Separate But Equal

  • Season 1, Ep 6
  • 04/29/2015

After their falling-out, Jack and Ben each pursue different paths -- with similar degrees of success.

JACK (V.O.) Dolfe Brother Studios, formerly Dolfe Brothers Studios...

needs your help in funding our new movie.

Now that we've shed the dead weight, let's meet the new team.

I'm T. Jackson Dolfe!

Ace cameraman Del Plimpton!

And introducing, P-P-P-Petey Goldberg!

All we need is $1.5 million. Donate now.

Why does it still sayzero dollars?

We're missing something.

A trailer.

We need to shoot something.It's gotta be awesome.

We need explosions.We need action.

We need Petey weightlifting.

We need Del, you jumpingoff tall stuff.

We need to give the peoplea taste of what's to come.


Don't touch him,we'll get in trouble.


All right, let's gothrough this again.

This is Isabella Holgado...

one of the most notorious drugtraffickers in the world.

And this is Marco Chavez,Holgado's right-hand man.

Now we know that atapproximately 6:00 PM...

Harvey Scoles, a localprivate investigatorhired by Diana Dolfe...

is staking out a B and Ethat Del Plimpton and hertwo sons commit...

at a school teacher's residence,for reasons that are stillunclear.

In or around the same time,in the very same house,Chavez shows up.

We know this, because Scoleswas able to shoot a photographof him.

Some time later, Scoles takesan explicit photo and sendsit to Diana Dolfe...

with whom he is apparentlybeen having an affair.

Her husband, Alan Dolfe,sees it, leaves a threateningvoicemail.

Now Scoles ends up with twobullets to the head...

which someone makes a patheticattempt to cover up...

to make it look like a suicide.

I want to know why the privateinvestigator that took Chavez'picture is dead...

and how Holgadois connected to it.

Well, it sounds like an openand shut to me on the husband.

Guy gets pissed off, uh, wife'scheating, loses his cool...

kicks in the door, maybehe says something like...

"You [BLEEP]ed my wife,now prepare to get [BLEEP]edby my gun!"

Pow! Shoots him dead.

What about Chavez?

Maybe the husband paid Chavez aboatload of cash to kill Scoles.


Or, maybe it could'vebeen the wife...

black widow situation.

Says something like...

"I sucked your [BLEEP],now prepare to suck my gun."

Pow! She blows him away.

What about this Del kid?What do you think of him?

I interviewed himon the Staats case.

Weird dude.

Maybe he kicks in the door,"I'll suck your [BLEEP]before you suck my gun!"

And he's got this real derangedlook in his eye...

and he's just screaminghis head off.



All right, no morehypotheticals.

What the hell does a cartelhave to do with a local,suburban family?

I don't know, um, maybe we couldbring 'em all in on RICO chargesfor conspiracy.

Nah, I think we'd needmore information.

Go home, Zdorkin,kiss your wife.

We'll get a fresh startin the morning.

What about you?( MALLOY SCOFFS )

I kissed my wife goodbyea long time ago.

Get some rest.

[KEN]Welcome to the scintillatingworld of toilet cam videos.

Now for me, toilet camsin public bathrooms reallygo hand in hand.

So-- so what am I--what am I editing?

Oh, no, it's moreof a blurring process actually.

The toilet cam industry thriveson a certain voyeurism...

and I don't have the permissionfrom the people in the videos...

to use their faces,and that's where you come in.


And it's just the faces,do not blur genitalia.

Okay.But let me be perfectly clear.

If you blur one vaginaor one penis...

I will [BLEEP] fire you.Do you understand?

Okay, so just sort of blur this.Yes.

With this-- Ben?

Whoa, Ben! He's workingat the porn theater.

That's the porn theater?[BEN] Oh, god.

That is a nice shot.