Proposition Infinity

  • Season 6, Ep 4
  • 07/08/2010

Bender leads a campaign to legalize robosexual marriage between humans and robots.


Well, well.

Time to beat him his rights.

Aah, oh, okay!


You know, that don't lookhalf bad on your buttocks.

It does sort ofclass up the place.

(crickets chirping)

(clock chimes)BOOMING VOICE:The time is 4:00 a.m.!

We've been arguingall night, Kif.

Can't we go to bed?

Is that all youever think about?

I'm not just somepiece of tofu, Amy.

I need to know where westand in our relationship.

We're just goingthrough a rough patch.

It is not a patch.

It's been ages, according toyour wildly inappropriate

hunk-of-the-month calendar.

Leave Todd out of this.

Thanks, babe.

Also, today isCanadian Independence Day.

(plays wolf-whistle)


(repeated burping sound)

Oop, that's Bender's ringtone.

I recognize the smell.


Yo, Amy,I'm in the slammer.

Oh, no.That's enough lipout of you, moneybags.

Just get five grandand bail me out.

I don't have that kind of moneylaying around.

Yeah, you do.

You know that floor safewhere you keep ten grand?

There's five grand in there.

Don't make me wait.

We can't tell anyone,not even our coworkers.

Got it. I'll showthe utmost discretion

as we get nastyin this glass tube.

(both moaning)

Ooh, yeah.


I think I'm coming downwith circus-itis.

(sneezes, clown horn honks)

I thought circus-itisonly affected children.

Children of all ages.

Bender, old friend,what's on your face?

Uh... blood.

Uh, you know...shaving of the face beard.

Amy, are those gear imprintson your sweatpants?

Uh, maybe.So what?

Well, I only brought it up'cause Bender's wearing them.

(clears throat)Uh, I stole 'em from her.

Yeah, that's it,call the cops.

Oh, my swollen feet.

I'd better take my pills.

Amy, I reckon sweet talkdon't come natural to me,

but of everyoneI've ever dated,

you are probablyin the top ten.

Aw, you always sayjust the wrong thing

in just the right way.



Robosexuality is an abomination!

Oy, this guy.The good book sayeth

a robot shall not lie downwith a human,

nor do it standing up,

nor at any angle in between.

(onlookers murmuring)Hey, he's right.

I don't like the good book.

Look, a single mother!Let's get her!

(all yelling angrily)