January 6, 2016 - Barack Obama's Tears & Violence in America

  • 01/06/2016

Critics slam the president for shedding tears during a speech on gun control, and Larry examines the media's role in violence with Wesley Morris, Ricky Velez and Robin Thede.

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Uh, now, yesterday, PresidentObama gave a very moving speech

outlining his executive actionson gun control.

And to give you a littleperspective, you guys...

on America's relationshipwith gun violence, okay?

Today is, what--January 6, right?

There have already been170 deaths

because of gun violencein this country this year.

Jan... Yes, January 6.

It's not even been a week.

Baby New Year doesn't evenhave object permanence yet.


All right, so what action

did the presidentexecute executively?

MAN: Under the president's new executive actions,

a warning to nearly all gun sellers

to conduct background checks or risk prosecution.


MAN: Plus new FBI and ATF agents,

$500 million for mental health care,

and a new push to develop "smart gun" technology.


We understand there are some

constraints on our freedom

in order to protect

innocent people.

We cherish our right to privacy.

But we accept that you have togo through metal detectors

before being allowedto board a plane.


Mr. President, if you're tryingto sell people on this plan...

comparing it to somethingeveryone hates

is not the way to go.

Uh, here, try some of thispecan pie I made.

Um, it's brown,just like human feces.

Go on.No, go on.


Eat it.

Just take a little...

Mmm, that's very good.

Yes. Okay,then there was the moment

everyone's talking about.

First graders in Newtown.

Every timeI think about those kids,

it gets me mad.

And by the way,

it happens on the streetsof Chicago every day.



I mean, Obama's, uh, tearsprompted a swift reaction

from former SpeakerJohn Boehner.

"The president has never respected

"that crying is what I do.

"Nobody in Washington ever cried

"before John Boehner started crying.

"And now he's Mr. Waterworks on live television?

"GTFO, Obama.

Tears are my thing, K?"

Wow.What a nasty, uh...


Just kidding, just kidding.

But seriously, watchinga sitting U.S. president

tear up over the deathsof children as he tries

to affect change in a seeminglyintransigent system?

Whew, I mean, there's got to besomething really wrong with you

if you find fault with that.

Or I could sayhow did Fox News respond?

It's about somethingthat feels political,

that feels somewhat insincere.

I-It just didn't seemhorribly authentic.

So I would check that podiumfor, like, a raw onion

or some No More Tears.

I mean, I just...It's-it's not really believable.

The guy criesabout dead children

and you've got notes?

I mean, first off,everyone knows

if you want to make a grown mancry you don't use onions,

you show him the Bing Bongscenes from Inside Out.


Right?That was sad.

♪ Who's your friendwho likes to play? ♪

♪ Bing Bong...

♪ Bing Bong.

Crying for that.

I mean, Jesus,has mourning dead children

really become a partisan issue?

This is how knee-jerkthe Obama criticism has gotten.

Some on Fox actuallycriticized the president

for not crying more.

Where was that emotionfor the victims

of San Bernardino terror attack

and where's the emotion callingIslamic terror what it is:

Islamic and terrorism?

I want to see our presidentshow that level of emotion

and resolve and passion

to achieve the ends that we need

as far as it relatesto national security

and keeping Americans safe.

Oh, stop it.

If Obama cried over everything,

Fox News wouldn't evencall itself Fox News anymore.

They'd call it the ObamaIs a Weeping Queer Channel.

You know I'm right.You know I'm right.

You know I'm right.

Even Fox's tokennon-crazy person,

Meghan McCain, got in the act.

The Second Amendment is underattack today, make no mistake.

My favorite thingis that a dealer

is now considered someone who'sgonna sell one or two guns,

so if my brothersells my other brother one gun,

he's now a dealer.


He dealt a gun,

Meghan McCain.

And when exactlydid the McCain family

join the castof Sons of Anarchy? You know?

Selling each other gunsall willy-nilly?

In the Wilmore household,where there is love,

we giv each other guns.

-(laughter)-All right?

-(applause and cheering)-True.

It's called "Secret Santa,"Meghan McCain.

All right, but sinceyou brought up the McCains...

Senator John McCain introduceda bipartisan measure

to address the gun sole...uh, gun show loophole.


Looks like your daddy agreeswith Obama.

(woman hoots)

Yeah, it starts gettinga little uncomfortable

when POTUS starts warding offa GOP attack

with the GOP's own words.

