March 3, 2016 - Mitt Romney vs. Donald Trump & "Nina" Debate

  • 03/03/2016

Donald Trump feuds with Mitt Romney, and Larry examines the controversy surrounding Zoe Saldana's role in "Nina" with Michael K. Williams, Robin Thede and Franchesca Ramsey.

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It's too kind.Thank you so much. Mm!

Such a great audience.

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Once again...once again, you're correct,

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Maybe the audience is going"Larry... Larry...

eh... Wilmore,that's what it is."

We got a great showfor you tonight, guys.

Actor Michael K. Williamsis joining us on panel tonight.

-(cheering, applause)-Very talented.

From The Wire, Boardwalk Empire--

everything he does is amazing.

Oh, oh, by the way,we've got breaking news

on the effort to de-Negro-fythe White House.


So let's check in really quickwith the Unblackening.

(dramatic orchestral musicplaying)

That's my favorite song.I just love that song.


So, a latter-daypresidential candidate

is back in the news.


Thank you very much.

Uh, 2012 Republican nomineeMitt Romney

went on television today,and he had some salty words

for the toddler-fingeredfront-runner.

Donald Trump is a phony,a fraud.

A con man, a fake.

A business genius he is not.

His promises are as worthless asa degree from Trump University.

He is very, very not smart.

-(audience aw-ing)-Mr. Romney, your language!


Seriously, that's cussingfor a Mormon, you guys.

You are very, very not smart.


(gasps) You're going to oneof the three Hells! Oh, no!

But actually, you guys, this isactually pretty significant.

I mean, the standard-bearerof the last election

has come out and said thisto the frontrunner

of the current election.

I mean, okay, this has gotto shake Trump up a...

a little bit.

Trump slam in three, two...

He was beggingfor my endorsement.

I could've said,"Mitt, drop to your knees,"

he would have droppedto his knees.

-(audience shouting)-He was begging....

(audience groans)

What is wrong with this man?!


This can't meanwhat it sounds like, right?

It c... I mean, it can't.He's running for...

You know what?(sighs)

We're gonna need a little moreprofessional analysis,

so let's bring out our politicalexpert, Ricky Velez, everybody.

-(cheering, applause)-Yes.

Hey, Ricky.

Okay, so, Ricky...

-Yeah? -you heard this quotefrom Trump, right?

Ooh, loud and clear, yeah.

Okay, what do you thinkhe really meant?

-Break it down for us.-He means...

that Romney would suckhis (bleep), man.

-(laughter)-WILMORE: Oh.

Okay, thanks a lot, Ricky,for that biting insight.

-Thank you very much.-(cheering, applause)

Ricky Velez, everybody!

All right.

I, uh...(chuckles)

I still can't believehe really meant that.

I mean, he's runningfor president, right?

Okay, MSNBC, lean forward andgive me some hard news, please.

We live in an areathat styles itself as being

very Christian--lots of churches,

evangelical voters,Baptists, Catholics--

do they want a candidatewho gets up there and says

that a former presidentialcandidate for their party

got down on his kneesand offered to blow him?

(audience laughs and groans)

Thanks, MSNBC-- nowI forever can't unsee that.


But, you know, Mitt Romney,you know what,

I have to give you credit.

I'm so glad you said something,and you know what, I agree.

Trump should not berunning for president.

You know what?God, I'd love to know

whose stupid idea it wasto inject this guy

into presidential politicsin the first place.

I want to say thank youto Donald Trump

for his endorsement.

It, uh, means a great deal to me

to have the endorsementof Mr. Trump.

Thank you so much for your helpand your endorsement today,

and look forward to seeing youout on the trail.

(laughter, groaning)

Well, he's out on the trail!

That's right. You're the onewho opened your big mouth

and got in bed with the devil.

Now he just wants youto keep that mouth open.

-(laughter)-That's what I'm saying, Larry!

Trump just wants Romneyto suck his (bleep), man!

Okay, Ricky, I think I got it.I think I got it.

