Hot Box

  • Season 2, Ep 6
  • 10/31/2015

Ricky the Rocketship helps out with a school pageant, Bethiffer applies for jobs at the mall, and Roy becomes obsessed with a new dating app.

[pastoral music]




Please, deliverthis to my wife.


[upbeat music]

[both yell]

[Native Americanwar cries]

[war cries]

[horse neighs]



Oh...[distant wolf whistle]

A dick pic.


Are you asleep?Good.

Oh, it's time to dream.

[whispering]♪ Dream wizard

You're in Florida,land of the dolphins.

- The friendly dolphins.[dolphins chittering]

You are swimmingwith them out

in the saltyAtlantic Ocean.

They jump, and you jump.

- They dive and you dive.- Ooh.

You understandtheir language.

So well, in fact,you understand

when they tell you,we 'bout to rape this boy

out here in the middleof the Atlantic.

One of them namedBottlenose McGee

grabs you from behindand slowly

enters youwith his flipper.


And then you, screamingat the top of your lungs...

[mimics dolphin noises]

which is actually dolphinfor "keep pumping me more,"

[phone chimes]and--oh, I gotta go.

But just know this--that you're getting

raped by a dolphin,and you just keep

asking him to pump you more.

Oh, and, by the way.

This shit is real.