Republican PresidentGeorge W. Bush once said,

"I believe in background checksat gun shows."

As Ronald Reagan once said,

"If mandatory background checkscould save more lives,

it would be well worth making itthe law of the land."


(applause and cheering)


even Saint Reagan hada reasonable stance on guns?

It sounds like you guysjust don't like Obama.

I mean, what else could it be?

-Oh. Oh, my God. Oh.-♪ Money, money, money, money.


Oh, right, gun lobby money.

I forgot.

Oh, thanks, set!Very good.

Thank you very much.That was good.

Yup, the joke's on Obamafor thinking the GOP attacks

would be halted by shieldinghimself behind Reagan.

Uh, Jeb Exclamation Point,

what do you thinkabout Obama's executive actions?

Well, I haven't seen them,but his first impulse always is

to take rights awayfrom law-abiding citizens.

-(audience members groaning)-Let me stop you right there.

You haven't seen them?

Jeb Exclamation Point, I havesome question marks for you.

-(laughter)-Why haven't you seen them?

Oh, because that response--this is true--

was givenbefore Obama made the speech.


I didn't know you were allowed

to comment on somethingbefore it happened.

In that case,let me say something

about your presidency, Jeb.Um...


It doesn't happen. Oops!

(applause and cheering)

Spoiler alert! Ooh.

Embarrassed. No, no.

But the craziest part...the craziest part is

that Jeb wasn't the onlycandidate

who actually criticized the plandays before it was announced.

He's simply going after peoplewho want to protect themselves

from, uh, crazy people.

This presidentis a petulant child.

I will veto that.

-I will unsign that so fast.-(cheering)


You will unsign it?

What do you... what you have--some sort of vacuum pen

that, like,sucks ink off of paper?

That sounds dangerous, you know.

"I just unsigned theEmancipation Proclamation.

Sorry, the blacks."

-(laughter)-Oh, my God.

Now, look, I don't havethe same clairvoyance

as Mr. Exclamation Pointand his buddies,

but I feel pretty goodabout this prediction.

If we don't do somethingabout guns at some point,

we're just gonna seea lot more tears.

We'll be right back.

Welcome back. Yeah.

Everybody's obsessedwith Obama's tears

during his speech about guncontrol yesterday, so we decided

to speak to someonein the administration

to get more insight.

So joining us now is White HouseCreative Media Relations

BrandingStrategy Consultant, uh,

Bluejasmine Steeplechase.Welcome back, uh, Bluejasmine.

-(applause and cheering)-Thank you. Nice.

Thank you, and please call meBluejasmine Steeplechase.

Oh. Okay,Bluejasmine Steeplechase.

Um, now are people upset

because, uh, they think Obama'stears weren't authentic?

That tear wasn't authentic,Larry.

That was a black move.

Wait. A black move?

Larry, when a black man wantsto show he's strong,

he only cries one black tear.

-WILMORE: Really?-Yes.

It's-it's like when Denzel shedthat single drop in Glory.

(whip striking)

I had... I didn't even...

Yeah, I guess that was powerful.

Yes. You know why?

Becausethere's so much in a black tear.

There's anger, sadnessand twice as much salt

because we havehigh blood pressure.

WILMORE:Oh, yeah.

That's true.That's unfortunate.

Uh, that would make itvery black, I guess. Uh...

Yes, and it's great, isn't it?

Um... why is it great?

Well, we planned this.

He would only let outa little of his blackness

in the beginningof his presidency.

"I like that Jay Z!"

-WILMORE: Mm-hmm.-(laughter)

But now,he only has one year left.

Obama's turnt up.


Why else would he let Michelledo this?


(applause and cheering)

That's true. Oh, my God!

Oh, wait.

So letting more blackness out

is, like,all an intentional strategy?

Precisely.This is the next phase

of our Obama Don't CareInitiative.

This one's called,"Release the Blacken."

(laughter, applause)

Wait. Hold on.

-Release the Blacken?-Yes.

Obama's saying: "I don't carehow black you think I am."

I'm-a do me."

-(laughter)Really? Obama said that?

He didn't have to.

He's so far in it now, it'shappening even subconsciously.

-WILMORE: Uh-huh. Okay.-Watch this.

Because criminals and terroristshave exploited

and are exploitingthis very obvious "loofhole"

in our gun safety laws.

Uh... what happened?

I didn't...

Larry, he said "loofhole."

WILMORE:Loofhole? What is...?

