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Tony Roberts, Dante Nero & Brandon Glover

Season 1 - Episode 102   |   Aired: 07/11/2010   |   Views: 4   |   Comments:

Tony Roberts' grandmother is pregnant, Dante Nero thinks it's great to raise kids in a rough neighborhood, and Brandon Glover discovers that his gay uncle sells gay weed.


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Mike Britt, Ian Edwards & Leslie Jones

Season 2 - Episode 205  |   Aired: 02/17/2012  |   Views: 92

Mike Britt wants to bring realism to period commercials, Ian Edwards is the five-time not-the-father champion, and young women are messing up Leslie Jones' game.

Chris Spencer, Nore Davis & Rob Stapleton

Season 2 - Episode 204  |   Aired: 02/17/2012  |   Views: 356

Chris Spencer and his wife meet a pair of swingers, Nore Davis cries for teen moms, and Rob Stapleton knows New York City roaches are gangster.

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Wil Sylvince, Tiffany Haddish & Earthquake

Season 2 - Episode 201  |   Aired: 02/09/2012  |   Views: 86

Wil Sylvince figures out why there are no black superheroes, Tiffany Haddish analyzes her dreams, and Earthquake wonders why Haiti needs relief money.

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David Arnold, Damien Lemon & Tony Roberts

Season 2 - Episode 206  |   Aired: 01/26/2012  |   Views: 452

David Arnold advises ladies on keeping their men, Damien Lemon gets excited to break the news of a celebrity's death, and Tony Roberts refuses to stop tweeting at takeoff.

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Dov Davidoff, Damn Fool & Tony Rock

Season 2 - Episode 202  |   Aired: 01/26/2012  |   Views: 255

Dov Davidoff proves being gay is genetic, Damn Fool doesn't like it when women call their husbands "daddy," and Tony Rock knows that you can't argue with black women.