February 23, 2016 - The Pope vs. Zika Virus & Black Voters

  • 02/23/2016

Pope Francis suggests using contraceptives to scale back the Zika virus, and Larry discusses issues facing African-American voters with Al Sharpton, Robin Thede and Mike Yard.

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Very great crowd tonight.

AUDIENCE (chanting):Larry! Larry! Larry! Larry!

Thank you so much.

Aw, so kind.So kind.

Yes, yes.

-You are correct.-(applause and chanting stop)

Once again,I don't know how they do it--

every night, they guess my name.I don't know how they do it.

It's weird.I'm Larry Wilmore.

Okay, guys, so last nightour focus was on Nevada

and how the Democratsare pandering

to the Hispanic vote--

Hispandering,we called it, right?

Tonight, we're focusingour attention

on South Carolina,where the deciding factor

will be be the black vote,which means

we get to watch Democraticcandidates kiss some black ass--

yeah, that's pretty much

what they're gonna be doing--

in a segmentthat we like to call

Blaxploitation: A DemocraticParty Joint.

(humming a tune)

Yeah, now, everybody agreesthat black lives really matter

when they equalblack votes, right?

So how do these candidateswin the black vote?

Now, Bernie Sandershas his work cut out for him.

This is South Carolina--when a white guy in the South

asks if a black personwants to feel the Bern...

Yeah, their answer's usuallya polite "No, thanks."

Now, Bernie knows how importantthis is, though--

he's been doing unobvious things

like hanging outwith Killer Mike.

Then he went to Harlem to havebreakfast with Al Sharpton.

So it's like, "What?I'm just having breakfast.

"I always have breakfast

"at famous soul foodrestaurants, you guys.

"I didn't know famous preacherAl Sharpton was gonna be there.

I didn't know."

So apparently having breakfastwith Al Sharpton

is to black voters what dancingon Ellen is to white voters.

That's how it works, right?

Nice moves, Bernie.Got to give you credit.

But Hillary not onlysat down with Sharpton

but also the headsof the NAACP, the Urban League,

and six otherblack organizations.

It was a meeting so black

its only order of businesswas "bidness".

It's true.

I'm not making that up.

I'm not making it up.

But Bernie...Wait, hold on, hold on.

Oh, yeah, oh,thank you very much.

Black Pander...

Black Pander Party, yes.

But Bernie, not to be outdone,

showed he got game

by having Spike Leeendorse him in a radio ad.

SPIKE LEE: And that's why I'm officially endorsing

my brother Bernie Sanders. Bernie takes no money

from corporations. Nada.

Which means he is not on the take.

And when Bernie gets in the White House,

he will do the right thing.


Spike Lee.

It's getting kind of blackin here, y'all.

Hillary said that and said,

"Oh, okay.You want some Black Hollywood?

"I see your 5-foot-6 director

and I raise youthe voice of God."

MORGAN FREEMAN: ...and stands with the president

against those who would undo his achievements,

just like she's always stood with us.

Hillary Clinton.

Damn, Hillary.Ooh.

She's basically saying,"Uh, black people,

you know God wants meto be president, right?"

Hello?That was God.

But this is a tight racefor the black vote.

No, you know, here'swhat we're gonna need.

We're gonna need a neutral arena

where you guys canfight this out, mano a mano.

Oh, God... God!

What-what network would beright with this? I just...

ANNOUNCER: You're watching a BET News special.

Black Votes Matter.

With Hillary Clinton

and Bernie Sanders.

Of course.

BET-- why didn'tI think of that?

This is true, you guys.This is true.

Originally, the specialwas supposed to be called

"Talking Black:A BET News Special

with Hillary Clintonand Bernie Sanders."

Why do youhave to have editors, BET, why?

All right, you guys,come on, talk black.

You drive in a car, all right?

I drive in another car,same car,

we're the same age,all that stuff.

You will be more likely tobe stopped by a police officer

than I will be. That has to dowith racial profiling,

that has to do with racism.

Look at Marc Lamont Hill's face.

That's calledthe "no (bleep)" face.

Why are you actinglike you just discovered this?

I mean, what's Berniegonna tell him next?

I don't know if you realizethis, but there's a place

called the projects where...

Hold on, hold on.

Where poor black people live.It's a horrible place. Horrible.

Really? I did not know that.Thank you, sir.

But I got to give Berniecredit-- he went through

institutional racismand he kept it 100.

