Insane in the Mainframe

  • Season 3, Ep 12
  • 01/29/2008

Fry thinks he's a robot after being brainwashed at an insane robot asylum.

do you recognize the robota-huggin' on you

in this here hologram?

I sure do.

That's the real robber

and I'll never forget his nameas long as I live

and that name is...

( gasps )

( coughing )

Fry, just give a name.

You don't want to lookstupid on Court TV.

You're right.You're right.

It was...

( phone plays classical music )

Yes. What?

You say if I testifyI'll be killed?

Oh. It's for you.

ROBERTO:And the other hamburger

will also be madeof your lungs.

So long, pal.

I refuse to testifyon the grounds

that my organs will bechopped up into a patty.

Ah, the 67th Amendment.

I may be a simple,country, hyper-chicken

but I knowwhen we're finger-licked.

What do you saywe plead insanity?

A few monthsin an insane asylum?

I could do thatstanding on my head.

If you start now,it might help our case.

Counselor, what evidencedo you offer

to support this new pleaof insanity?

Well, for one, theydone hired me torepresent them.

Insanity plea is accepted.

Mr. Bender...

I hereby commit you

to the Asylumfor Criminally Insane Robots

until such timeas you are deemed cured.


The system fails again!

JUDGE:And Mr. Fry...

I sentence you to the Homefor Criminally Insane Humans.

Your Honor, thatfacility has been full

ever since you ruledthat being poor isa mental illness.

Order! Order!

The only poor peopleI want to hear about

are the peoplewho tend to my pores at the spa.

Just send them both to the robotloony bin and let's go.

FRY:Ow, my head!Ow, my feet!

Ow, my head!Ow, my feet!

( birds chirping )

I don't belong here,Bender.

This is an asylumfor insane robots.

Well, you meet halfthe qualifications.

( laughing )

Oh, good!A physical.

Once they examinemy fragile, naked, pink body

they'll see I'm not a...

( Bender screaming )


( giggling )

Ooo! Eee!

Ugh! Aah!

( humming )

( screaming )

( muffled scream )

( humming )

( gurgling )

What the...?

( belching )

BENDER:I find thatoffensive!

( grunting )


I am Dr. Perceptron.

Let me give you somethingto help you relax.

( screams )

Look, there's beena terrible mistake.

I'm a human being. See?

I'm all squishy and flabby.

Also, I complain a lot.

Yes. You do.

You need torelax more.



Now considerthe following:

You were admittedto this robot asylum

therefore, youmust be a robot.

Diagnosis complete.

I do other human stuff.

I age. See?

( door opens )

I'm Nurse Ratchet.

Please come with me,won't you?

( ratcheting )