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Wail Street

Season 2 - Episode 207   |   Aired: 08/11/2011   |   Views: 8,318   |   Comments:

Randall tries to make a quick buck on the Soul Exchange by selling off Mark's immortal soul. Grimes creates a pop icon.


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The Roast of Twayne the Boneraper

Season 2 - Episode 214  |   Aired: 03/21/2012  |   Views: 43,441

Twayne quits after getting roasted at his DOI 10-year anniversary party, leaving Mark in charge. Consequently, Mark almost destroys New York City.

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Journey to the Center of Twayne

Season 2 - Episode 213  |   Aired: 03/14/2012  |   Views: 79,786

When a Lilliputian arsonist escapes custody and hides in Twayne's nose, a miniaturized Leonard, Grimes and Mark enter Twayne's body to bring the fire starter to justice.

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Mummy Dearest

Season 2 - Episode 210  |   Aired: 09/01/2011  |   Views: 26,606

Grimes' judgmental mother rises from the dead, only to criticize everything the DOI's top cop does. A neglected Randall tries to decide if he and Mark will stay roommates.

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Lilly and the Beast

Season 2 - Episode 212  |   Aired: 08/25/2011  |   Views: 16,152

After Callie reveals she's been sleeping with other guys, Mark hooks up with an old college girlfriend to put his "open relationship" to the test. Jenny Slate guest stars.

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Little Ship of Horrors

Season 2 - Episode 209  |   Aired: 08/18/2011  |   Views: 16,069

Twayne throws a cruise ship party, and Mark Lilly is the only one who can save his friend Randall from a horrific plant species infection.