All right. All right, Hillary.All right, talk black.

Who's the African-American voterthat your campaign is targeting?

'Cause we say...-As many as possible.


Hillary, um, just a little tip.

Uh, when talking about

"targeting black people," um...

you probably shouldn't say"as many as possible," okay?

Just a little tip.Okay...

So Hillary has a slight edgewith her black friends,

but Bernie's got a slight edge

with being downwith the cause, okay?

So it's all even, right?Okay, for more on this

we're gonna goto Black Headquarters,

where Robin Thede, Mike Yard andHolly Walker are standing by.

-Hey, guys! Okay!-Larry, we are swamped here

at Black Headquarters.I mean, this has been

-the blackest Black HistoryMonth ever. -Yep.

-It's insane.-Really? H-How so?

Well, we've got the OscarsSo White coming up this Sunday.

Yeah. We're still dealingwith Beyoncé

-and that Black Pantherbull(bleep). -And I...

-and I'm on Kanye tweet watch24/7. -Yep.

-Oh, my God. Kanye?-Yeah.

-Oh, God. Oh, God.-What? What? What? -What? What?

I think... I thinkhe just endorsed Trump.

-Oh, no! Oh, my God.-Oh, God! Ugh! -Why? Why? Why?

Okay, okay, okay. Guys,I-I had no idea so much went

-into Black Headquarters.-Yeah. -Yeah.

-Oh, hey, guys. Breaking news.-What is it?

Ben Carson just saidObama was raised white.

-Oh, (bleep). -Oh, (bleep).-What? That's crazy.

Oh, I better be getting overtimefor this one.

-Okay, guys, guys,-We're gonna be here all night.

I'm gonna need you to focus,okay?

Who's going to win theblack vote, Bernie or Hillary?

Well, they got to do morethan just talk, you know?

We want actionable, effectivepolicy that will address things

-like police brutality,mass incarceration, -Right.

-unemployment, drinkable water,-Yeah.

me gettingKendrick Lamar's phone number.

-But that's just me. -Yeah.Me, too. -Wait, wait, wait.

-That sounds like an odd one.-Well, it's what we want.

Okay, who has the edge?Does anybody have the edge?

Well, Larry, you got the youngBlack Lives Matter movement

-aligning heavily with Bernie-Okay.

and then the smooth jazzolder black crowd

-pulling strong for Hillary.-Yeah.

-That's how it's sizing upright now. -Wait,

-"smooth jazz"?-Yeah.

Yeah, Larry. You know, the blackpeople that wear linen pants

and go... and sandalsand go to Al Jarreau concerts

in the summertime?

-Those are my people.-Those are... Yeah.

-Wow.-You know them.

Well, so far, it lookslike smooth jazz is in the lead

-though. -Yeah. Yeah.-I didn't know.

I didn't know smooth jazz wasa category. Okay.

But let me ask you this.

What about the exploitationof victims' family members?

Hillary used Sandra Bland's momin ads, and Bernie's used

Eric Garner's daughterto rally support.

-Do you think that's okay?-Well, Larry,

blaxploitation for votesis a special issue.

-We've got a guy for that.Hey, Rev! -Oh, yeah. -Okay.

(cheering and applause)

Oh, my God!

Oh, my goodness.


Tell Kanye I need more crazytweets, one every 15 minutes.

-Okay. We're on it. We're on it.-Oh, my God.

Reverend Al Sharpton. Of courseyou're in Black Headquarters.

I should've known. Reverend,is it okay for candidates

to use victims' family membersto rally support?

Oh, you're asking is it okayto provide some comfort

to victims' familiesand shine light on atrocities

that have been previously keptin the dark?

-Heck, yeah!-Okay. All right.

-So...-(cheering and applause)

what about this then?

Who is Black Headquarters goingto tell black people

to officially endorse?

Black Headquarters will beselecting a candidate soon,

and black people will be alertedwho to vote for

if we could ever getthis one issue figured out.

Which issue is that?

Larry, Beyoncé just announceda world tour.

We're focusedon getting some darn tickets.

I figured it was gonna be that.Robin Thede,

Holly Walker, Mike Yard,and the Reverend Al Sharpton!

From Black Headquarters,everyone! We'll be right back!

-Oh, my God!-(cheering and applause)

-♪ -What's up? I'm Mike Yard,

keeping black history 100for The Nightly Show.