We're done.

Thank you, Ricky.Thank you.

Okay. Anyway...

From arguments over oralto oral arguments.

A big story...uh, took place yesterday

in the Supreme Court.

The Court heardoral arguments today

in the major abortion casefor this term involving Texas.

State restrictions...

NEWSWOMAN: Supporters say it makes the clinics safer.

Critics say it blocks access to abortions.

And, of course,Clarence Thomas said nothing

because he can't speak againfor another ten years.


Okay, so what Texas is doing is making it harder

for poor women to have accessto abortion clinics.

See, you guys,this is how pervy Texas is.

They wait for womento get pregnant,

and that's whenthey decide to screw them.

(laughter, groaning)

Yep. Y...Oh, now it's too much, right?


But of course,back at the Supreme Court,

there was that elephantin the room,

or, more correctly,there was that elephant

that tragicallyno longer was in the room.

Since, um, JusticeAntonin Scalia died last month,

Justice Kennedy is theswing vote here in this case.

NEWSWOMAN: All eyes were on Justice Kennedy,

who seemed careful not to tip his hand.

That's right, with Scaliaout of the picture now,

Kennedy's swing voteis even more crucial.

Well, Kennedy,you're bringing a lot

of attention to yourself,aren't you?

Are you sure you had nothingto do with this Scalia thing?


Hmm? I mean, what I'm saying is,

Kennedy knewScalia's movements.

He had motive.

You know he has accessto pillows-- I mean...

His nickname is "Mr. Pillows,"I'm just saying, you guys.

Hmm? Anyway, everyone wantscould-be Scalia murderer

Anthony Kennedyon their side now.

So... in fact, this is true.

The actress Amy Brenneman

and a hundred other women filed briefs in the case

telling their abortion stories,

trying to sway Justice Kennedy. Oh, my God.

So Judging Amyis now getting involved

in a Supreme Court decision?

That's awesome.

I mean... I mean...

that would be like ifKevin Spacey ran for president,

or if Cuba Gooding Jr.brutally murdered his wife.


Wait, no, no, no, no.That doesn't...

Strike that.He wouldn't...

Cuba, don't do that.

You know?It's just a part.

Okay. For more in-depth coverageon this complicated,

delicate issue, we turn to ourown Grace Parra, everybody.

-Hi. How are you? Hello! Hi!-(cheering, applause)

-Hi from abortion center!-Okay. So...

So, Grace, why are so many women

sending Justice Kennedytheir abortion stories?

Well, Larry, it turns outJustice Kennedy

is this season's it boy.

He's the hottest bachelorsince Juan Pablo.

♪ Nightly! Nightly!

Okay, now, Grace...

Grace, Grace, no, please.

This is notan entertainment report.

Oh, oh, oh, I know, Larry.Women are writing fan letters

to Justice Kennedy,which begs the question:

is he starting a new boy band,

and when will the tour startfor One Objection?

♪ Nightly, nightly


Grace, stop it,please, stop it, Grace.

Stop that, okay?

Now, look, there will beserious consequences

if this law is upheld.

A lot of women will be deniedthe right to choose.

-Yes, Larry. And women need theright to choose. -That's right.

Whether it's what to dowith their bodies

or what to do about the new Ghostbusters trailer.

Is it a bust or a must?

♪ Nightly, nightly

♪ (babbles)

♪ Ghostbusters.

Grace, please, stop that, okay?

Can... can I just give meone fact, just one?

Um... a fact?


Like, uh, like-like,information?

Information, correct.

Okay, okay, okay.Um, uh, well,

the, uh, clinic closings

disproportionately affectLatina women.

Really, they do?I didn't know that. That's...

Now, Grace was that so hard?

No, no, it, uh,actually felt pretty good.


Yeah. Yeah, yes,yes, yes, Larry.

This is a serious story

and-and it deservesserious coverage.

-Wow, that's am... Grace,that's fantastic. -Yeah.

