April 5, 2016 - Bill Nye

  • 04/05/2016

The Smithsonian takes heat for including Bill Cosby in an exhibit, and Larry talks climate change and the 2016 presidential race with Bill Nye, Jordan Carlos and Grace Parra.

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Welcome to The Nightly Show. Thank you so much.

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You're excited, butyou're gonna be more excited.

Bill Nye the Science Guyis on the panel tonight.

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He will answer the questionthat is on all of our minds:

which Sister Act movieis the best?

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It was a question fromour audience, for those of you

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All right.

Let's get to our top story.

There's some troubling newsfrom the Smithsonian.

The new National Museumof African American History

and Culture has not opened yet,

but one of its exhibits isalready causing a controversy.

Comedian Bill Cosbyis recognized

in the "Taking the Stage"exhibition.

Why are they still calling him"comedian Bill Cosby"?

I mean, isn't he better knownnow for being a rapist, right?

Okay, fine, Comedy Centrallawyers, "alleged rapist."


And that's right,mother(bleep),

I haven't forgotten about you.

-(cheering and applause)-Okay?


Wait, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

We're talking about a museum.

Uh, let me clean that up a bit.

That is correct. My memoriesof you have not faded,



(chuckles)Okay, well, what's gonna be

in this "acting like this guynever raped" exhibit?

REPORTER: There will be two objects related to Cosby,

a comic book from I Spy and the cover of a comedy album.

What, no quaaludes?

What? What? No, gu...

If you want me to rememberCosby, can you please include

all the ways he's tried to makewomen forget Bill Cosby?

You know,cappuccinos, depositions,

large cash settlements.

I see those things in a museum,I will think of the Cos.

By the way,as a word of caution,

you do not want to spend a nightin that museum, you guys.

-(laughter, groaning)-You know? What, too soon?


Okay, look, look.Okay, here's the thing.

Here's the thing though.I understand.

It's a museumof African-American culture,

and Cosby had an influenceon that culture.

It would be white-washinghistory to ignore him.

But not white-washing history

also means not rape-washing iteither.

Several women who accused Cosby of assault say they're upset

the museum will not mention their allegations.

Well, of course they're upset.And, you guys,

I'm very surprisedat the Smithsonian.

They never put thingsin their exhibits

without telling the whole story.For instance,

the Wright Brothers' airplane.Zoom in on that sign, guys.

Zoom in. See?

"Eventually ledto Spirit Airlines."

Right there. See? See?

Does it change my opinionon the Wright Brothers?

A little bit. A little bit.

Though it seems like moreof a classic Orville type

of thing than a... than a Wilburone, I'll be honest with you.

Okay. But it turns out,ultimately,

there was some good news.

REPORTER: The Smithsonian said it will acknowledge

Cosby's alleged behavior

at its new African-American history museum.

Good for you, Smithsonian.And, you know, to help you out,

here's what I'll do.Here's what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna record a littlemessage to run alongside,

uh, the allegedrapist memorabilia,

just to help people out. Okay.

Hi there.I'm television's Larry Wilmore.

In addition to Bill Cosby'srich legacy of comedy,

he also has a rich legacyof alleged rape.

Over 50 women have accused himof sexual assault.

Now, that's more accusationsthan episodes

of The Cosby Mysteries.

And here's somethingthat's not a mystery:

he should rot in jailuntil he dies.

Hey, enjoy the restof your tour!

(cheering and applause)

Now, I have to say,

this-this, though,is not the first time

the Smithsonian has beenin a difficult situation

when it comes to the Cos.

The Smithsonian just receiveda large cache of artwork,

um, from Bill and Camille Cosby.

It's a fantastic collectionof art.

You know,the-the Cosbys have one

of the most beautifulcollections

of African-American artin the world.

That's right.In addition to allegedly raping,

Cosby also builtthe largest collection

of American art...of African-American art

in the country, which sucks,because I want to see the art

but I don't want to see anythingassociated with Cosby.

So how can one appreciatethe art

without appreciatingthe alleged rapey owner?

All right. For more, we turnto our own Mike Yard. Mike?

-(cheering and applause)-How's it going, man?

So, Mike, let me ask you.

Uh, do you think it's okay

for the Smithsonian to showcaseart donated by Bill Cosby?