The NFL's Willie Thrower broke the color barrier

for quarterbacks when he played in a single game

for the Chicago Bears in 1953.

But here's a fun fact:nobody believed him,

not even his neighbors,not until ABC ran a piece

about Black History Monthin 2002,

49 years after it happened!

And then he died a year later!

Man, that is cold.

Happy Black History Month!

Okay, welcome back!

Now, for the past several weeks,everybody's been worried

about Zika, which isa mosquito-borne virus

spreading through Latin Americaand not, as I first thought,

a fizzy cough syrup-flavoredalcoholic beverage.

I did not know that.

Now, doctors have linked Zikato birth defects,

but since most of Latin Americais Catholic,

many women don't have accessto birth control.

Now, luckily, it's 2016 andCatholics have a cool new Pope

with a Latin American flair.

So what does Francis have to sayabout the virus?

REPORTER: On his return flight from Mexico, the Pope said

artificial contraceptives could be used to prevent

the sexual transmission of Zika.

Wow. Allowing contraceptives?

So the Pope's down with fun sex?

Uh, not just obligatory sex?

This is even coolerthan that time he got

those #blessed grills.

That was awesome.

I thought he was cool then.

Okay, so how will the Pope'swords translate into action?

To find out, we turn to our ownGrace Parra, live in Colombia.

-(cheering and applause)-Hi! Hello! Thank you!

-Hi, Grace.-Thank you, Larry. Yes and yes.

I am here in tropical Cartagena,

where this hot new Zika virushas everyone buzzing.

SINGER:♪ Nightly! Nightly!

Oh, wait, wait, wait.Hold on. Grace, Grace, Grace.

Grace, you're not turning this

into anotherentertainment segment, are you?

-Oh, no, of course not, Larry.-Okay.

-Zika is serious.-WILMORE: Yes!

And spreading as fast asJustin Bieber's latest single.


But will mosquitoescatch our Bieber fever?

♪ Nightly! Nightly!

-(buzzing)-No, no, no, Grace.

Grace, please stop that.

Just tell me, how...?

-(laughter) -Just tell mehow people are staying safe.

Like, what kind of...?

What kind of protective gearare you wearing?

I'm sorry. Did you say who am I wearing, Larry?

No, I did not say...

I am in red-carpet ready nettingfor Yves Saint Laurent.

And DEET.(imitates buzzing)

Say good-bye, fast casual.

2016's new lookis survival chic.

♪ Nightly! Nightly!

Okay, stop it, Grace.Just stop it, okay?

Please. I want some real factsabout this disease.

Just give mesome real facts, please.

Oh... okay. Um... well.

-Um...-You can do it. Come on.

-The, uh, Zika virus...-Yeah?

-...isn't just causedby mosquitoes. -Okay.

It's also spreadby sexual intercourse.

Well, yeah, that's true, it isspread by sexual intercourse.

-That's right.-Right.

-And speaking of...-(laughter)

...who will Leonardo DiCaprio...-WILMORE: No...

...be taking homeon Oscar night?

And by who, I mean, how many.

♪ Nightly! Nightly!

(laughter, applause)

What are you doing?!


All right, Grace,stop it, please.

All right, what about the pope?

He saidwomen can use contraceptives,

but do women in these countrieseven have access to them?

-Nope, not really. Nope.-(laughter)

-These countriesare super Catholic. -Right.

But don't worry, Larry.

They do have access to Colombianstarlet Sofia Vergara.


How does Sofia Vergarabeing Columbian help

when Zika is linkedto pregnancy?

Oh, oh, my God.

Oh, my God, folks, you have justheard a Nightly exclusive

from Larry Wilmore.

-Sofia Vergara is pregnant!-WILMORE: No!

♪ Nightly! Nightly!

-Ah, boo-boo, baby.-I never said that! Grace?

-Ah, boo-boo, baby, baby.-Grace!

-Gaba, boo-boo.-Grace!

Why can't you take this virusseriously?

Well, it isn't serious yet,

because there's nocelebrity face to it.

Do you think people care aboutsick, nameless South Americans?

I hope so!

No, Larry, no, no,we can't care about a disease

until we care about somebodyfamous who has the disease.

Oh, you mean like-like Magic,with HIV, or Michael J. Fox,

like Parkinson's,like that kind of thing?

Exactly, Larry,

and what Zika really needsis a celebrity named Zika,

just like how

Lou Gehrig's diseasefound a guy named Lou Gehrig.