Yeah, he's been pronouncingwords correctly

-in front of America forseven years. -WILMORE: Uh-huh.

But... but now he's using

the unnecessary black "F."


-I had no...-Yes!

-I didn't even catch that.-Yes.

You know what a loofhole is?

I have no idea.

A little troof on your birfday.


I get it. Okay.

-So-so that's Releasethe Blacken, right? Okay. -Yes.

Oh, so that's why he's notworried about Norf Korea, right?

Careful, Larry. You're onlyin the first year of your show.

-WILMORE: Oh. Oh, okay.-Don't release too much.

-I got it. Okay,I appreciate it. -Yeah.

Thanks, Bluejasmine. Uh...

Uh, it's BluejasmineSteeplechase.

Uh, Bluejasmine Steeplechase,everybody.

We'll be right back.I appreciate it.

Okay, welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Ricky Velez.

(cheering, applause)

And Nightly Show contributorRobin Thede.

(cheering, applause)

And American journalistand critic at large

for The New York Times, Pulitzer Prize winner

-Wesley Morris.-(cheering, applause)

And for everyone at home,join our conversation right now

on Twitter @NightlyShowusing the hashtag #Tonightly.

Um, so we were talking earlier

about Obama's executive actionon gun control.

But I thought since we have acultu... a cultured critic here,

someone who's actually reviewedmedia and films,

I want to talk about the roleof violence in the media.

-Yeah? -You know, does, uh...is the media causing...

a cause of the violence,or is it just reflecting it?

-For real? -And remember,we're in America.


I mean, people can say that,but there's no...

I don't believe anythingthat can say...

that would saythat the media's responsible

-for people killing people.-Uh-huh.

I'm also sort of interestedin making distinctions

-among gun violence, too.-Uh-huh.

The way in which,you know, you have...

The situation in Chicago, to me,seems like a different...

-cult... like, violent culture,-Mm-hmm.

um, versus...

-the sort of one-off shootings.-Right.

I mean, I think the president

was-was-was smartto mention Chicago

-Yeah.-when we talk about this,

'cause I don't think we...we don't think about Chicago

as being part of this problemwhen we talk about gun reform

-Yeah. -and-and so-calledcultures of violence.

In termsof the entertainment role,

because a lot of peoplein Hollywood get blasted

about coming outfor gun control,

and then you see a moviewhere there's so much blood.

I mean, buckets of blood,

-it's just pouring outeverywhere. -THEDE: Yeah. Yeah.

"We need to do somethingabout guns, man."

Well, you evenjust did get blasted

-for talking about gun control.-I know.

-It's, like, it's so ingrainedin society. -It is ingrained.

It's so ingrained, and I think,I agree... I mean,

I don't think moviesare responsible for it.

-Uh-huh. -I think our culturehas always been violent.

I'm sure they had family funnight at the Roman Colosseum.

You know, like, people...

-WILMORE: It was family fun.-Well, it was family fun.

It was. It was, like, let'sget heads chopped off and cheer!

Like, we've alwaysbeen disgusting and violent.

We just have more toolsto do it.

Well, those are the Romans,though. Come on.


I'm sure... I'm sure peoplein other cultures

were doing plentyof other violent things.

But, you know, I think...I think our media reflects--

especially entertainment media--reflects the culture at large.

What about, like, video games?

-'Cause you play a lotof video games, right? -Yeah.

Those video gamesare unbelievably violent now.

But at the same time, like,everybody goes,

"Duh, yeah, they're violent,they make people shoot each..."

No, they don't. They don't.

They don't make peoplego out and shoot.

-Think about, like... Oh.-(applause)

In the same senseof people go out and shoot,

then how comethere's not a bunch of dudes

that just show upto the Jets training camp

being like, "Yo, I play Madden,I'm that good."


-(applause, whooping)-I'm, uh...

-It's ridiculous! -How doyou know that doesn't happen?

it doesn't happen on the field,that's for sure.

I mean, it's ridiculous.

Like, Mortal Kombat--when we were younger,

everybody... Remember in '95when it came out

-Yeah. It was huge. It was huge.-and it had blood in it.

It had blood in it,and if you had the code,

you were the cool kid,and... you played with it.

And you...and it's just, like, people...

My mom had a PTA meetingabout that (bleep).

-Like, people get so upset.-WILMORE: About Mortal Kombat?

Yeah, about,"If you let your kid play that,

-my kid can't play with you."-Really?

