Always Bet on Blake

  • Season 6, Ep 9
  • 03/10/2016

Blake comes up with a brilliant moneymaking idea in order to enter a timbersports tournament.

- So got no ride,and now we've got no money.

- And we would've starvedto death if Rancho Cuca Pizza

wouldn't have hooked us upwith this irregular pizza

they were about to throw out.

- Well, you know what they say:

the house always wins.

- Except for we didn't loseto the house.

We lost to that cool-lookingAsian dude.

- Well, that's cool--sunglasses inside?

That's, like, a good look.

- That's the look.

- What did you just say?

- I said--we were talkingabout the Asian guy,

and I'm like,"Sunglasses inside--

that's the look."

And then Ders is like,"That's the look."

- No, before that.

- I don't know. I farted.

- No, you said,the house always--

- He did fart.He did fart.

- Oh, the house always wins.- Yes.

- Our house could always bewinning if we were the casino.

- Oh, okay.- That's not a bad idea.

Oh, dude, yeah, we could havea way better casino

than that warehouse dude.

- Totally.

- I mean, this is a card table.

- I mean,we're at a card table right now.

We already have a card table.

- Check.- Got that.

- Anders?Anders: What's up?

- I love that idea.

- Give it here!- Yes!

- Whoo!- Whoo!

man: ♪ Goin' to the casino

- Hey, hey, hey, it's Ray.

There you go.Welcome to my casino.

Remember,what happens here stays here.

Big Gil dog.

Snap into a Slim Jimcompliments of the house.

Deedee, killer blouse.

Anders: Welcome to my casino.

I'll be watching you.

I'll be watching all of you.

- Adam, you are pushing

when I need you to pull, okay?

- Stay in the slot,baby.

- It's a delicate dance.It's a tango, okay?

I'm the man.I lead you, sweetheart.

- No, sweetheart.

In fact, I came upwith a cool name for our team:

The Woodsmen, right?

That's, like, a badass name,

and I thought of it 'causeI'm the leader.

- You want to name usThe Woodsmen,

after a Kevin Bacon movieabout a pedophile.

- You didn't actuallylet me finish.

- No, we are the Timberlakes,

and we're bringing sexyto the timber sports.

End of story.

Now, you push; I pull.

- No, I push,and you pull on my count.

- Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

- This isn't--you're not helping!

- Stop fighting!

Flip a coin.Or you know what?

Better yet, why doesn't oneof you take the high road

and let the other callthe shots?

Be the bigger man.

- I'm the baller shot caller.

I've got 20-inch bladeson my Impala, okay?

This--this is whyyou're not even on the team.

- You're not on our team,you bitch.

- Oh, this is why.

See, 'cause I was wondering why,

'cause it really hurtmy feelings no one asked me,

especially since I'm the one

who knew about the tournamentin Big Bear.

I love timber sports.You know that about me.

- Yes,you're a timber sports fan,

but we are timber sports,

and that's the differencebetween us.

You can start at the penisor just scream,

"I don't give a [bleep] and seewho means this," so scream it.

- What?- [bleep].

- [bleep].

- [bleep], [bleep], [bleep].- [bleep].

- We gonna [bleep]all the [bleep]. We just do it.

- I don't give a [bleep].

- Part of our nature,because we're alpha dogs.

We bark [bleep] all the time.

You're beta bitch boy.

- Fine, you want me to?

- You didn't even say it.- Yes, I did. [bleep].

- Now, on my count, let's saw!- Okay.

That is my count, though,since nobody's counting.

- Sound off!- Alpha dogs, baby!

both: Ooh-rah!

Anders: Oh, oh!

- Oh, no, the Volvo!

Oh, are you guys okay?

- Stop the watch?- Yeah, what was the time?

- No, hey.- He's good.

- Uh, yeah--uh, really fast.

- He--he didn'tpush the button.

- Yes, I did.