-WILMORE: No, no.-(laughter and groaning)

Coincidence much?

-♪ Nightly! Nightly! -WILMORE: No, no, I...

Grace, there is so much wrongwith that statement.

Grace Parra, everyone.We'll be right back!

-(cheers and applause)-That is not how it went down.

-(cheers and applause) -Welcomeback. I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Mike Yard.

(applause and cheering)

And Nightly Show contributor Robin Thede.

(cheers and applause)

And he's a civil rightsand social justice activist,

as well as the hostof both PoliticsNation

which airs Sundayat 8:00 a.m. on MSNBC,

and the radio show, Keepin' It Real with Reverend Al Sharpton,

which airs weekdaysfrom 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Of course,the Reverend Al Sharpton!

-(cheers and applause)-Yeah, and for everyone at home,

join our conversationright now on Twitter

@NightlyShow,using the hashtag #Tonightly.

Reverend, I'm glad you're here,because I really wanted

to talk about the black vote.

There's so many issues withthe black vote, uh, and, for me,

it seems like Hillary hassomewhat of an advantage now.

I mean, she's got Obamaas her black friend.

Pretty powerful. Right?

She's marriedto the first black president.


-Obama was the firstblack president. -Right. Yeah.

I agree with that.It's in dispute, I guess, right?

-She visited, uh...-(laughter)

And now, now she visits the setof Scandal, right?

-YARD: Yeah.-THEDE: Yes!

That was a full-blownblack attack.

Let's be honest about that.

Um, does Bernie, um,have a realistic chance

of getting the black vote?What's your take on that?

I mean, I think thatif he addresses the issues...


...and can convince people

that they can trust that he willenact them, he does.

-Do you guys... do you thinkBernie has a shot? -THEDE: Yeah.

I think Bernie has a shot ofgetting the black vote, and once

he gets that one,Hillary will get the rest.

-(laughter)-YARD: I mean, no...

But it seems likehe's creating a lot of passion

among a lot of voters,not, you know...

And some of the passionyou can see is, like,

in the black intellectual class.

People like Michelle Alexandercame out...

-Right. -...with thatkind of a scathing...

-Yeah. -Right.-...takedown of Hillary.

Ta-Nehisi Coates,uh, supporting him.

Uh, so a lot of people,and a lot of young people,

who are relatingto issues on education,

-and issues on social justice.-YARD: Right.

Well, and they're raising issues

-that we had problemsin the '90s. -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

Uh, Hillary has saida lot of them were mistakes,

-even president Obama...-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.

...uh, in termsof mass incarceration...

-WILMORE: Right.-...and other issues.

WILMORE:If we had to boil it down

to one issue, what would be themost important issue out there?

Would it be Obama's legacy?

Is it jobs? Or is itsomething like criminal justice?

For me, you wantto help black people? Jobs.

Good-paying jobs, okay?

A lot of our problems disappearif we have good-paying jobs.

-You don't got to sell crackif you got a good job. -Mm-hmm.

You don't got to rob nobo...Well, depends on who you rob.

-But what I'm saying...-(laughter)

Jobs, man-- that's the mostimportant thing in my mind.

My-my sister's been out of workfor, you know, over two years.

My son's mother's been outof work for, like, four years.

-We need jobs! -THEDE: Why'd youput them on blast, though?

I'm just saying, get them a job.

-WILMORE: Yeah.-(laughter)

Well, and I think it's more...I think jobs is part of it,

but I think we havea variety of issues--

it's not just one thing.

I think we needto see a candidate

who's gonna come out and say,

"I'm not just targetingblack people

"with these three issues,I'm thinking about black people

-in every decision I make."-And I think that's...

see, I think that's the problem,

-is that we get pinpointedin one area. -Right. -Exactly.

-So they come talk to usabout one aspect, -Yes.

rather than-- we want whateverybody gets across the board.

And I think thatby just talking to us like, oh,

-you have these set problems,like we're different, -Right.

is really in many wayscondescending.

-Reverend, do you think...-THEDE: That's right.

-(applause, whooping)-do you think, um... Go.

Do you thinkthe black community--

and I'm talking about the blackcommunity in a general sense,

the voting black community--do you think they give away

a lot of their leverageby voting so heavily Democratic?

I think thatthe leverage is compromised

because you have to voteyour interests,

and it's not like anyonehas come and tried

to, uh, competeby talking our interests.

I hear a lot of peopletalk that,

"Why don't you all playboth parties?"

