Where No Fan Has Gone Before

  • Season 4, Ep 12
  • 02/15/2008

The Planet Express crew is pitted against the cast of "Star Trek" in a battle to the death.

We're entering the Omega system.

( alarm blaring )

COMPUTER VOICE:Warning, you are nowin forbidden space.

Forbidden, shmer-shmidden.

What are they going to do,write a letter?

Ooh, I'm so scared.

I've lost control of the ship!

You lost control of the ship?

( terrified scream )

( gasps )

Oh, dip.

Dip indeed.

FRY:It's all stuff fromthat forbidden show.

So many cardboard sets.

So many memories.

If only the others...

SHATNER:I guess that's my cue.



Hey, this is wonderful.

Oh, man.

I feel like hugging you.

Well, I would exceptyou have no body.

And we're both men.

NIMOY:Nichelle! George!Walter! DeForest!



We did somemusical reunion specials

in the 2200s

but the guy who played Scottyhad trouble yodeling.

Ever since then, Welshy has beena welcome participant

in our escapades.


( speaks Welsh )

I can't believe it.

How'd you allend up here?

We where on our wayto Welshy's cousin's house

to stay in the guest room

when our ship was pulled downto this planet and crashed

just like yours.

When we woke up,we had these bodies.

Say it in Russian.

( sighs )

Vhen ve voke up,ve had vhese wodies.

Ew! Now say "nuclear wessels."


We love it here.

Everything is provided for usand we never age.

Check out these abs.


But who's doingall this for you?

You know,we never thought about it.

We're famous celebrities.

We're used to thissort of treatment.

so we only have timefor six movies.

Let's take these six Jim Carreymovies and record over them.

You know what six moviesaverage out to be really good?

The first six Star Trek movies.

( all gasps )

Everybody hit the deck!

Shh. Those words are forbidden.

What words? "Star Trek"?

( alarm whirring )

Shut your gills.Shh.

( siren blaring )

That sound--it's patrol car 718! Hide him!

( grunts )

( humming )

( beeping )

The court is intrigued.

Perhaps we could hear moreabout these forbidden words

from someone with a sexily

seductive voice.

With pleasure.

You see, the show was bannedafter the Star Trek Wars...

You mean the vast migrationof Star Wars fans?

No. That was the Star Wars Trek.

( whirring )

By the 23rd Century, Star Trek fandom

had evolved from a looseassociation of nerds

with skin problems

into a full-blown religion.

And Scotty beamed themto the Klingon ship

where they would beno tribble at all.

ALL:All power to the engines.

NICHOLS' HEAD: As country after country fell under its influence

world leaders became threatenedby the movement's power.

And so the Trekkies were executed

in the manner most befitting virgins.

He's dead, Jim.

He's dead, Jim.

He's dead, Jim.

WALTER KOENIG'S HEAD: Finally, the sacred texts were banned.

TAKEI'S HEAD: The last copies of the 79episodes and six movies

were dumped on the forbiddenworld Omega Three

along with that blooper reel

where the door doesn't close all the way.

( static )

Thus Star Trek was forever

scoured from human memory.

Another classicscience fiction show

canceled before its time.

( clicks tongue )

I've never heard of sucha brutal and shocking injustice

that I cared so little about.

Next witness?

Bender the robot,please take the stand.

She's all yours, buddy.

I had only metthe defendant, Fry, once

but I knew he was up to no good.

Please use the beeps.


( beeping )