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Gay Weddings & Cheech Marin

Season 4 - Episode 406   |   Aired: 06/25/2008   |   Views: 7,454   |   Comments:

Cheech Marin and Carlos come to terms with gay marriage; Carlos ridicules emo music and flees a hungry crocodile.


Clips from the episode (3): Gay Wedding , Black Men, White Women , I Can't Go On

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Best of Mind of Mencia - Season Three Pt. 2

Season 3 - Episode 316  |   Aired: 09/02/2007  |   Views:

Season highlights include the world's first Mexican superhero and a pair of penguins named Jay Z and Beyonce.

Dean Carlos & Alien Trials

Season 3 - Episode 313  |   Aired: 08/26/2007  |   Views:

Dean Carlos sets misbehaving children straight, Karen rants about movie casting decisions, and Carlos explores a dream about aliens.

Mexicans in Movies & Stereotype Olympics

Season 3 - Episode 315  |   Aired: 08/19/2007  |   Views: 3,896

Carlos envisions hit movies with Mexican-American characters, officiates the second annual Stereotype Olympics and gets fired from "The Price Is Right."

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Finding Osama & Future News

Season 3 - Episode 312  |   Aired: 08/05/2007  |   Views:

Carlos envisions a real-life Grand Theft Auto, sends his sister to take down Osama bin Laden and reports on news stories from the future.

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Gangbangers & Mencia, M.D.

Season 3 - Episode 310  |   Aired: 07/29/2007  |   Views:

Carlos wonders how well survivalist Bear Grylls would fare in the ghetto, and Carlos Mencia, M.D., treats idiots in his emergency room.