Larry, I'm not interestedin talking

about an alleged rapist'sart collection.

I'm interested in stealingthat (bleep).

Wait, hold on a second.

St... You're stealingCosby's art?

And what are you doing in Vegas?

Got to assemble my crew, bro.

Come on.Remember Ocean's Eleven?

Okay? They got nothingon Mike Yard's Seven.

Wait. Wait, hold on.Mike Yard's Seven?

-Who else is there?-Yes.

First, we bring out Rory,who poses

as an eccentric billionaire whohosts a giant Smithsonian gala.

(strange accent): Hey. Welcometo the Smithsonian gala!

I'm your host,an eccentric billionaire.

-(laughing)-Rory, that-that accent

-doesn't even make sense.-Yeah, yes, it does.

(normal voice):Um, tell him what's next, Mike.

That's when Robin Thede,our phony cocktail waitress,

comes in and serves upsome poisoned shrimp.

(cheering and applause)

Poisoned shrimp, anyone?

I mean, not poisoned shrimp?

You just told themit was poisoned.

No, I didn't.

Once everyone's doubled over,

that's when we bring inGrace Parra,

-the boneless wonder.-(laughter)

-WILMORE: Boneless?-(cheers and applause)

I can squeeze through a keyhole.

WILMORE:A keyhole?

That's impossible.

Maybe, in which case,we'll just blow that (bleep) up,

with Ricky "Boom Boom" Velez...

-Yeah.-...our explosives guy.

-(cheers and applause)-Ha, ha!

I make things go boom boom.

(Yard chuckles)

Boom boom?

Guys, this really makesno sense.

It's a museum.It has a security system.

I mean, this soundsso amateurish, Mike.

-Yeah, it has a security system.-Yes.

But we havean un-security system.

Meet Franchesca Ramsey,code-breaker extraordinaire.

(cheers and applause)

I own a computer!

-Yes, she does.-(laughter)

Everyone owns a computer!

Mike, even if you do manage toget your hands on Cosby's art,

how will you get it back out?

Oh, I don't know. Maybe we'lljust have to punch our way out.

-Isn't that right, Holly Walker?The muscle. -(Walker grunting)

(cheers and applause)

Looks like the Smithsonianjust opened a new gun exhibit.

-Yeah!-(cheers and applause)

-Pa-pow!-WILMORE: Okay.

Mike, this is not going to work.

You're gonna get caught, man,I'm telling you.

They can't catch us,not with wheelman Jordan Carlos.

-WILMORE: Oh, man.-Yeah!

-(cheers and applause)-Yeah.

Uber pool okay with everyone?

We're gonna haveto make a couple stops,

but I got a promo code.


Behold Mike Yard's Seven.

(cheers and applause)

WILMORE:Okay. Okay.

First of all,that's eight, genius.

And Mike, this is the worst ideain history.

-Really? Really, Larry?-Yes.

-Yes. -Worsethan an American institution

accepting an art collection

from one of the most notoriousalleged rapists?

You know what?I guess you're right. Um...


Do you have room for one more?

Uh-oh. Larry Wilmore,The Egghead.

-Egghead? Wait.Why am I an egghead? -Yeah.

-(laughter) -All right, we'll beright back right after this.

-Why am I an egghead?-Yeah. -(cheers and applause)

Why do I got to be an egghead?

I just wantto be part of the group.

-(applause and cheering)-Welcome back.

So I read an articlein the New York Times

that the White House has finallygotten a new phone system,

and I'm not making this up.

It's the first onein about 20 years.


So now, making the first call

on his new White House phoneis President Barack Obama.

-OBAMA (over phone): Yeah.-(laughter)

-Hello, Mr. President?-Yeah.

-Oh.-Hey, Larry!

Hey, uh, congratulationson the upgrade.

Now, I'm telling you,these phones are amazing. I...


-I got call-waiting.-Oh.

And, uh, no more busy signals

when-when Putin tries to call meduring an international crisis.

Uh, wait, wait. Hold it.You just got call-waiting?

Yeah, it cost a little extra,but I had to do it.

-Don't tell Michelle.-(laughter)

Uh, Mr. President, actually,

we've had call-waitingsince the '80s.

Wow, get a loadof Alexander Graham Bell!

