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Dillon Garcia, Paul Varghese & Rudy Moreno

Season 1 - Episode 102   |   Aired: 10/13/2011   |   Views: 13,536   |   Comments:

Dillon Garcia isn't the best at hide-and-seek, and Paul Varghese doesn't want to talk about "Slumdog Millionaire" anymore.


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Trevor Noah & Dov Davidoff

Season 2 - Episode 201  |   Aired: 10/04/2012  |   Views: 4,912

Trevor Noah's parents were South African mavericks, and Dov Davidoff proposes a screening process for would-be parents.

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Cristela Alonzo, Larry Omaha & Maz Jobrani

Season 1 - Episode 106  |   Aired: 11/10/2011  |   Views: 52,698

Cristela Alonzo hates asking for directions, Larry Omaha always gets mistaken for other races, and Maz Jobrani encourages everyone to speak in their native tongue.

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Zhivago Blea, Cleto Rodriguez & Edwin San Juan

Season 1 - Episode 105  |   Aired: 11/03/2011  |   Views: 20,138

Zhivago Blea's look is more about weed than Jesus, Cleto Rodriguez learned a lot in his first year of marriage, and Edwin San Juan hams it up at the DMV.

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Shaun Latham, Tommy Chunn & Carlos Oscar

Season 1 - Episode 103  |   Aired: 10/27/2011  |   Views: 11,284

Shaun Latham got into a lot of fights because of his lazy eye, Tommy Chunn knows the pros and cons of big breasts, and Carlos Oscar doesn't approve of pinatas.

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Dennis Gaxiola, Noe Gonzalez & Thea Vidale

Season 1 - Episode 104  |   Aired: 10/20/2011  |   Views: 12,223

Dennis Gaxiola and his wife experiment with role-play, Noe Gonzalez uses his height to help others, and Thea Vidale promotes legalizing marijuana.