And the graphicswere terrible back then, like,

-it was like stick figures!-It didn't even look like blood.

No, it didn't even looklike blood.

Well, kids who playedMortal Kombat in '95

they're fine now,but what about the kids

who now are playing with that?

It's so realistic.I mean, they're reaching in,

pulling people's spines out,the heart's still beating.

You take a little biteout of the heart.

-Ooh, that's kind of...-That's unrealistic.

You don't know what I doon Saturday nights.

Like, you don't know whatI'm doing with my spare time.

Look, I think kids getwhat's real and what's not.

I a six-year-old nephew whoplays video games all the time.

-He's obse... not Call of Duty.-Right.

But he's obsessed with Star Wars and he lightsabers things

-(woman whoops)-and... Yeah, exactly.

And... and we wentto Medieval Times,

-Mm-hmm.-the mecca of all fun.

-And...-(laughter, whooping)

-Wait, you went there?-Oh, I go there regularly.

-Are you kidding me?-Look at the shock on his face.

I go there all the time.Separate conversation.

But yes,I go there all the time.

And-and he saw the knight--spoiler alert--

-he saw a knight getting, youknow, "killed." -Like, gored?

-He doesn't get gored.-There's no blood.

There's no blood,there's nothing...

-Do, like, intestinescome out or anything? -No!

And he goes... he goes, "They'renot really hurt, are they?"

He gets thatwhen they're real humans,

-he doesn't want violenceto happen. -Yeah.

-Hey.-(applause, whooping)

No, I mean, this is...I mean, I think this is

part of the mental illnesspiece of this.

-I mean... -I think... I thinkeverybody just wants to find

another thing to blame it on.

Can we blame it,like, on the (bleep),

like, bad parenting,not being raised the right way?

-Yeah.-Like, that's the-the problem.

-(whooping, applause) -I mean,everybody, like, I mean...

There are any numberof real-world places

-Uh-huh. -to begin to havethis conversation.

I just am uncomfortable

with the one that startswith Quentin Tarantino

-Mm-hmm. -Right. Right.-or, you know, John Ford or...

-I won't start there. -WILMORE:But there are people who...

who have been called copycats,where they copy things

that they've seenon TV shows and movies.

People have donethose types of things.

THEDE: Yes, which is whyI keep getting you guys

to call me Cookie Lyon, and youwon't, and I keep saying it.

-I'm trying to copy her.-People aren't original, Larry.

-That's true.-I mean, people are just born.

They got no better waysto do it.

Wait. Is that an argumentfor or against?

-VELEZ: I mean...-(laughter)

I would just like to...I would just like to see it done

-in different ways, maybe.-Right.

Okay, between The Matrix and John Wick,

how much is Keanu Reevesresponsible for the violence?

-(laughter, whooping)-VELEZ: I mean...

those were his good movies.

His bad movies are what peopleshould be killing people over.


-That's the real problem.-(Wilmore groans)

Ever see him try to cry?

(laughter, applause)

(bleep), it's embarrassing.

THEDE: He'd need some lessonsfrom Obama with black tears.

-Exactly.-Don't even get me started.

I saw the segment earlier--that woman was fabulous.


(cheering, shouts)

I love Bluejasmine.

-I wish she was here.-I do, too.

It's Bluejasmine Steeplechase.I don't know.

Quick secret: I've been sleepingwith Bluejasmine.


WILMORE: I feel like... I feellike this is going down a road

that's very dangerous right now.

We may need them.All right, I don't know

if we'll ever solvethis problem.

We'll be right back.

(cheering, whooping)

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Thanks to my panelists:Ricky Velez,

Robin Thede and Wesley Morris.

Now, we're almost out of time,

but before we goI'm gonna Keep It 100.

-So, tonight's questionis from... -(music beat plays)

Thank you.Is from @klassybreeze.

Uh, so, the question is:"Larry, is any of your vitriol

against Bill Cosby personal?"


"Keep It 100," I will.

"And... now and if it is, tellus the story. Laugh out loud.


Um... well, I mean, it'snot like he tried to drug me.

-It's not that. At leastI don't think so. -(laughter)

But look, I've met and I...you know, I've known

an amazing amount of womenwho've suffered sexual abuse,

and I was...it really touched me

that so many of themwere silent for so long.

-(applause)-And it was that part of it...

that I guess it doesmake it personal.

So in that sense,yeah, my (bleep) is personal.

And burn your Cosby CDs.That's the other thing.