• Season 1, Ep 6
  • 03/07/2007

When the batteries in Sarah's TV remote die, she embarks on an odyssey to find new ones; Brian and Steve discuss politics.

I had a really good timelast night.

A really, really good time.


Me too.

Come to Heavenwith me today.


You'll see the pastand the future.

You can fly.

And I will introduce youto Thomas Jefferson.

Oh, awesome.

I told my friend NatalieI'd help her move, though.

I can stop time.

That is so sweet.

Oh, your pantsare over there.

I mean, not likeI'm asking you to leave.

I just mean, like,if you can't see it

from this angleof still being in my bed.


I should go.

Okay, um...

All right, so I guessI'll see you around sometime.

Do you mean it?

Or are you just saying that?

I don't just say things.


I'm a lot of things.I'm not dishonest.

Can I getyour cell number?

I don't have a cell phone.

[musical ring tone]


[ring tone continues]

Like, I--this.I have a, you know,

like a Palm Piloty...

like a BlackBerryish...

I don't know.Would you call this a phone?


Are you comingto help Natalie move?

I can't, I have to helpmy friend Natalie move today.

So you are coming?

Yeah, no, I can't.


All right.I love you, too, Nana.


[phone beeps off]

My Nana.

Your Nana diedfive years ago.

Your Nana died five years ago.

Okay, look,I get it, okay?

I get it.

I'm going.

Oh, busy day?

I'm sorry for liking you!

[door slams]