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I Thought My Dad Was Dead, but It Turns Out He's Not

Season 2 - Episode 214   |   Aired: 11/20/2008   |   Views: 5,264   |   Comments:

With her not-dead father Sarah forms a soft rock cover band . Brian spends a ridiculous amount of money on a DVD.


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Smellin' of Troy

Episode 306  |   Aired: 03/11/2010  |   Views: 14

Troy, Sarah's childhood imaginary friend, returns and lures her into a life of sex and drugs. Steve's song that mocks Brian gains immense popularity.

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Episode 307  |   Aired: 02/25/2010  |   Views: 3

Sarah campaigns for "May Kadoody," a fake mayoral candidate. An actual May Kadoody outlaws gay marriage, interfering with Steve's dream of marrying Brian.

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A Slip Slope

Episode 304  |   Aired: 02/18/2010  |   Views: 3

Sarah sues the movie "Home Alone" for influencing her to accidentally murder her new neighbor. Brian seeks revenge on a bird who repeatedly defecates on his head.

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The Silverman and the Pillows

Episode 301  |   Aired: 02/11/2010  |   Views: 0

Wanting to show how easy it is to make children's books and television, Sarah goes on a crusade. Laura informs Brian and Steve that their balls have an unpleasant odor.

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The Proof Is in the Penis

Episode 303  |   Aired: 02/04/2010  |   Views: 3

In an attempt to get Sarah to "man up," Laura falsely informs Sarah that she was born with both a penis and a vagina. Brian and Steve are haunted by a ghost.