The Cryonic Woman

  • Season 3, Ep 3
  • 01/18/2008

Fry is reunited with his girlfriend from the 20th century.

I'd like to reapplyfor my old job.

Counseling defrosteesand assigning them careers.

Oh, I was hopingyou would come back.

I even saved your poster

of a chimp expressingyour distaste for Mondays.

Monday monkey livesfor the weekend, sir.

Just put your handunder the scanner

so I can verifyyour career chip.

( scanner beeps )

Calcutta, wehave a problem.

Delivery boy?

I must have mixed up the chips.

It's a simple...

( scanner beeps )

Oh, here's ourcryogenic counselor.

Do you like Mondays?

They're okay.

Then we'll have to

redecorate your office.

How do you feel about it

helping to be crazy to workhere but not being necessary?

Hey! Let's see whatit says about me.

( scanner beeps )

Welcome aboard, sir.

Remember, when thetube opens, say

"Welcome to the worldof tomorrow!"

Hey, I was frozen.

I think I know whatpeople want to hear

when they first wake up.

( tube beeps )

Bathroom's that way.

So, while you'reon the probulator,

tell me what bringsyou to the future.

Oh, well, I wantedto meet Shakespeare

and I figured that timewas cyclical.

Nope, straight line.

( beeping )

Ah! the probulator's done.

Oh, that wasn't so bad.

Oh, wait, it hasn't started yet.

( beep )

( screaming )

Okay, it's about to start.

( beep )

( shrieking )

Welcome to the future,human slave.

( gasps )

( laughs )

Ah, relax, chum.

I'm not reallya giant fly.

I'm a horrible robot!

( gasps )

Kill all humans!

( roars )

( gasps )

Dear God!

He's having a heart attack!

They'll probably finda cure for that in the future.

We have a cure for it now!

Oh, good, then you won'tmind if I use this.

I don't get it,Michelle.

The last time I saw you,you were doing great.

You had just dumped meand were well on your way

to getting your lifeback on track.

Why'd you freezeyourself?

Oh, Fry,after you left

things took a turnfor the worse.

I got married.

I'm sorry.

Michelle: His name was Charles.

He attended a law school so prestigious

the basketball team was coachedby Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

I put him through law school

by working as a dog walker for anti-social dogs.


Michelle: But soon after Charles graduated,

our marriage ran into difficulties.

Uh, sorry.

Desperately depressed,

I turned to the one thing that could lessen my pain--

a carnival.

Unfortunately, a corn dog bone

got lodged in the control panel of the Spizzler

and I had to ride it for eight hours.

Fry: Sorry.

But it did give me a chance to think.

I'm sorry.

And I remembered the lasttime I was truly happy.

When I was with you.

( sighs ):Oh.

So you froze yourselfto come look for me?

No, I did it to geta fresh start.

I didn't knowwhat had happened to you.

No one did.

The police were goingto conduct a search,

but your parents felt

it was a wasteof taxpayer money.

That's the same reason

they kept meout of school.

So, no one even caredthat I was gone?

Not really.

Except for one person.

( romantic music plays )

Who was it?

Everything is so different.

Not everything.

There's stilla roach problem.

( buzzing )



Nowadays, people aren'tinterested in art

that's not tattooedon fat guys.

I'm on loanfrom the Louvre.