I mean, you know what,I have to be honest--

for sure I thoughtyou'd say something like,

"Well, not nearly as hardas Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

keeping their relationshipunder wraps" or something.

-PARRA: ♪ Nightly, nightly -Oh, no, no. It...

-Don't "nightly" me.-Oh, yeah, Larry!

-Go, Larry, you got it!-No. No, no.

-Go, Larry, you nailed it!-Grace, stop it, Grace, stop it.

Grace, I was justgiving an example, that's all.

Speaking of examples, Larry,how about that

hot back tattoo trendthat Ben Affleck is starting?

Is he Batman or Backman?

♪ Nightly, nightly

I'm not even surewhat that means.

Grace Parra, everyone.Why did I do this?

We'll be right back.What are you doing?

-♪ -(cheering, applause)-Welcome back.

There's been an odd thingon the campaign trail

that caught our attentionrecently.

The thingwe're hearing about, uh,

on the campaign trail right now

is about reparations.

Reparations for slavery.


i-is this justmore victim politics?

Is it gonna catch on?

Is it gonna catch on? It's notthe whip and the nae nae.

I mean, we'retalking about reparations.

Okay, I get it-- it's a verycomplicated subject.

I tell you what,here's what we're gonna do.

we're gonna need to debate this.And since we're on cable,

the only way is to have peopletake polar-opposite positions

and argue over each other.

So, without further ado,

here's another installmentof Pardon the Integration.

-Grandmother? Where are youfrom? -A black guy?

-Racial thing?-A white guy? Yeah.

-My people had nothingto do with that. -Always...

(bell dings)

Please welcome Nightly Show contributors

Mike Yard and Rory Albanese,everybody.

-(cheering, applause)-All right. Okay, guys.

Tonight's topic is reparations.

Should African-Americansbe compensated for slavery?

Mike will take thepro-reparations side

and Rory will be againstfairness to black people. Ready?

-You bet.-Why would you say it like that?

-That's not the thing-That's okay. And... begin.

Uh, yes, black peopleshould get reparations.

I yield the rest of my timeto Rory.

-Hmm.-What? No. Hold on, um...

Look, I mean, r-reparationsare great in theory, Mike,

but they're impossibleto execute.

What are we gonna do, mailevery black person in America

40 acres and a muleand just call it even?

If "mule" is secret codefor $20,000, sure.

Mike, that's a slippery slope.

Name a minority that hasn't beenscrewed over by this country.

If we pay everyone, we'll be,like, $19 trillion in debt.

-We already are. -That's exactlywhy we can't afford it.

Hey, look, the U.S. paid $20,000to every living victim

of World War IIJapanese internment camps.

Yeah, but that costslike $1.2 billion.

And that's, what, one and a halfstealth bombers?

I think we havethe (bleep) money.

-Mike, hold on a minute.-(cheering, whooping, applause)

Look, it's an easyapplause line, Mike,

-but what about my people, huh?The Jews? -What about 'em?

We were slaves, huh?We built the pyramids.

We're the OGs of slavery, Mike.We should get paid first.

-The pyramids?-Yes.

Uh, that's Egypt, Rory.

Take that (bleep) upwith the (bleep) pharaoh.

-Oh, come...-(bell dings) -Okay.

-Very good.-Hold on.

-Wow.-What are we talking about?

Look... I'll justtell you this right now, okay?

Okay, all right, let it go,Rory, let it go.

-Let it go, it's over. -No, thepyramids are still standing.

-That's all I'm saying,all right? -Let it go, Rory.

-Let it go. -So, we dida good job. We did a good job.

-Okay, all right.-(scoffs) Please.

Gentlemen, that noise meansit's time to switch sides

and arguethe opposite perspective.

Because, remember,this is a mindless argument.

Very good.

Okay, now Rory will be in favor

and Mike will be againstreparations for black people.

-Awesome. -Please. No way Jewswere better slaves than us.

-Better let that go.-Mike, Mike. -Hell out of here.