-Well... -(laughter) -Well,how about... how about...?

-Yeah?-How about... how about this?

-Okay.-Okay, my new phone...

-Mm-hmm. -...also hasa feature called "star 69."


It lets me call back anyonewho's called me.

-It's space-aged.-No, no, no, no.

Mm-hmm, from space.

Mr. President,this outdated phone system--

I thinkit's kind of emblematic

of what's wrong with Washington,don't you think?

-But you know, listen.-Mm.

I actually needto get back to my show,

but it was really nice talkingto you.

-No. Oh-oh, okay. Oh, bye-bye.-Okay, all right.

-All right. Ooh, sorry. Uh...-(laughter)

-(cheers and applause) -Uh, Iprobably shouldn't have hung up.

It was very nice of him.

He's very excitedabout his phone, so that's good.

But, oh,so have you people heard

about this Panama Papers story?Okay, so...

-(audience shouting)-Yeah, it's amazing.

It is the biggest data leakin history.

Now, a number of foreign leadershad billions

they took from their people,

which they kept, like,in offshore accounts, and...

-(phone ringing)-(laughter)

Hold on. Hold on.

Uh, hello?

-OBAMA: Larry. -Ah.-(laughter)

-It's President Barack Obama.-Hey.

Yeah, we spokeon the phone earlier.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,I know, yeah. I remember, yeah.

Yeah, I'm callingfrom the Truman balcony!

-Oh, great, great.-You know, you don't understand.

This place never gotgood reception before.

-Uh... -(laughter)-Yeah, it's pretty good.

-Yeah, um, look, you know,I'm really glad... -Mm-hmm.

...that the new phone's working,sir, but, um... Wait. Yeah.

Wait, wait.You haven't heard the best part.

-Oh, okay.-Look, I have you on speaker!

-Really? Oh.-Swear to God. -(laughter)

-That's amazing.-My hands are free!

-Okay. -This phone's got,uh, just stuff

-Steve Jobs never dreamed of.-(laughter)

You're probably right, becauseit was already invented,

-probably, Mr. President.-(laughter)

Look, Mr. President, look, Iappreciate how excited you are.

-Mm-hmm. -But I really haveto get back to the show.

-Oh, okay. -I'm sorry,sorry, sorry. Oh. Sorry.


So, uh, so here's the thing.

The Panama Papers revealthat Putin himself is linked

to $2 billion in offshore...

-(phone rings)-(laughter)

-What?-OBAMA: Lar Bear!


-I know you're busy.-Yeah, I am a little busy.

But, um, but, but, but, um...

-What?-Well, trust me. It's important.

Okay, fine. Go ahead, please.

Are-are you sitting down?

Yes, I'm doing a show!

I'm sitting down.I'm hosting my show.

-Okay. Check it out.-Okay, all right.

I figured out how to play"Mary Had a Little Lamb"

-on the phone, on the phonebuttons. -(laughter) -Wait.

(touch tones play"Mary Had a Little Lamb")

-(last note plays off-key)-(laughter)

Damn it, I thought I had it!

Uh, Mr. President, um, I hope...

I hope you don't mind ifI ask you a personal question.

Mm-hmm. Nope. Yup.

-But, um, what's going on, man?-(laughter)

Well, I guessI'm-I'm just feeling a little...

-a little lonely.-Yeah, yeah.

-I mean, everyone'stalking about Trump. -Mm.

-Talking about... about Bernie.-Yeah.

-About Hillary.-Yeah.

But it seems like, uh, no onecares about ol' Bam Bam anymore.

-Oh. Oh.-(laughter)

-Yeah. All right. All right.Yeah. -Well, no, no.

No, no, no, no, I'm...

No, I'm sure that's not true,Bam Bam. It's not, no.

-(laughter) I care. Andyou know what? You know what?

You tell me anythingyou want to tell me, Bam Bam.

Me and the American people arehappy to listen. Go right ahead.


-Well, it all startedwith my birth in Kenya. -Oh.

-(laughter) -(whispering):We'll be right back.

-(cheers and applause)-Okay, go ahead.

Your birth in Kenya?

Welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Jordan Carlos.

(applause, whooping)

And Nightly Show contributorGrace Parra.

-CARLOS: Yeah!-(cheering, applause)

And friend of the show,Bill Nye the Science Guy.

