe Bernie.-How can you tell

when a politician really givesa (bleep) about the thing

they're pretendingto give a (bleep) about?

-Jail. That's (bleep) real, man.-(laughter)

-That's real!-(applause)

Well, you kind of haveto go by their record.

-I don't know if youcan ever tell... -Yeah.

until-- it's, like,they're politicians,

they're, they have a pocket answer

-for everything.-I know.

Like, like, how do I knowwhat you care about?

-Like, what do youreally care about? -Mm-hmm.

And-and you don't know untilthey get elected, and then...

WILMORE: Like,the Black Lives Matter movement,

does it seem like the candidates

really want to dosomething about it,

or they're kind of pressuredin... into doing something?

I mean, I think they definitelygot pressured into it,

-but that's the pointof a protest. -Right.

Like, you have to getuncomfortable to get results.

Like, that's how I feelwhen I go to yoga, for example.

-(laughter)-It's very uncomfortable,

-WILMORE: Yes. -I cry,but my ass looks amazing...

-and I can touch my toes.-(whooping, applause) -Yeah.

So it was uncomfortable,but it got results.

There is a bitof the back and forth,

'cause there is some posing,but, then,

that is how things get attentionand things do get done.

What I would liketo know is, like...

like, who... spoke

and comes and speaks outon these issues...


-Like, that's what I never see,is, like, -Mm-hmm.

like, a politician coming outand speaking on an issue

-before the whole worldhas decided, -Yeah.

so, like, they knowwhere the world stands.

-But that's kind of our job,right? -Yeah. -(applause)

It's our job as voters to saythis is what's important to us.

And that's what a protestis about.

It's saying, hey, this is anissue that's important to us,

we want you to talk about it.

-WILMORE: Yeah. -And sosometimes you have to make noise

-Right. -in order for your issueto get some attention.

WILMORE:Right. And you're saying

sometimes the best wayto be an ally

is when there's nothingin it for you.

Right. Like,I just want to know, like,

I want to know who-- with BlackLives Matter, for instance--

-Mm-hmm. -who,if it didn't get the votes,

would still be involved.

-Sure. -Like, who...who actually gives a (bleep).

-WILMORE: Who really shows up.-Right.

-(applause)-That's a good way to end it.

That's what we gotto base this election on:

who really gives a (bleep).

We'll be right back.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

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Okay, thanks to my panel,Ricky Velez,

Franchesca Ramseyand Mac Miller.

We're almost out of time.

Before we go,I'm gonna Keep It 100.

Tonight's questionis from @thejohn06.

They ask, oh, my God,you have to trade lives

with Kim K. or Stacey Dash

in order for Trump to goto sleep for one billion years.

One billion? Uh, choose.

-Man, that is a hard one.-Come on, come on, come on.

-Well, I...-It's easy, it's easy.

I don't wantto be married to Kanye.


-I got to go Stacey Dash,I guess. -What?!

What?! You know you...

I'm not gonna livewith Kanye, man.

I'm not gonna live with Kanye.

Thanks for watching.You want to be Kim K.?

Don't forget to ask me your KeepIt 100 questions on Twitter.

-Good Nightly, everyone.-Okay.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

-(cheering, applause)-Okay, I'm here with Mac Miller.

It's time for the gamewe like to call Keep It 100.

Keep it one hundred.

All right, Mac,you know how this goes.

You got to keep it 100% real.If you do, you get a sticker.

If not, I got to throwsome weak tea at you.

-Okay.-All right? Okay.

-Okay. -This is a fun one,this is a fun one.

-This'll be easy for you,all right? -Okay.

-Okay, you have to...-(laughter)

you have to select oneRepublican candidate to endorse.

Okay? And I mean fully endorse.

You have to be, likethe hype man for this person.

Go on tour and open for them,even write a song about them.

Okay? So who are you picking,Trump, Cruz, Rubio or Kasich?

You got to choose one.

Who the fuck is that last one?

-(laughter)-WILMORE: Yeah.

RAMSEY: 100.


Now that's the sad stateof our election right now.

-Poor John Kasich.John Kasich. -Okay.

-Governor of Ohio, right.-Uh...

-I don't know anythingabout him. -Right.

-So, okay, Trump,-Yep.

-Cruz, Rubio...-Cruz, Rubio. Uh-huh.

I think you should openfor Kasich at this point.

Yeah, Ka... To me, I thinkI have a chance to-to...

with Kasich I can-I can modean identity.

-(laughter)-You know what I mean?

(applause, laughter)

-I got to give you the 100.-(cheering)

I mean, he said he didn't knowwho Kasich was.

(cheering, laughter, applause)

"Who the fuckis that last one?"