• Season 4, Ep 8
  • 02/11/2008

Bender gets lost in space and becomes a god to a race of tiny aliens.

All hailthe Metal Lord!

ALL:So hailed!

Hmm, those peewees thinkI'm God, huh?

Hard to blame them.

( gasping )

( screaming )

I am the Metal Lord!

Who are you?

I am called Malachi, Lord.

It means, um, "He who reallyloves the Metal Lord."

Listen here, Malachi.

Time for a religious donation.

Hand over your wallet!

But, Lord, we are a poorand simple folk.


Aw, crap.

MALACHI:Pity me not, for I am richenedby the love of my family.

What art thou doing,Malachi Junior?

I'm practicing to hug daddywhen he gets back from God.

Mm, mm.


Gag unto me with a spoon.

Malachi, it's high time I laiddown a few commandments.

You got a chisel?

Take this down.

( clears throat )

Number one...


the one commandment.

BENDER:Make it a double!

( sniffing )

Can you find him,Professor?


I'm afraid the Smelloscopeisn't powerful enough.

Bender's odor is so mild

it's being overpoweredby local sources.


People are payingattention to me.


We brought someoneto cheer you up.

His name is Helper

and he's eager to beyour new best friend.

Hello there, chum.

I understandyou miss your buddy.

Have a pudding pop.

No, thanks.I don't...

Who wants to goto an amusement park?

Well, I guessthat sounds okay.

Have a good time.

Hey, I heard your friendBender is back.

What? Really?


I just thought you wouldenjoy that for a moment.

Sir, I'm outfittingan expedition to a monastery

high in the Himalayas.

I'll needa long-sleeve coat.

Look,I miss Bender

almost half as muchas you do

but you can'tbring him back this way.

It's hopeless.

You can't give up hopejust because it's hopeless.

You've got to hope even moreand cover your ears and go


I'd also likea pack mule!

At once, sir!

( braying )

Well, you obviouslywon't listen to reason

so I guess I'll listento idiotic-ness

and come with you.

But we'll needa Sherpa to guide us.

( screaming )

Now that's one bible

that doesn't disappointon every page.

Looks like society'srunning pretty well

without my meddling...


( air raid alarm sounding )

Atomic bombs?

Oh, no.

Those unbelieversfrom my backside

must have found my nuclear pile.

Fear not, my Lord.

We shall be with you soon.

You're with me now.

This is the maximum levelof being with me.

We will solve our own problemsas you commanded.

The time has cometo convert the unbelievers.

Convert them?

To radioactive vapor!

Ah! Ah!


( yelling )


I'm hugging God.

Mm, mm.

Maybe if Ihug him real hard

he'll save us from...

( explosion )

( screaming )

Oh, it tickles.

( laughing )


( laughing )