-Better let that go. -Move on,Mike, move on.

-Pyramids are still there.-Okay, opposite sides, guys.

Ready?And begin.

Of course black peopledeserve reparations, okay?

Slavery is the darkest,most shameful part

of the American storyand-and, look, it's...

it's one we shouldgo to great lengths

to try to rectify.

-Yup.-No, that's...

-Absolutely. -You're notsupposed to do that.

Uh, hold on a second.

-100%. -No, you're supposedto argue. -No, no, no, no.

-No, no, Mike.-What's this...

-You have to take the otherside, Mike. -Yeah, thank you,

-it's the rules.-Those are the rules.

Nope, I don't want to.

-Why not?-Well...

'Cause you guysalways make it seem

like I really believethis (bleep)

-that I have to say. -No,no, no, no, no, no. Mike, no.

-Mike, that's not who we are,man. -No, it's not

-gonna happen like that. -Fine,you know what, (bleep) it.

-I'll do it, fine.-Okay.

You know what, if black peopletake some sort of payout,

white peoplewill think we're square

and everybody's equal now.Let me tell you something,

no check will ever make up

for the centuriesof humiliation and despair.

Wow. Ooh, can't believehe said that.

Look, what anti-reparationsadvocate Mike Yard,

okay,is conveniently leaving out--

by the way, feel freeto tweet him about it--

-is that redress equals money.-That's bull(bleep). Here we go

-again. -We got to payblack people! We got to pay 'em!

-Am I right, black people?!Come on! -Yes! You're right!

Yeah! (whoops) Pay 'em! We gotto pay black people! -Yes.

Uh, you know what, maybe, okay,reparations would divide

an already fracturedAfrican-American community.

Ever think about that, Rory,huh?

What about mixed race people?

Does Obama get half a check?

-Mike, not gonna lie,-Did you add that in?

I'm surprisedyou don't know this.

But even if you're a little bitblack, then you're black.

-I mean, that's a thing.That's a thing! -Of course...

I-I...Honestly, I cannot believe

-I'm teaching this to you.It's weird. -I know, yeah.

-It's weird. -I agree, Mike.That's messed up. I don't know

why it takes a white guyto teach you about black people,

-man. -That's how I feel, Larry.It's odd. -You know what?

You know what?I'm sick of this (bleep), okay?

I'm only doing this bit becauseyou made me do it, Larry!

Okay? I'm the blackest personin this (bleep) building!

Okay? I'll tell you that rightnow. And if I had the money,

I would pay every black personthe damn reparations!

Okay, time's up! Well, guys,Mike has just agreed

-to pay every black personreparations. -Whoa, whoa, whoa!

-He did. I-I heard that.-No, I did not! -You know?

-When did I do that? When didI do that? -He did do that.

-He may have won. -I didnot do that. -Yeah. You did.

-You said it. It's on the tape.-Though he's so hostile

towards the idea. I don't thinkI can give it to him.

-Rory, I think you're the winnerhere. -Yes, baby! I thought...

I felt like I crushed it.Not gonna lie though,

a little scared of Mikeright now.

-This (bleep) is so rigged.-All right, guys, that's been

another pointless episodeof Pardon the Integration.

Mike Yard and Rory Albanese,everybody! We'll be right back.

(cheering and applause)

Welcome back.I'm here with my panel.

First up, Nightly Show contributor Robin Thede.

(cheering and applause)

And Nightly Show contributorFranchesca Ramsey.

(cheering and applause)

And he starred in The Wire and Boardwalk Empire,

uh, his new series Hap and Leonard premiered last night

and airs Wednesday at 10:00 p.m.on Sundance TV,

actor Michael K. Williams,everybody.

-(cheering and applause)-Yeah.

And for everyone at home,join our conversation right now

on Twitter, @NightlyShow,using the hashtag, #Tonightly.

-Okay. This is a very...(chuckles) -Oh, we are ready.

