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Legalize Meth

Season 2 - Episode 206  |   Aired: 11/16/2011  |   Views: 0

A "Legalize Meth" campaign has trouble winning public support, two drunk chicks go on a fast food adventure, and a new father deals with a perilous postnatal ward.

Flying Stripper

Season 2 - Episode 207  |   Aired: 11/09/2011  |   Views: 0

A magician transforms date night into a disaster, a stripper is bestowed with magical powers, and a breakfast cereal mascot turns a holiday dinner into a bloody atrocity.

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PETA Not on Set

Season 2 - Episode 203  |   Aired: 10/19/2011  |   Views: 1,677

Nick invents the Party Olympics, a dog escapes boredom by extreme measures, and parents test their daughter's boyfriend.