Spanish Fry

  • Season 5, Ep 12
  • 02/29/2008

Fry goes in search of his nose after poachers sell it on the black market as an aphrodisiac.

( birds chirping )

( sighs )

( all yawning )

There's nothing so refreshing

as the clean, crisp tasteof this bold, Canadian beer.

Well, see you in an hour.

I got to go do some businessbehind that tree.

( zipper rasping, Bender grunting )

Come on, you!

( yells )

Bender, wasn't thatFry's tent?

( mockingly ):Wasn't that Fry's tent?

Bender raisesa good point.

Where is Fry?

( panting )

( chattering )

Amy, you won't believewhat happened!

It was so scarythat you wouldn't...

( screams )

I know, but listen,it gets even scarier.

Fry, what in Sega Genesishappened to you?

That's what I'm tryingto tell you. See...

Why are you all staringat me like that?

Is there something on my face?

Uh, no.

Someone should tell him.

Tell me what?Nothing.

Well, I have a lot of experiencetelling patients bad news

so let me break itto him gently.

Fry, you have no nose!

Your nose is gone!

You have no noseon your face!

Where it is,I can't say

but on your face it's not.


( shrieks )

Aw, I think it's sweet.

You chopped off your nose

so you could look more likeyour hero-- me, Bender.

My God, they must havetaken it last night.

Which last night?

In the woods.I was walking.

For Big Foot, looking.

And then aliens beamed me up.

Were they little gray dudeswith the big oval heads?

I don't get that gesture.Am I wrong?

Cheer up, friend.

If I buy eight Caramello bars,you all get to go to some camp?

Yep. That's exactlythe lie we used

to get pastyour guards.

Oh, great space king

I humbly beg youto return my human horn.

What... human horn?

How ridiculous.

Why would a virile malelike Lrrr need human horn?

I don't even knowwhat it's for.

What is it?Something you putin salad dressing?

Like you've everseen a salad.

My weight is appropriateand attractive.

Whoa, you guyshave issues.

She has issues. I'm fine.

But there's no human hornaround here

so make friends with the door.

All right, I give up.

I guess I'll just go homeand marry a skunk.

( sobbing )

Oh, let's just give it to him.


My nose! Light of my face!

Uh, what is that?

How do you havethat, Ndnd?

I've never seen it before.

My friend left it here.

Hold still, Fry.

I can reattach it withmy emergency face laser.

( tone )

Hey, you burned my cheek!

Yeah, sorry.I wasn't really concentrating.

No, I mean the singed flesh--I can smell it.

( sniffs )

And those lilacson the table.

At least someone noticed.

For the last time,I don't like lilacs!

Your first wife was the onewho liked lilacs.

She also likedto shut up.