-Let's do it! -I know. These...I know you guys can't wait

to talk about this. So,recently in the news, I'm sure

you guys know, um, uh, actressZoe Saldana, who's an American

of, I think, Dominicanand Puerto Rican descent--

some people know wherewe're going... Okay. I know.

This is kind of unfortunate.She's come under fire

for wearing, like, a prostheticnose and darkened skin tone

in her portrayal of Nina Simone.There's Nina Simone

in the middle. Okay, there's Zoeon one side and then Zoe

-in the makeup onthe other side, uh, to be -Oh.

Nina Simone. So most of thebacklash seems to be centered

on the fact that there area lot of darker skinned

black actress-- actresseswho people could've played Nina.

Is that the real issue hereor is it something that...

You know, um, to-to...

Just to-to speak as a thespian,you know,

-as a person of colorin Hollywood, you know, -Yes.

I-I respect, um,Zoe's craft a lot.

-You know, she's-she's a...she's a beast. -Absolutely.

And, um, you know, for-for womenof color in Hollywood,

there's not a lot of rolesthat-that women of her caliber

can-- as-as we say in thebusiness-- sink our teeth into.

You know, um... And...But do I think that maybe, um,

someone in her camp mighthave... should have advised her

to maybe pass on this role?I-I agree.

I think that... I don't thinkHollywood searched really...

I-I don't think they spent...I don't think they looked

-outside of maybe the roomor-or... -Yes. -Yes. Yes.

Exactly. "Can't find any blackpeople in here to play her!"

-"Zoe! Let's get her!" -"Youwere just in a movie." -Yeah.

-How they think in Hollywood.-Well, that's the problem.

And I think at the time...This was cast, I think,

three or four years ago. Atthe time, she had just finished

-doing Star Trek and Avatar. -Yeah. She was hot.

-Yeah, she was real hot at thetime... -They could've kept her

-in her Avatar... -Well, that'sthe thing. She looked better

-in blueface than in blackface.-Oh. She...

-she also was in Guardians of the Galaxy. -I mean...

And I'm actually gonna givethe vote to greenface,

-when she was in Guardians... -Oh, but that was after this.

-But, yes, it was good. -But, Imean, it looked good, you know?

She's phenomenal. I thinkshe is a phenomenal actress.

Is it only the makeup or isit the manner of opportunities?

Does it feel like it's...

-WILLIAMS: I thinkit's both for me. -THEDE: Yeah.

You know, uh, you know, NinaSimone reminds me of my mom.


You know, a full-figured,dark-skinned black woman.

-RAMSEY: Right.-WILMORE: Right.

And, you know, Zoe does notremind me of my mom in no...

-(laughter) -WILMORE: I know, at all.

And, you know, but,you know, so, I...

Which is not necessarilya bad thing.

-No, not a bad thing, or...-Yeah.

-You know, it is what it is.-Right.

You know, but I have a problemwith the prosthetic nose

-and the makeup.-Yeah. -WILMORE: Yeah.

-She was such a striking artist.-WILLIAMS: Yeah.

I mean, this woman...

I remember as a kid

hearing "To Be Young,Gifted and black..."

-THEDE: Yeah. -RAMSEY: Right.-...and what that means.

It wasn't "To Be Young, Giftedand Blackface," right?

-RAMSEY: Yeah, exactly. -THEDE:And listen, I'm sitting here

-in all my yellow skin.Like, I get it. -Yeah.

-Like, we come in all shades.-WILMORE: Yeah.

But, you know,I think I would...

WILMORE: If she wasn'tin the dark makeup,

would it make a difference?

-Like, if it was same actress...-RAMSEY: Yeah.

...but they didn't try to doall the bad makeup, you know?

-I think... -Yeah. -I would haverespected that more,

-actually, me personally.-Right.

-Because that makes...that makes it, like... -I know.

It's like, what are you tryingto...? 'Cause the black makeup

and the prosthetic nosemakes me think that you think

you could notfind someone that...

with the skills to pull thatoff. -RAMSEY: Right. Exactly.