(cheering, applause)

And for everyone at home,join our conversation right now

on Twitter @NightlyShowusing the hashtag #Tonightly.

Okay, so, guys,

tonight I really want to talkabout climate change

in the election.So, so far

in the debates,only 22 questions

out of almost, like, 1,500 wereabout climate change, right?

-Yeah. -Mm-hmm. -And theDemocrats are twice as likely

to be asked, whilethe two leading Republicans--

the Republicans who are leadingright now, Trump and Cruz--

have not been asked a single question.

So why do you think

climate change isn't being takenseriously in this election?

NYE:Uh, that's a great question.

I think people are fascinatedwith the, mm...

-activities inthe Republican Party, -Mm-hmm.

-Yeah. -and they haven'tgotten around to the issues.

-Such a good way to put it.-But I will say that

-there are still three guys inright now, right? -Mm-hmm.

And who knows what'll happenat the convention,

who's gonna be vice president.

Might be a woman on the ticket,and so on.

But all of them so farhave been adamant deniers.

-Yeah. -Right, right.-And I met a guy the other day

who wants to be calleda "doubter."

-Mm-hmm. A doubter?-PARRA: Instead of a denier?

-Yeah.-Well, what's the difference?

Oh, well, he's a doubter--that's totally different.

-Right. -PARRA: That meanssomething totally different.

-Just still, it's so silly.-Is that like,

"There's the sun.""I doubt it."

-Yeah, right, right. -CARLOS:And so doubt is better than...

Like, you have some questions,you know what I mean?

-Like, like...-Or just let that go.

-These guys are in denial.They're just adamant. -Yeah.

They don't see the connectionbetween carbon dioxide, methane

and the world getting warmer.

They ignore all the data.

So it's very troubling,you guys,

and it's really... theconservatives have gotten funded

by the fossil fuel industry,and there's been this...

You know, there's big concernthat the number of people

in the voting populace

-Mm-hmm. -is not very highwith respect to climate change.

They haven't heard of it,they don't remember it,

they've set it asidein their minds.

And that's becauseof the success of these deniers

that have worked so hard,-Right. -Yes. -Mm-hmm.

funded almost entirelyby the fossil fuel industry.

And you can look at their 990's.

Do you know whatI'm talking about?

Are these the oneBernie's talking about?

And they're...and so I understand, uh,

where you--as Upton Sinclair said--

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm. -PARRA: Mm.-When a man, uh...

it's very hard to convincea guy... a man of something

when his salary dependson him not understanding it.

-Ah. -Oh. WILMORE: Yes. So...so do you think, um....


Bill Nye is Upton Sinclair!

Nightly Show's all about Sinclair!

-Yeah, yeah.-So do you think the resistance

is not out of nonbelief butpurely for political reasons?

'Cause that'seven more bull (bleep).

-Well, the politics..-WILMORE: It really is. -It is.

I mean,it should be a global issue

that we shouldall be concerned about.

-You would think. -I mean,not only scientifically.

Yeah, I mean, and I always...I like to say

that climate changewas discovered...

it wasn't, uh, made up.

-Right. -People looked at thedata and they noticed that...

And if you goto Glacier National Park,

-WILMORE: Uh-huh.-it's sort of...

-Muddy Hillside National Park.-It seems to me,

like, it's easy to say, well,people are stupid or whatever,

-but...-No, no.

I agree. I think there's a lotof otherwise intelligent people

who deny this--why does that happen?

-That's what I can't understand.-Well, books have been written.

It's just over the horizon.

People can't get their headsaround climate change.

-Is it too far away?-It's just too far away.

-Mm-hmm. -Yeah. -But nowthere's a report out that

2030's gonna be a big issue,and there's a thousand people,

-and now... I knowtwo pregnant women... -Sure.

-WILMORE: Oh, cool.-PARRA: Congratulations.


What are you try...Hold on, hold on.

-What are you trying to say?-What are you telling us here

-on The Nightly Show tonight?-They're both freaked out

-by Zika.-Oh, yeah, right.

WILMORE: I thought you hadyour own little climate change

-going on.-(laughter)

-No. No, so these are people...-Gonna start getting frosty

if they find out about eachother, just gonna let you know.

No, these are-- I understandwhat you're driving at.

