Mochalatta Chills

  • Season 2, Ep 2
  • 01/21/2015

Abbi finally gets the opportunity to train someone at Soulstice, and Ilana hires a group of interns to make a sale for her at Deals Deals Deals.


We would love to use our freepasses to see one movie

and only one movie.

Um, we're gonna see..."Fang for a Fang."

Gotta supportbook adaptations.

You read the book?No.

Thank you.

Okay.Have a good rest.

(man) Gun it, bitch, without that cocaine,

I can't control the other werewolves.

Um, I'm confused.

Chris Rock is killing allthe werewolves,

but he is also a werewolf.

This moviemakes no sense.

I love it.

(woman) I don't care what the principal says, I'm in love with you.

Did you bringany more almond milk?

(chair thumping)Yeah, I just...


I'm just trying--Shh!

I'm just trying...


Do you want any popcorn?

There's Milk Duds onthe bottom, actually.

All right, yeah.

My favorite.


Are you (bleep) kidding me?

That's not cool dude.

Hello, sir, we'd liketo report that the sound

was really subpar.

The Dolby wasnowhere near 5.1--

Great, okay.

See you next week.

♪ Four and three andtwo and one one ♪




♪ There ain't no reason youand me should be alone ♪

♪ Tonight yeah babytonight yeah baby ♪

♪ And I got a reason thatyou're who should ♪

♪ Take me home tonight

♪ I need a man thatthinks it's right ♪

♪ When it's so wrong

♪ Tonight yeah babytonight yeah baby ♪

♪ Right on the limits where weknow we both belong tonight ♪

♪ It's hard tofeel the rush ♪

♪ To brush the dangerous

♪ I'm gonna run right toto the edge with you ♪

♪ Where we can bothfall far in love ♪

♪ I'm on the edge

♪ Of glory

♪ And I'm hangingon a moment of truth ♪

♪ Out on the edge ♪

Hi, Miss Wexler?

Please,call me Ilana.

Actually, call meMiss Wexler.

That was dope.

Okay, I was just wondering--Before you finish,

I want you to know

that you alreadyhave the answers.

Unlock the solutionsdeep within you.

(vocalizing explosion)

Now, get out of here.

Oh, my God.


Please, callme Miss Wexler.

Miss Wexler, I closed onthat nail article.

You made $400 in commission.


Now, go getanother one.

Holy (bleep) moly.

Baby girl, you knowwe can make commission here?

Love ya.

My interns,gather.

Okay, kids, whenI started this day,

I had one goal

and thatwas to get a deal.

But then I learnedwhat commission is,

and now my goal is money,money, money, bitch.

Now, I'm gonna take lunch,but I need you guys to keep it

on, on, on, on, on.

Please don't leave the buildingso that you work and also

I won't be able to sign youback in 'cause I won't be here.


Your fly is down, yeah.


What a cool boss.