Smoke and Believe

  • Season 1, Ep 9
  • 12/30/2013

Tension mounts between Brody and his crew over their fear that his frequent pot use will lead to another manic episode.

♪ Cruising down the street in the Valley ♪

What movie is that?Who is that right there?

Hey, Zach, it's Brody...

I wish I was in Hangover 3.



I have to live with that now.

You were in Hangover 1,you did good.

You were in Hangover 2,you were interesting.

Why aren't you in Hangover 3?What did you do wrong?

This the biggest comedyof all-time.

They don't work their scheduleor their scripts...

around the fact thatBrody Stevens...

has to be in this movie.It's okay.

He'll be in, you know,whatever the next thing is.

You're not gonna put mein Hangover 3?

I was in Hangover 1.I was in Hangover 2.

I should be in Hangover 3,but I'm not.

[BLEEP] that movie.


Westwood, California...

home of my 17-day stayat the UCLA Psych Ward.

From the psych wardto the streets...

Steven Brody Stevens reportinglive from the Hangover 3premiere.

Ken Jeong, what was itlike working with Zach?

Oh, not as good as workingwith Brody Stevens,Steven Brody Stevens.

You got it.Nothing compares to that.


You look great.You look great.

He's my-- thank you.I love you, Bradley.

Here comes Zach.Here comes Zach.

Mr. Galifianakus,Steven Brody Stevens.

Hey, Brody.

Are you excitedabout this premiere?

What's with your look?

My fedora or my glasses?

The fedora is a terrible look.

I'm media now,I'm not talent anymore.

Yeah, but every [BLEEP] actorwears a fedora.

How was the vibe on the setthis go around?

Without you there?

Just in general, how was thevibe? Did everything go smooth?

Because I was involved in thetaser scene, that was a classic.

I was on top at the Le Bua Hotelin Bangkok, flew me out there.

Business class.

The production didn't fly youout there, I flew you out there.

Yeah, but you had miles.

That really bothers me, Zach,when you say you flew me outthere to Bangkok.

How do you think itmakes me feel?

I'm so proud of you, Zach.

I'm so proud of you.

Hold on,I'm gonna Vine this.

WOMAN (O.S.)I don't think it's gonna work.

Hold on,stay right there, guys.



Wagner, just like,let me smoke pot when I went...

when I want.

Brody, I only havea small nugget.

But when you saidit makes me aggressive...

that pissed me off.

But then when you said theaggression, that [BLEEP]pissed me off.

So now you got me backto thinking that.

Well, don't be a [BLEEP] doctor.

You are.

Don't bring up about me smokingpot and making aggressive.

You did.You did today.

Pot makes me aggressive.

What makes you a doctor?

You're not a doctor,you're a PA on my project.

Shut your mouth and get mecoffee.

The weed, he's very defiantabout.

He claims that, you know,it's recreational.

That it doesn't affect himnegatively.

But every single doctorand expert will tell you...

that what he has and themedication he's on...

it's probably the worst thingyou can do.

It is pretty common for patientsin general, when givena specific diagnosis...

like bi-polar disorder,to resist it.

Not accept what's going on,not accept the recommendedtreatment.

Why do you want to takepot away from me?

CAMERA (O.S.)Because of the potential for itto be a trigger...

that could push youinto another episode...

because you're diagnosedas bipolar.

Are you kidding me?I'm not bipolar.

12:45, Comedy Store, you got it.I'll be there.

All right, bye.

Huh? What the--

Dad... you're home early.

Yeah, early enough to finda marijuana stick under mydaughter's backpack.

It's not mine. I was holding itfor a friend.

I wasn't born yesterday.

You're bipolar. You shouldn'tbe smoking marijuana.It can trigger a relapse.

Why don't you stop smoking pot?

Because it makes me feel goodand helps with my comedy.

You're bipolar.

I'm not bipolar. I haveadult-onset autism.

No. Bipolar.

You-- you don't take that tone--

You're bipolar.I'll take away your internetaccess.

Say goodbye to MySpace.You want to play that game?

I'm your father.

And you're bipolar.

You're bipolar.You're bipolar.

You are bipolar.You are bipolar.

You're bipolar.You're bipolar.

You're bipolar.You're bipolar.

You're bipolar.You're bipolar.

You're bipolar.You're bipolar.



Does whoever is treating yousign off on that? Do theylet you--

They don't like it.So, it's not a good thing.