Well, why don't both partiescome play to us?

You remind me, Larry,when I was in school

and my friend said, "Who arewe going to the prom with?"

There wasn't but one girlthat would go with us.


-The choices are limited. Right.-THEDE: Yeah.

You're only as goodas your options, right?

Yeah. Some of this feelslike a referendum on Obama,

some of the energy out there.

It always is gonna be thatfrom the other side.

You know, how do... how doesthe black community feel

about how Obama's done?

-Happy? -Well, Mike and Idisagree about that.

-YARD: I... Listen, I...-And I've asked this before,

and I want to get your take on--go ahead, Mike.

I am very happy thatwe had a black president,

I voted for him twice, but wegot blazed in his presidency.

We really did. If you look atthe numbers, it's ugly for us.

You know?You got higher unemployment,

double that of whites,you got 38% of black kids

living under poverty,you know? You got...

We can't even get business loansfrom the Obama Administration.

One percentof the money allotted was given

-to black businesses. -Whatfigures have you looked at,

-Mike...-The labor statistics.

-When Bush was president,-Mm-hmm.

blacks were 16% unemployed;we're now eight percent.

-The average was ten percentunder Bush. -Wait a minute,

-It's 14% under Obama.-whoa, whoa, whoa. No.

But we are now at eight percent.

-Uh-huh. -Still double white,half of what it was.

-More black people...-But why are we okay with that,

-though, Reverend Al?-But why are you...

Wait a minute.Why are you distorting facts?

You said you lookedat the figures.

-I'm not distorting anything.These are the numbers. -50%...

-Uh-huh. -50% cut inblack unemployment under Obama.

We've gotten... 19 millionpeople got health care,

a disproportionate amount black.

We've got a presidentthat appointed

not one, but twoblack attorney generals

that started dealing withmass incarceration and all.

I think that Obamadid a great job.

-(applause, cheering)-I'm talking about economically.

Economo... Yeah, he...More kids graduated high school

under Barack Obama, yeah,we got better health care.

But, I mean, economicallywe're still getting played.

What I'm tired of iseverybody down on the brother.

If he came outof the White House tomorrow

and walked on the Potomac River,some people would say,

"Told you the brothercouldn't swim."

-(laughter)-Yeah, that's cute.

Nobody's saying he has answeredall the problems.

And I'm not blaming him solely.

-But that's what I'm saying.-But he's the leader, and

-he promised hope and change.-And what he's had to fight.

I mean,think of what he's had to fight.

I mean, here's a man whothey'll yell, "You're lying"

in the middle of hisState of the Union Address,

-THEDE: Right.-ask his birth certificate.

For him to be able to getthe Affordable Care Act

and deal with jobsand all of that,

against the headwind he went,I give him a lot of credit.

Listen, I give hima standing ovation

-(applause, cheering)-for affordable health care.

I give him a standing ovationfor that.

But economically,I'm sorry, I'm disappointed.

I just find it ironic,the guy who demanded

to see his birth certificatemay be our next president.

-(groans) -I keep telling youthat's not happening.

I think that, uh, one,I hope everybody votes

and we get a president thatwill continue what's going on.

But I'm gonnatell you something,

if you wonderhow Bernie or Hillary

will get the black voteand every other vote,

let Trump be the nominee.

-We'll all vote for them.-All right! -Damn right!

We'll see what's gonna happen.We'll be right back.


If you live in the New York City area,

or plan to visit, grab free tickets to The Nightly Show.

Thanks to my panel--it's Mike Yard,

Robin Thedeand Reverend Al Sharpton.

We're almost out of time,but before,

I got to Keep It 100.

-♪ -Thank you very much.

All right, tonight's questionis from @ticonderoga22.

(laughs): They ask-- if Trumpcame out in favor of reparations

for all African Americans,would you vote for him?

-Uh-oh. Mm-hmm.-Keep It 100.

-Don't stall.-No, here's the thing.

-He's stalling.-No, no, no.

Oh, yeah. I know a lot of peoplewant reparations.

I'm not gonna be trickedinto voting for Trump.

I'm telling, I wouldnever trust anything he said

-about that, so I say no.-(cheering)

No, no, no.Thanks for watching.

Don't forget to ask me to KeepIt 100 questions on Twitter.

Good Nightly, everyone.See? I got it.

-♪ -(cheering) -Good job, man.

MAN: Ooh, sorry.