Obsoletely Fabulous

  • Season 5, Ep 14
  • 03/03/2008

Bender needs an upgrade when a new robot makes him feel obsolete.

Don't mind me.

I'm just saving you the troubleof throwing me away.

Spleesh! Mell out, Bender.

Come watch some TV.

( grunting )

I can't; I'm stuck in the can.

Well, ask Robot 1-Xto pull you out.


Why can't you accept his help?

I hate him!

But he's just a tool

to make your life easier.

Like a socket wrenchor a burglar's kit.

I can't ask forhis help because...


( whispering ):I'm scared of him.

( cracking up )

Oh, sorry.

Well, then, there'sonly one solution.

You need an upgradeto make you

compatible with Robot1-X's new technology.

( gasping ):An upgrade?!

But I thought we all agreedI was perfect!

Fry, didn't we agreeI was perfect?

Oh, yeah, no,you're pretty perfect.

Pretty perfect?

So, you do thinkI need an upgrade.

Yes, for God's sakes, yes!

Fine. I'll be backin a few days.

( weak moans )

( worried muttering )

( jungle drums beating )


( cymbal banging )

( gagging )

Who are youand why should I care?

Side A: We're a communityof outdated robots

who refused to upgradeand came here;

Side B: ...to livea simpler existence

free of technology.

A working cartridge unit?

Wow, you guys went obsoleteyears ago.

Your mother.

What Cartridge Unit means

is the very thingsthat make us obsolete

also make us unique.

I, for example, need to keeprefilling my water wheel

or I'll power down forever.

( creaks )

Oh, God,I'll never make it this time!

This is the end!

Anyway, we like it here.

Like you have a choice.

So what's your problem?

Not enough...


Oh, great.Now I remember that word,

but I forgot my wife's face.

Oh, God, no!I want to live!

( water splashing )

If you'd like,you're welcometo join our society.

Look, no offense,

but I need technology

especially e-mailand snowmobiles

and television.

Without television,

how will I knowwhat's buzz-worthy?

Why would you want to watch TV

when you can watch a snail crawlfor hours on end?

That's the dumbest thingI've ever heard.