THEDE: That's...and there are plenty.

-I would have rather her justKept it 100. -WILMORE: Right.

-You know what I mean? -RAMSEY:Yes! -THEDE: That's right.

-(applause and cheering)-And just, you know...

I don't thinkthat you have to look

like the personyou're portraying, you know?

-WILMORE: Right. -You don't haveto look exactly like them.

-It is still acting.-WILMORE: I agree with you.

WILLIAMS: It's nota look-alike contest. Exactly.

-THEDE: Right.-Exactly.

But at the same time,Nina Simone's music

and her career wasabout her difficulties

as a dark-skinned black woman

and the erasureof dark black women.

So now you're gonna erase herin her biopic?

-WILLIAMS: Yeah. -Like, I mean,that doesn't make any sense.

-I mean... -I would say, ifyou had to look like the part,

I mean, good luck casting The Elephant Man.

I mean, that would havebeen impossible.

-(laughter and groaning) -Youknow, it's like, "I'm sorry.

We're gonna haveto see someone else."

THEDE:Well, I think... I think

Zoe thought this was gonna be...

Or someone convinced her

that this was gonna be herOscar moment, you know? Like,

in Hollywood,Nina Simone was seen

-as a non-traditional beauty,right? -WILMORE: Uh-huh.

Like, and so, she thought

if she could put on the makeupand look different--

translate Hollywood pretty girllooking ugly--

which I thinkis the offensive part here.

I think they triedto make her look less than,

and Nina Simonewas a beautiful woman!

-Ooh, yes! -WILLIAMS:Amen to that. Amen to that.

-You know? And like... yeah.-(applause and cheering)

-Amen to that.-THEDE: And, like, you can't...

This isn't gonna beyour Monster

-like Charlize Theron.-WILMORE: Oh, my God.

Like, this is not gonna be your Monster. You know what I mean?

I think that that'swhat she thought, too.

-Like, don't make fun of itlike that. -WILMORE: Uh-huh.

Yeah, there's so much moreto that story.

What do you thinkare the boundaries

for pretending in acting?

Because some people say,"Man, but you're actors.

Shouldn't you pretendto be something else?" You know?

WILLIAMS:Well, you know,

-I believe in stretchingthe envelope... -Mm-hmm. faras the mind will go, but,

at some point, the rubber bandwill snap and break.

-WILMORE: Yeah. -THEDE: Right.-RAMSEY: Mm-hmm.

You know, I... you know,like, for instance, um, I...

A few years back, I was cast

to play Ol' Dirty Bastard fromWu-Tang, right? -RAMSEY: Mm-hmm.

And, um, it's been a few years

we trying to movethis rock up the hill.

But, you know, I am nowa man of a certain age,

and we all know that, you know,

-Rusty died in his young 30s.-RAMSEY: Right.

You know,there's gonna come a point

where I'm notgonna feel comfortable

-playing that role anymore.-WILMORE: Right. Yeah.

-I'm an old-ass man!-(laughter)

But it's Ol' Dirty Bastard.

-You know what I mean? You know.-Right.

WILMORE: What do you think'smore important--

the racial factoror the music factor?

Ooh, that's really hard.

I would sayif this was gonna be a...

But do you think we'reforgetting about her music?

Listen, I think thatwhen you look at Nina Simone,

if I was gonna make a Venndiagram, it would be music here,

race here, and right in themiddle would be Nina Simone.

-WILLIAMS: Mm. -Becauseher music was influenced

-by her race and her identity.She... -WILMORE: Yes.

The civil rights movementwas a big part of her career.

-WILLIAMS: It was.-So you can't separate the two.

-WILLIAMS: No. -WILMORE: Mm-hmm.She was a genius.

We'll be right backright after this.

(applause and cheering)

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Franchesca Ramseyand Michael K. Williams.

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to find out they votedfor Trump?"

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They always tryingto get me in trouble here.

-Um, okay, you know what?-Mike Yard. Come on.

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