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Jerri Is Only Skin Deep

Season 1 - Episode 106   |   Aired: 06/21/1999   |   Views: 0   |   Comments:

Desperate to become homecoming queen, Jerri concocts some unique strategies to eliminate the competition.


Clips from the episode (3): Noblet's Lesson , Homecoming Speech , Inner Beauty

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Trail of Tears

Season 3 - Episode 303  |   Aired: 07/24/2000  |   Views: 6,701

Jerri must confront her racist views when a secret from her past reveals surprising news about her heritage. Guests Will Ferrell, Andy Richter and Tom Everett Scott.

Is Freedom Free

Season 3 - Episode 302  |   Aired: 07/17/2000  |   Views: 8,111

Jerri's nude self-portraits ignite a censorship showdown at Flatpoint High. Guests Dylan Baker and Peter Benson.

Jerri's Burning Issue

Season 3 - Episode 301  |   Aired: 07/10/2000  |   Views: 6,708

Jerri learns the hard way that Chlamydia is not a flower -- just in time for the big school dance.

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The Blank Stare Pt. 2

Season 2 - Episode 209  |   Aired: 06/26/2000  |   Views: 7,804

The Flatpoint faculty kidnaps Jerri in a desperate attempt to deprogram her from a cult clone back into a high school drone.

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A Price Too High for Riches

Season 2 - Episode 210  |   Aired: 06/26/2000  |   Views: 13,232

When an expensive sneaker takes Flatpoint by storm, a financially challenged Jerri learns that sometimes money is a girl's best friend.