-Yes.-But these are...

-(laughter)-these are people, uh...

My parents... I'm a productof the same sort of interaction.

-But the, uh...-(laughter)

PARRA:Unlike most of us.

But, uh, with the, uh...

Can we say "interaction"?Can we say "interaction"?

PARRA: That's a very cute wayto say it.

So Bill... Bill Nye Sr.was the player guy, right?

-Uh... -CARLOS:I'd like to say congrats.

-WILMORE: Yeah.-But all that aside, uh...

we need big ideas,we need big wind turbines.

We need big solar panels,big, uh, uh,

concentrated solar facilities.And we can do this.

And the example I always giveeverybody is World War II.

-CARLOS: Uh, what?-PARRA: Uh...

-People solved an enormousproblem... -Oh, okay, okay.

-...in five years.-Right. -Yes.

-They didn't run in circles,screaming. -Yes--

but I will be devil's advocate--

but that was, uh,an immediate threat.

Just as you were saying,when people think 2030...

Like, they didn't thinkthere was a threat

of Japan invading in 50 years.I mean...

they invaded Pearl Harboryesterday, you know?

-But they were in denial.-CARLOS: Yeah, they were.

No, I talked to both of myparents about this.

-Uh, they're both veterans.-Before the war broke out.

-Before, uh... -Yeah, they...Oh, Japan would never

attack the United States.An island country?

-And we were is...-Why would they...

-and we were isolationists, wedidn't want to do it. -Exactly.

So, climate change, so it getsa little warm, what, what?

Well, last question--how can we get people

to stop making thisa political issue?

'Cause when I was a kid,it didn't feel like

-it was a political issue.-Well...

-uh, I think it's gonna be...-Tell us, Bill! -Please!

-You're the Science Guy,give us the science! -Come on!

-Here's what I want you allto do. -Solutions!

-Hey, out there.-Okay, everybody listen to Bill.

You're out there,some hard-hitting

investigative reporters.And, uh, you'll...

We recognize youbecause you wear knit ties

and they're loose.

Okay, I want... I want you, uh,

to ask the r... the candidates

about climate change,directly.

What are you gonna doabout climate change?

And what we need are big ideas.

We need, uh, to pull together

and do these, uh,these extraordinary things.

Hoover Dam, Grand Coulee Dam,person on the moon.

We did... we can do big thingsif we get around to it.

-PARRA: You got to dream.-Yes.

So, along this line, everybody,while you're out there,

don't be surprised if--

after the conservatives,the Republicans, pick somebody--

this person goes, "Well,I've been thinking about it

and climate changeis a big issue."

Because I don't think theycan quite get enough they.

I don't think the partycan quite get enough votes

without millennials.

Climate denial is almostentirely generational.

You will... Only now and thendo you meet a young person...

Nobody your ageis a climate denier.

-Right. -Very few. So, it'sold people... -WILMORE: Mm...

-I don't know.-I said very few, so...

Mr. Science Guy, I may have todisagree with you a little bit.

I think a lot of itis ideological, and I think

people are so entrenchedwith a point of view

and they have to makea political point.

And I think we have to separatethis from politics

and just make it about us.Right?

We'll be right back after this.Yes. We have to.

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Okay, thanks to my panelistsJordan Carlos, Grace Parra

and Bill Nye the Science Guy.We're almost out of time,

but before we go I'm gonna KeepIt 100 for you guys, all right?

-(man whoops) -Tonight'squestion-- thank you very much--

is from an audience membernamed Alia. Let's take a look.

Hey, Larry, would yourather be wealthy

but implicatedin the Panama Papers

or poor but nobody knowswho you are?

Keep it 100.

-Oh! -Ooh. -Damn.-Hold on a second.

I have already been poor

and nobody has knownwho I was, okay?

Can't a brother experiencesomething... No, look,

if it's illegal,I don't want to be...

I don't want to live indisgrace. Doesn't care how much

money you have,but if it ain't illegal,

put me in the Panama Papers.

Thanks for watching.Don't forget to ask me

your Keep It 100 questions...I kept it 100!

Good Nightly, ev...I kept it 100! I kept it 100!

Good Nightly, everyone.You knew I...

Oh, my God.Oh, my God.

-♪ -(cheering, applause)