It's not a good thing.

It's usually not with bipolar.

But, I'm fine. I'm happy.

You can trust your own insight?Yes, I do.

Because part of theseconditions-- you lose insightat certain times.

We had an incident yesterday,on the set.

And I did smoke pot in betweenshoots to celebrate.

Do you think that addedto the irritability, maybe?

Um...Somehow? Somehow.

It's possible.Right, it makes some sense.

This is how he said it,"Go the [BLEEP] back to Venice."

I don't care. I'm here to work.I'm here to make a show.

You have energy.I mean, like an aggression.

Dr. Drew, I'm good.I'll bring it down a notch.

I'm on Lamictal, I'm fine.

But I'm worried that if youdon't reel it in, you couldget rolling again.

But you're on meds, so it'sreally unlikely gonna happenon 300 Lamictal.

I'm going here to make a point.Yeah, yeah.

And then I bring it back down,because I'm on Lamictal.

Even with optimal treatment,patients will relapse.

So, even if you're onappropriate mood stabilizers...

it's not a guarantee thatyou're not going to haveanother episode.

You heard Dr. Drew?

He just said I take Lamictal,so I'm not gonna have a manicepisode. He said that.

I do! I go to my doctors.

Two, three times during theproduction I yelled...

and I'm getting [BLEEP]a million phone calls?

Almost everyone workingwith you...

thinks your intensity has goneup in the last two weeks.

That's another one.That's a fact.

Name the times in the two weekswhere I was intense?

Go ahead, Joe. Oh, by the way, we can.

Name them. Count them.

Amped up? Yeah, because youdidn't know how to runa [BLEEP] meeting.

MIKE (O.S.)Brody, what's this right now?

Because he's [BLEEP] bringingnegative energy.

I know Wagner. I read it.

MIKE (O.S.)Brody, he's concerned.

Don't conc-- then you knowwhat, Wagner?

Lose [BLEEP] 100 poundsand get off a couch.

You're concerned about me?I'm concerned about you.

MIKE (O.S.):Brody, you're being aggressiveand you're attacking Joe.

He's bringing it on.

MIKE (O.S.):You asked him to listthe negative things.

You're so funny.MIKE (O.S.): You did!

Go ahead, name 'em.

See? I told you.

Then [BLEEP] quit.

Uh, not currently.

Uh, not that I'm aware of.

There are significant concerns.

He needs support, whether it'sfrom me or somebody else.

I think I'm in trouble again.

CAMERA (O.S.):Why is that?I was yelling at Joe.

I sent some mean textsand then Iannis calling me,but who knows?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Because it has become a businessrelationship, whereas...

I'm not comfortable with that.

We don't hang outlike we used to.

And that's, you know...

on a personal level,that bums me out a little bit.

It is hard to make it,without a partner.

It can be your best friendin the world.

It could be a woman,it could be a man, whatever.

To bounce [BLEEP] off of.

And apparently, you know, itsounded like he had a greatmother.

And his sister, whatever.

But that's not enough.

for your friend.

You also get mad at your friend.You get livid.

And it's not right to get madat him...

because he's just not yet firingon all those things in the brainthat need to be fired.

We're doing a show on a guy whowas in a psych ward...

and he's on medication,but let's treat him likeeverybody else.

You're two minutes late!You're an [BLEEP]!

Oh, my god, you'reunprofessional.

You smell like pot.Everyone's sick of you!

But I'm on meds.Sorry.

I was in a hospital,you can't have it both ways.

So, if I'm on meds andI'm "bipolar", and Ihave a condition...

then treat me that way.

You know, maybe you guysdon't know how to handlea loose cannon.

You're gonna call yourselfa producer, then produce.

Nowadays, everybody thinksit's normal.

And we all act as if it'stotally cool to be filmedall the time.

That's [BLEEP] up.

What if you turned your [BLEEP]off... for eight days?

What if you don't makea TV show?

That's when the real bonkersis gonna happen.

I mean, I wouldn't, if I werehim, he's got a deal.

He's got 12 on the air,let's [BLEEP] go.

Let's make it funny.

Let's get writers to talkabout me being bipolarand then let's punch it up.

And let's have camerasaround more.

Yeah, that's gonna help.

Are you kidding me? I'm gonnasmash all these cameras and allthese lights...

and put them ona goddamn lockdown.